Richest Pauper's Prayer To The Richest Man

For a Microsoft Email L.E.T.S. Timedollar checking account by Y2K

October 15 1999.
To [email protected] : World's Richest Man
From john c. [email protected] : World's Richest Pauper

Gates Poem audio 

Hello, Bill Gates, "World's Richest Man," a Guinness claim to fame.
I'm John Turmel, "World's Richest Pauper," politics my game.[1]
"The Engineer," "The Gambler." 48 elections clear,[2]
As "Abolitionist," L.E.T.S. "Banking Systems Engineer."[3] [4]
"Blackjack King;" "Casino Czar;" "Robin Hood;" "Millionaire;"[5][6]
"Guerrilla Lawyer;" best "Bank Fighter Extraordinaire."[7]
"The Great Canadian Character Anthology" says best,[8] 
The motive for my Pauper's twenty-year persistent quest.
As Dr. Walter Schneider, "Math of Gambling" Prof. can swear:
"He went from apolitical to running everywhere;
One day his interest in interest existed not.
Next day, its abolition was his motivating thought."
The Pauper's seen some high-school buddies choose to quit the game,
You too, "The Man," have buddies I would bet checked out the same. 
No loanshark, "Richest Man," earned gains were making tools I use. 
You should concur with Richest Pauper's engineering views.[9] 
In Nehemiah 5, he says: "You must do as we do. 
So "Stop exacting interest!" It is the Big Taboo."
St. Thomas 95 is verse where Jesus said it best:
"If you have money, do not lend it out at interest."
Another prophet great, Mohammed known in Muslim lands,
Decreed that it was "sinful if one interest demands."[10] 
No "Mort-Gage" interest and they'd have shouldered life with ease,
But their "Death-Gamble" poverty was fatal their disease.[11] 
Ralph Nader's found the banks today "unsafe at any speed,"
And has endorsed Timedollar L.E.T.S. banks "safe for every need."[12]
I penned some verses on how L.E.T.S. could end Queen's poverty,[13]
But palace staff were little help. No high tech whiz had she. 
Yet L.E.T.S. in British Parliament hears M.P.s voicing "Yes."[14]
"No tax for trading time with neighbors." U.S. I.R.S.[15]
Australia says "lifeboat" L.E.T.S. cushions community.[16][17]
Great Britain's politicians hail L.E.T.S. "anti-poverty."[18][19]
I've marched with Jubilee 2000, though they are ill-aimed,[20]  
Forgiving poorest's debt is alms, no panacea claimed.
But White House, I.M.F., World Bank saw Pauper's placard best,
That "Banks Starve Third-World Babies," so "Abolish Interest."[21]
With interest switched off in banker's debt machinery, 
Those former "chains" of debt become mere "straps" borne easily.
So Pope, reformers, Jubilee 2000's date is near,
Yet Ecuador's "not poor enough" to qualify this year.[22]
"Debt Cancellation," "Tobin Tax," they're splashing in the pool,
The problem's in the money pumphouse. "Interest" the tool. 
The vast solution takes all errant money-pumps in hand,
It's not a half-vast splashing in the money pool that's planned. 
Relief could reach the whole wide world to ancient strife placate.
Imagine Earth as Eden with no feedback causing hate.
The Christians and the Muslims and the Nazis and the Jews, 
Are in agreement L.E.T.S. conforms to everybody's views.
The Richest Man must also tire of a game gone mad,
But you have power to switch off the feedback that is bad. 
An Online L.E.T.S. by Microsoft to shop with "Hours" we trade, 
With global lifelines reaching all and money local made. 
We'll gladly pay our service charges, cash or Green amounts, 
If you'll be veins and arteries to link our L.E.T.S. accounts.
Millennium! L.E.T.S. Jubilee! Give "World-Class Gift!" you can,
If you grant Richest Pauper's Prayer To The Richest Man.
In Matthew chapter 6 verse 9, Christ taught us how to pray:
So every day till Year Two Thousand, here is what I'll say:
"Our Father, who in Heaven art, hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come when L.E.T.S. be done on Earth as Heaven, the same.
Give us now our daily bread, forgive us all our debts,
As we forgive our debtors all their debts with this new L.E.T.S.
And to temptation, lead us not. No debt which suffocates.
L.E.T.S. Jubilee 2000 from our Santa Billy Gates.

Amen with The Engineers 

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     Criminal Code Amendment: R. v. Turmel (1996), 109 C.C.C. (3d) 162 (Ont. C.A.)
     Abolitionist Party of Canada Programs.
     Surf 150 L.E.T.S. websites in over 40 nations
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     Toronto Star: IMF World Bank meeting: "Immmorality of 
     interest led man to police station" 1982 
     Hosts of recent Washington Anti-I.M.F.-World Bank  Protest 1999.

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