LET'S "Excel" with SDI while paying neither "usury" nor "taxes"

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Since we of the Nousury Network have many overlapping members of the "Untax/Detax/Refusetax" Movement, the Libertarian Movement, the SDI (Self Directed Income) Movement, the "Usury-Free" Community Currency Movement and the Barter and Trading Movement. Readers will see that there are many people who are working on similar goals BUT we have not found each other - NOT YET!

I have determined that "if it's to be it's up to me." So please permit me to state the problem and offer a starting solution. The problem is that we have not yet "mobilized" and the solution is to start "mobilizing" immediately.

Those who are ready and willing to network with others as "wayshowers" are invited to mobilize NOW.  Those who are not yet ready will wait 'till later. Others will continue to work quietly in the background preparing for the time when we will be able to throw off the yokes of "control, manipulation, coercion, deceit and deception" and openly march for freedom. I respect whatever choices people make. I do believe that the collective consciousness is slowly awakening. What we need to do NOW is to continue to blaze the trail which will become the path for those who will eventually follow when there will be fewer traps and obstacles to overcome.

It is time that those of us who are aware that all of our problems are rooted within the twin yoke of "usury and taxes" begin to take focused action with our combined energy. To expose the financial elite we need to create "incomes" to finance our respective missions. Without a doubt the leadership of the financial elite is using our money - collected from our "usury" and "taxes" payments to finance their mission which is right on target to implement their hidden but focused agenda to create a New World Order early in the 21st Century. Our destiny is to become helpless victims in their plan unless we take action NOW to stop their drive towards "genocidal globalization." What can we do? - LET'S "Excel" with SDI while paying neither "usury" nor "taxes"

Let's not sit back and be taken by the "divide and conquer" strategy which relies on people with "disinformation" and "misinformation" polarizing on opposite sides of emotional issues while the financial elites craftily advance their undetected and hidden agenda. These people are masters at fomenting perceived conflict and creating chaos so that irate citizens who ought to be co-operating are targeting each other with flaming arrows. While superficial conflict is raging nobody notices which pieces are being put in place to engineer "genocidal globalization" for everybody.

There is much that we can do to mobilize ourselves if we are willing to make a few conscious changes in our buying habits so that commissions from our purchases - wholesale and/or retail -  are accumulated to our benefit. This means we must make conscious decisions to buy less from the giant retail "box" stores and buy more from local entrepreneurs and especially from our associates in the SDI industry. There are so very many common products and services that we can now purchase from SDI companies so that our friends and neighbours can earn some commissions rather than continuing to support the corporate elites.

I remind readers of this wisdom quote:

"Spending money is how you really vote in the world. You do it everyday and it determines how the world works. It is far more significant than how you cast your ballot." Quote by Michael Linton (co-creator of LETS & "community way")

The SDI (Self Directed Incomes) industry can be used as a vehicle to mobilize our individual and collective energies. We can join existing barter and trading systems that use the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment and Trading System) software to facilitate trades using part "usury-bearing" federal cash and part "usury-free" community currency. While we are networking we can "re-educate" those who are ready and willing to learn about the "Untax/Detax/Refusetax" Movement.

Ideally, we can network information from all of these powerful movements at the same time and by implementing the knowledge acquired from honourable leadership from within these existing networks we can mobilize the masses by teaching them "what they don't know they don't know" while at the same time we are earning respectable incomes from our respective SDI opportunities. Since the Libertarian Party of Canada supports both the SDI industry and the concept of "usury-free" financing with the LETS software it may very well be the optimal political party to mobilize simultaneously as we focus our energies on finding solutions to our ever-worsening problems. Since the Libertarian Party of Ontario has official status to issue receipts for donations of "usury-bearing" federal cash we ought to be supporting libertarianism and inviting them to lead us in building solid provincial Libertarian parties in every province while at the same time expanding the database of the federal Libertarian Party so that it will acquire official status at the time of the next federal election.

Having being active within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry since 1979 I have determined that communication is the key to networking any information to large numbers of people. Having been active with the Ottawa LETS 'barter and trading' system since 1986 I have determined that LETS is the vehicle to lead us away from "usury-bearing" federal cash to "usury-free" community currency. After watching the evolution of the SDI industry from 1979 until the present and reading about its earlier evolution from1943 until 1979 I have determined that it is prudent to be promote entrepreneurism and encourage our youth to build a portfolio of Self Directed Income opportunities which can produce "tax sheltered" incomes in the 21st Century rather than relying on "jobs" which often offer a "highly taxed" low hourly wage to employees.

My 20year old son Jonathan Kennedy who is just finishing his second year at Concordia University in Montreal telephoned me on March 12, 2001 to tell me that he had attended an SDI opportunity meeting about a leading telecommunications company called Excel. The presentation was made by Nathan Goldberg, a young 27 year old Excel SDI entrepreneur from Montreal who has two years' experience as an Independent Representative with Excel. Jonathan was duly impressed with what he had learned at the SDI opportunity meeting. He knew that I had been tracking the SDI industry since 1979 and so he asked me if I had ever heard of the Excel SDI opportunity and he invited me to attend an Ottawa Excel meeting and give him my opinion if Excel was indeed a worthy SDI opportunity.

As a matter of fact I had been aware of the Excel SDI opportunity since mid-January 1999 when I was invited by a fellow-SDI entrepreneur to attend a "pre-launch" meeting at the Ruby Foo Restaurant on Decarie Blvd. in Montreal. I attended that meeting BUT I was not motivated to begin an Excel business at that time. Since January 1999 I have been watching the evolution of the Excel SDI opportunity and various associates from the interconnecting networks that I frequent had invited me to join Excel with them. It always seemed that the timing was not quite right though I was quietly excited about the solid growth and progress of the Excel SDI opportunity.

Jonathan explained to me that Nathan Goldberg came to Ottawa with Frank Varon to make Excel presentations at the Embassy West Hotel on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. My Thursdays were booked until March 29th. I attended the Excel meeting in Ottawa on March 29th, 2001 with Mike Branchaud, a card carrying member of the "Refusetax" Movement and a member of the Ottawa LETS. Both of us were impressed with the business presentation given by the Excel (Ottawa) Team. We also made Nathan aware that we were part of the "Freedom" Movement and that we were resisting paying taxes to a government that was (1) intent on funding nuclear weapons that will destroy us and (2) intent on borrowing money and paying "usury" to a world banking cartel when the federal governments of the various countries can create the money "usury-free."

We agreed to come back and meet with Nathan before the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 5, 2001, with any questions. On April 5th, 2001 Michael Branchaud invited one guest and I invited five guests. Carlos Rey, the leading Independent Representative for Excel was the guest speaker. The meeting room was packed with people and Carlos Rey's personal story was invigorating. Vince Widger, a 27 year old Excel Independent Representative from Detroit also related his Excel experiences for the past five years after being introduced to the opportunity by his father when he was just 22 years old in 1996.

On March 30th, 2001 I emailed a number of associates from within the leadership of the "Untax/Detax/Refusetax" Movement a communication about the Excel SDI opportunity as a "mobilizer and a fundraiser" for the whole Freedom Movement. That communication can be read by clicking here ... With no response re: that email from others in leadership capacity from within the Freedom Movement I have determined that "if it's to be it's up to me."

On April 5th, 2001 I made a decision to work with my son Jonathan in building a solid SDI network using Excel as the base opportunity. I made that decision for many reasons. I will explain.

I read this great quote by Herbert Bayard Swope which I received recently in an email from John Fogg, the greatest networker <www.greatestnetworker.com> and I decided that it was time to move ahead NOW rather than wait for others in the "Untax/Detax/Refusetax" Movement to make their decisions.

"I cannot give you a formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure - which is: Try to please everybody." Herbert Bayard Swope

I have had a gnosis since I retired from teaching elementary school in June of 2000 that I ought to be networking and teaching the youth because I know that they will never be taught in formal education what is available at The Cyberclass Network. Jonathan asked me if I was interested in working the Excel SDI opportunity with him after I had assured him that Excel was a worthy SDI opportunity and I accepted.

It may very well be a prudent action for parents who are active on the front line in the "Freedom" Movement to permit your son or daughter to sponsor you into any SDI opportunity - Excel and/or otherwise - so that you do NOT have any income in your name. Any of our sons and daughters who are filing income tax returns can legally deduct any expenses incurred by their respective enterprise(s) and thereby pay no income taxes on any SDI income(s) earned in the first couple of years. After anyone starts to earn reasonable money from any SDI opportunity they can be fully "re-educated" about how they can shelter their incomes with bullet-proof offshore investments and thereby avoid paying any income taxes whatsoever.

It is my intention to help Jonathan and other youth (and adults) who may choose to work with him build solid SDI networks unlike any other SDI networks that are currently in progress. The Excel SDI opportunity is an optimal base opportunity for anyone's SDI Portfolio as there is no product to transport and store. The telecommunication services are of high quality and are competitively priced. The youth market is an ideal market to pursue since they are key consumers of "telecommunications" services. Neither are they entrenched into the "system" that brainwashes them into subservience and complacency, though many are already jaded about the "system."

The SDI industry itself is poised for significant growth early in this 21st Century. Presently, approximately 2% of the population are fully aware of the unique incomes opportunities offered by the leading SDI companies. Few realize that the SDI industry is moving into its second stage of growth where 15% of the population will be fully aware of the industry. Much of this growth is expected to come from the X-generation (youth from the ages of 18 to 30) and the baby-busters (aged 10 to 18) because these youth are already earning a reputation for being entrepreneurial. Many are graduating with an education that is not guaranteeing them the "job" that they thought their education assured them.

As new recruits to the SDI industry learn about the unlimited potential of leveraging their time with the time of others in their respective SDI networks they will quickly move the SDI industry to a new level of awareness as traditional corporation continue to decentralize, downsize and lay off employees.

The third stage of growth for the SDI industry will come very quickly behind the second stage. It is at this third stage of growth of the SDI industry that 70%+ of the population will be fully aware of the "entrepreneurial spirit" that will become as commonplace to the X-generation as the "employee mentality" was to the "baby-boom generation." What is required during this transition period is that anyone considering an SDI opportunity must be willing to acquire the knowledge about the SDI industry as well as the essential sales, networking and people skills so that they can teach their new recruits to multiply and duplicate their efforts with a much greater success than has been experienced until NOW.

Those who will choose to work with our Excel team will also be "re-educated" on the importance of consciously changing their shopping habits so that they become loyal to the SDI industry. This means that we will build barter and trading networks by listing any services, skill sand/or products in an ever-expanding database and we will seek to make our necessary purchases from within our SDI network first before we shop elsewhere. Every new recruit will be informed about the "usury-free" LETS software and invited to join and/or create a local LETSystem and get listed on the database. Eventually, we will connect all LETSystem databases at the municipal, provincial, national and global level of politics.

"Vision without Action is merely a dream.
Action without Vision is passing the time.
Vision with Action can change the world!"

Prospects will be encouraged to "learn what they don't know they don't know" from TCN's website... www.cyberclass.net

More to come ...

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"LET'S Mobilize and Excel with LETS" !!

"The things that come to those who wait may be all the things left by those who got there first."