In May 2000, John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel single-handedly got the United Nations to write a Declaration which has come to be known as UNILETS. There is a discussion group listed below where we-the-people can have our input into the advancement of the UNILETS Declaration.

U.N. Millennium Declaration C6: UNILETS
(Francais) http://www.cyberclass.net/turmel/unc6f.htm

C. The Forum urges The United Nations Governments:
6. To make serious commitments to restructure the global financial architecture based on principles of equity, transparency, accountability, and democracy, and to balance, with the participation of civil society organizations, the monetary means to favor human endeavor and ecology, such as a unilets zero-interest alternative time-based currency. http://www.un.org/millennium/declaration.htm

Globalization Declaration Themes
Facing the Challenges of Globalization: Equity, Justice, Diversity

Section 5: What the UN must do.

h) Another area of study should be the UNILETS (United Nations International Local Employment-Trading System).

i) Local Exchange, Trade and currency practices should be developed further and examined for international application. The abolition of debts and the eradication of interest are essential components in pursuing sustainable human development.

j) The UN should convene a conference similar to the Bretton Woods conference of 1944 to discuss what sort of new financial architecture is needed for our rapidly globalising world. The adoption of the time standard of money and abolition of interest rates are both ideas worthy of consideration.

There is an Internet UNILETS group at this URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UNILETS Readers can post a message by emailing it to: [email protected]