We-The-People Need To Create and Use Our Own ‘UsuryFree’ Time Currency?
By Tommy-Usury: Free


Both the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve as well as Canada Revenue Taxation and the IRS were establish around 1913. Prior to then, both the Canadian and American governments functioned quite efficiently without these monopolies which are creations of the Usury Elites. Though these private monopolies pretend to serve the citizens of the respective countries, they in fact only serve the Usury Elites – the robber barons, the transnational corporations, the banks, the insurance companies and the holding companies. They enslave we-the-people with ‘usury’ and ‘taxes.’


The Usury Elites have always had and still have offshore bank accounts and pay little or no taxes. Similar tax loopholes for the Usury Elites can be found in Canada and the United States that are referred to in this article from The Guardian on May 25th, 2002


We are fast approaching a ‘cashless’ society where the Usury Elites will seek to force we-the-people to make all financial transaction through electronic funds transfers. Read how the $100 bill is being taken out of circulation in Canada


The Usury Elites sell we-the-people a bunch of lies to justify the elimination of cash from Western society. If we permit ourselves to be controlled by the Usury Elites’ plan to limit financial transaction to electronic funds transfers we are likely to be subjected to automated taxation. Automated taxation will be a necessary imposition by the Usury Elites and such a method of taxation will promise to be ‘proportional’ or ‘progressive’ event though we-the-people know that this well-meaning idea has been quite ineffectual in eradicating scarcity, poverty, war, pollution and all of the other sick symptoms of our orthodox,‘usury-based’ banking system.


The Usury Elites from England imposed their fraudulent banking agenda upon Canada and the United States early in the 20th Century and upon the remainder of the world over the rest of the 20th Century. These same Usury Elites profiting handsomely from all of the wars which they instigate and then craftily fund both sides while the opposing soldiers unknowingly become bullet stoppers for their (the Usury Elites) New World Order.


It is of utmost importance that we-the-people immediately take action as private citizens to create and use our own ‘usuryfree’ community currencies thereby freeing ourselves from their ugly plans to enslave us.


It does not matter whether people prefer to use the LETSystem, time currency, gold dollars, silver dollars, petro-dollars, peace bonds or usury-based federal currency. Let’s rely on competition and/or co-operation or any combination thereof decide who pays for what and with what currency. We-the-people can decide for ourselves what will work optimally in our trading circles. I expect that we-the-people will simply accept each other’s ‘usuryfree’ community currency at par until one of the currencies becomes the most popular. Then it would be prudent for the smaller databases to be as smart as ants and support the fastest growing ‘usuryfree’ currency – which I predict will be time currency.

Do you think that a ‘usuryfree’ time currency has the potential to de-centralize the banking system while providing we-the-people healthy incentives to create and use our own ‘hours’ and ‘minutes’ for FREE? If we are not using their ‘usury-based’ currency we will not be subject to the rules which will be designed to enslave those who buy into their ‘cashless’ society.