UNILETS: Your Own Timecurrency Account
     A UNILETS timecurrency account simply lists your 
offers and wants on the main page which you can change at your 
discretion and the messages are a record of your transactions, your 
scorecard in Hours of timecurrency gained and spent. 
     John "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel's home page can be 
found at:  http://www.cyberclass.net/turmel  
     There you can visit "Latest Posts" for all the information on how 
to make LETS timecurrency work for you as it does for me. In 
particular, I would refer you to the European tour where I 
bartered my time's worth of providing accommodations back home to find 
accommodations for 39 nights out of 40 nights in 6 different 
countries. Click on "2700 LETS in over 50 nations" for my list of 
internet connections to already online local time-based currency 
systems around the world. 
     The rules are simple. You can do a transaction with any internet 
account though a UNILETS account on a listserv provides a transaction 
archive and main page without needing to host a web page. If you owe a 
friend a favor, email him an IOU for time worth with a copy to your 
UNILETS account. If someone owes you or authenticates a contribution 
to society, they email it to UNILETS Register any volunteer work you have
done yourself or get your agency to email your credit to your account. They 
could open their own UNILETS account and register their credits to 
others too. It's up to you to imagine new ways to use your account by 
contacting existing LETS groups and by inviting anyone to do time 
traders. Setting up your UNILETS account is how you connect to the 
     Set up your own UNILETS account just like I set mine up. It's called 
http://www.cyberclass.net/turmel/unilets.htm and it's a simple form to copy
until the United Nations someday takes over the management of the accounting. 
Check out LETS around the world.



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