The UsuryFree Resolution is Underway .....

The UsuryFree Network officially launched The UsuryFree Resolution on Sunday, May 13th, 2001 at 13:13:13 (hours/minutes/seconds) at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Those who are not yet familiar with The UsuryFree Network and its mission to facilitate The UsuryFree Resolution are invited to visit The UsuryFree Cyberclassroom at this URL: It is the intent of The UsuryFree Resolution to facilitate the "mobilization" process so that multiple millions will be "re-educated" about the problem of the design flaw of "usury" and the solution as offered by the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment Trading System). It is the intent of The UsuryFree Resolution to mobilize millions - locally and globally.

The UsuryFree Network's Online Community is located at this URL: Readers are invited to visit The UsuryFree Network's Virtual Online Community and join as a participating member. As people become fully aware of the mission of The UsuryFree Network they will voluntarily choose to actively participate in The UsuryFree Resolution as an active natural person in our respective "Real Life" Communities.

The twin engines of the SDI industry and the LETS industry will drive The UsuryFree Resolution as we progress into the 21st Century. The Melaleuca SDI opportunity automatically builds the networking structure which becomes the basis for loyal community both locally and globally. Each new SDI recruit or otherwise is requested to make an "offers" list and a "wants" list. An "offers" list includes their talents, skills, services and/or products that they have access to beyond the Excel telecommunications services. A "wants" list includes talents, skills, services and/or products that they are looking for beyond telecommunications services.

Each new recruit who lives within 500 kilometres of Ottawa will be invited to pay the $10 annual fee to join the Ottawa LETSystem. It is our intent that as we build the database of the Ottawa LETSystem we can determine future plans and directions for online trading facilitated by Melaleuca's ISP services or otherwise. (Those who live farther than 500 kilometres from Ottawa will be encouraged to join and/or create a local LETSystem as well as adding their "offers" and "wants" to the larger database being compiled by The UsuryFree Network.) More details at this URL:

The UsuryFree Network is building its "loyal community team" by building "pyramid/cells of 13." Reserve your position NOW by calling (1.888.NOUSURY) 1.888.668.7879. Simply state your intent to work with The UsuryFree Network's  SDI Team and request your Melaleuca application form. It will be sent to you immediately. Complete it as soon as you receive it. DO NOT fill in your sponsor's name. Your sponsor will be determined by the next available position in The UsuryFree Network. You will be advised of your sponsor as soon as your application and entry payment is received by The UsuryFree Network. Be sure to include your cheque or money order in the amount of $39 plus taxes and made payable to Melaleuca.

Those committed to advancing The UsuryFree Resolution as active Melaleuca SDI Independent Representatives can start gathering your preferred customers NOW. Ask your "Untax/Detax/Refusetax/Anti-tax" supporters, LETS supporters, SDI supporters, family, friends, neighbours and/or otherwise if they will transfer some of their monthly shopping so that a portion of any earned commissions can be used to finance the mission of The UsuryFree Network. Keep a list of those who respond with a "yes" and as soon as you are registered as an Melaleuca SDI Independent Representative you can transfer their accounts to Melaleuca

If any readers of this email have specific questions about The UsuryFree Network and/or The UsuryFree Resolution please contact Tommy-Usury: Free. (Contact details below.) It's Time 4 Twinning LETS and SDI.

Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020
Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-Usury: Free"

PSS: Tommy-Usury: Free is accepting invitations to make presentations to other communities. Contact details:
Tommy-Usury: Free, P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1 Tel: 1.613.746.5387    Fax: 1.613.746.5387 
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