The Alex Jones Videos

The Cyberclass Network has purchased the set of seven videos that Alex Jones has produced. Alex Jones is the radio talk show host who also keeps the website known as

Use these videos as 're-educational' tools to 're-educate' your friends, family, neighbours, working colleagues etc. You can purchase these videos from Alex Jones for $25.95 (US Funds) plus shipping, plus GST, plus a $5.00 Customs fee. If you want to make your own copies for networking to others in your circles of influence you may want to purchase originals from Alex Jones. If you want to view the videos for your own self-imposed learning the copies are fine.

Alex permits those of us who have purchased the original documentaries to make copies and network them to foster the 're-education' process. Since The Cyberclass Network has purchased Alex's set of seven videos you have the alternative option of 'gifting' The Cyberclass Network and receiving selected copies of these videos.

Simply 'gift' The Cyberclass Network $13.00 (Canadian Funds) plus $6.50 shipping and handling for each video that you want to view. If you decide to return the video to The Cyberclass Network, we will refund the $13.00. If you keep the video your 'gift' will help to advance The UsuryFree Resolution: Likewise, you are invited to make copies and pass them along to others.

Visit Alex Jones' Video Room at this URL: and review some of the clips online. Then make your decision whether you want to purchase original copies directly from Alex Jones or whether you would like to review a copy a offered by The Cyberclass Network.

PSS: Below is an explanatory email that I send out to those who are new visitors at The Cyberclass Network.
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I appreciate your email. I am curious, how did you find The Cyberclass Network

There is an abundance of information that formal education neglects to teach at The Cyberclass Network. It has taken me countless hours of time to do the research, to write some of the articles and to make the links to related information. I use Front Page to create the webpages and I avoid any fancy graphics as my aim is to permit as many people as possible the opportunity to read simple text which reveals 'universal truth.' I encourage readers to freely share their newly acquired knowledge with others so that  we might enlighten 3% of the world's population in time to save this planet from self-destruction. Mathematicians tell us that when we reach the 3% level of awareness critical mass will then cause the majority to admit that they've been slaves to the Usury Elites' for far too long. After the majority admits that they've been had, they will be motivated to taking action to advance The UsuryFree Resolution so that indeed we can create 'peace and plenty' by 2020.

The Cyberclass Network is been my personal labour of love to promote 're-education' for those who are ready and willing to learn 'what they don't know they don't know.' I am a 're-directed' elementary school teacher who now teaches in cyberspace and in kitchens and living rooms wherever I am invited. Though all of the teachings are for FREE, I gratefully accept 'gifts' of usury-bearing, federal dollars and cents and/or usury-free personal hours and minutes.

I launched The Cyberclass Network in January 2000. More details about my role as keeper of The Cyberclass Network are posted at this URL:

The Cyberclass Network has NO affiliation with any level of government and does NOT issue tax deductible receipts for any donations, though some readers do on occasion freely 'gift' The Cyberclass Network to help further The UsuryFree Resolution.

Otherwise, The Cyberclass Network offers some quality health and wellness products from selected SDI opportunities as well as some books and videos for 're-education' purposes. Details at this URL:

You are invited to pass along the URL of The Cyberclass Network to your cyberspace contacts. Please refer those in your circle of influence to the Barter/LETS Cyberclassroom for general information about the movement towards 'usuryfree' community currencies.

Then visit the UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom We anticipate significant breakthroughs in near future in the realm of advancing the UsuryFree Time Currency locally, nationally and internationally. And certainly, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is positioned to play a leading role in growing the database of 'time traders' and networking the concept of UsuryFree Time Currency to multiple millions very fast.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
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