From a trucker to his peers:

Never before has any government been so close to being so able to completely control each individual, as the U.S. Government is right now. (and the Canadian government is following right along…)

Soon, it will get much worse -  In 2005, YOU will be required to register (and pay)
for the Commercial Driver's Biometric Identity Card.

Then, in 2007, you will be required to have a VeriChip implanted near your wrist, in order to legally drive a Commercial Vehicle.

It will be done in the name of National Security and Homeland Defense. The Total Information Agency (TIA) will oversee all data.

Congress has already completely funded this agency. Scientists have finished the research and formatting. All that is being done now is to build and test the infrastructure including a secured centralized database.

Once The System is ramped up (2007) the REAL test will begin. Either you, the American truck driver, (and Canadian truck driver) will conform and allow the VeriChip to be implanted in you or you will not. Your Government will use the same tactics to persuade you to "get chipped" as they do now, to make you conform and pay your tickets, taxes and other fees:

They will take away your ability to earn if you "fail to comply." You'll have no employment. No income. No real future.


Learn about the VeriChip using  GOOGLE Search  * NASDAQ Symbol: ADSX

The Cost of Freedom:

Freedom is not free. It takes human blood in order to gain or restore it. The Founders of our nation understood well the nature of man. They knew that power had to be restrained. They created a Constitution that would limit the size and scope of Government. A hundred years later, their sacrifices were forgotten and laws were passed that allowed
the US government to grow without limit. These laws are ALL unconstitutional. They mock the Founders' sacrifice. The IRS is 100% obscene.

The flow of our vast wealth to Washington has addicted our public servants. They want this fix, permanently. They want it now. Technology and their clever step-by-step approach toward their goal will ensure success. They've decided to rule over cowards. (Fearful slaves make great profits)  Government wants you and me to drive for them, for dirt cheap.
They want us to have ZERO power. They want it all. If we truck drivers submit, others will follow. URGENT: Ignore the 2004 U.N. Tax.

Early in 2007, if a mere 1 in 10 drivers refuses to be a slave, the D. C. Mafia is toast.

Audits silence churches.  Media's in bed with Sam. Will troops ever rescue us?

Get educated. Go to these websites: <> <>  <>  <> <> <> <>
<> and there are many more ....


They have guts. Larken Rose has a videotape,  "Theft By Deception" <> This is a gem that the Feds pray you will never discover. It lays bare the history of the fraud of the IRS. They have no right to make you file or pay. Didn't you know?


(Similarity, the Canada Customs & Revenue Agency is another fraud.) More details at the Untax Cyberclassroom: <>

My name is Joseph Almond. I drive truck. I watched Larken's videotape. I will never file or pay the thugs again.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. It's our last chance.

FLYERS?   $10.00 (US Funds) per 1,000 to:  Joseph Almond * 1020 Calgary Drive * Muskegon, MI 49444