The 'UsuryFree' Time Currency Cyberclassroom

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I know that freedom advocates are in agreement that we must stop using their 'usury-bearing' federal dollars and instead start using our own 'usury-free' time currency.' Therefore, please network this information far and wide so that we can build our own, loyal network where we can earn and spend our own 'usury-free' time currency. Let's include all levels of government in our database so that they can accept our 'usuryfree' time currency as payment for fees, fines and/or taxes.

So let's list our ;offers' and 'wants' at Join this community, then click on 'Shared Lists' at the left side of the page. Then read the information about 'usuryfree' time currency, browse the listings of those who have already completed their details, then click on 'Add New Item' at the bottom left and enter your own details.

And start trading our 'usury-free' time currency now..... In the not-too-distant future we will have the financing to launch our database with a search engine and the ability to trade our ufoh's (usury free online hours) with the click of a mouse.