Serving Community and Fostering 'Trocking for Time' Within The SDI Industry
By Tommy-Usury: Free

In the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry there is abundant opportunity to serve your community while fostering freedom while 'trocking time.' Though you are never responsible for those who are sponsored before you in the success line of any particular SDI opportunity, your enthusiasm for an idea can be networked to them as well as to those whom will be sponsored after you in the ever-expanding networks.

The idea of creating and using your own 'usuryfree' time currency is so empowering that everyone on planet earth ought to be seeking products and/or services which can be used to promote 'trocking time.' John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel coined a new English word "trock" to define bartering time like Latin 'Trocquers' do or French 'Trocquers' do or Argentine 'Truequers' do. As Canadians, let's trock our time, trock our wares for 'ufohs' (usuryfree online hours). To trock is to swap, and to trock time is timely indeed.

Let's use an empowering approach and seek to foster unification within the SDI industry by promoting the concept of 'trocking time.' Let your assuming leadership style emerge as a well-thought-out system that incorporates 'trocking time' as a leading technology and marketing style of the 21st Century.

Remember the SDI industry is about developing leaders to their optimal potential. Historically, success in the SDI industry has been based upon a large warm market and one's ability to grow personally and develop excellent people skills. With the advent of cocooning and burrowing the warm market of most people may be diminishing while more and more people are seeing the advantages of re-building local community.

Likewise, it is understandable that people skills are developed over time. Therefore, most community-minded and successful SDI entrepreneurs of the 21st Century are keen to learn how to incorporate modern computer technology with an ever popular internet to expand their respective networks - locally, nationally and internationally. By blending interpersonal skills with modern technology and the internet anyone can create duplicatable patterns.

The idea of seeking permission to serve people better is usually well received. Reach out to serve other people who are actively seeking to (a) change their shopping habits (b) save time (c) find sources of secondary income (d) be more health conscious and (e) be freed of 'usury' and 'taxes.'

Share details of your SDI Portfolio and encourage them to work on consciously change their shopping/buying habits first by buying some products from you for part 'usuryfree' time currency and part 'usury-bearing' federal dollars. This teaches them to become 'time trockers' - who will eventually become freed from the chains of 'usury.'

Historically, the concept of 'laddering' plays a significant role in the marketing of any service or product. This 'laddering' concept states that in any given area of marketing, products and/or services become arranged over time in a hierarchy or 'ladder' with one particular product or service at the top of the ladder for that given market niche. Often, but not necessarily always, the product or service at the top of the respective market area was there first and and and made the greatest societal impact.

For example, in the early part of the 20th Century, Ford was the on top of the automobile ladder. Ever since Henry Ford invented the Model T, other car manufacturers have been trying to knock Ford off the top. You can decide whether Ford has remained on top. Coca Cola is another example. For years Pepsi Cola has been trying to knock Coca Cola off the top of the soda ladder. As more and more companies produced a variety of sodas, people have been drinking more and more soda, BUT Coca cola still outsells all other soda companies - including Pepsi Cola.

The same will be true for 'usuryfree' community currency. We need to recognize that (a) the market for 'usuryfree' community currency is basically everyone on planet earth, and (b) the likelihood of 'ufohs' (usuryfree online hours) - as marketed by The UsuryFree Network - reaching all of the people on planet earth is possible though not probable unless we make a concerted effort to establish 'time trocking with ufoh's' at the top of the 'usuryfree' community currency ladder. We want to hear about people coming up and asking: 'How can I become a time trocker?'

Let's establish time trocking with ufoh's as the trading standard against which every other 'usuryfree' community currency is compared because 'ufohs' are positioned to lead the way NOW. Have you ever heard people say: 'Please give me a Kleenex' when theoretically, they ought to correctly be saying: 'Please give me a tissue.'

Let's solidly brand 'ufohs' in people's minds as the optimal 'usuryfree' time currency so that 'time trocking' becomes synonymous with 'ufohs.' The more people become aware of 'usuryfree' community currency in general, the more 'ufohs' will be created and traded because people's 'time trocking consciousness' with be broadened. Remember, it takes multiple encounters with a new idea for most people before they accept it and embrace it as a good idea.

When someone has an experience with another 'usuryfree' community currency, but then comes across 'usuryfree' time currency (ufohs), the concept will seem more familiar to them and they will be more likely to participate as 'time trockers.' All we, the experienced 'time trockers' need to do is know how to explain the difference between 'ufohs' which can be traded locally, nationally and/or globally and other community currencies which as just traded locally.

If anyone is having a preference for 'usury-bearing' currencies or other 'usuryfree' community currencies, then it is likely that you are not yet convinced of the superiority of our 'ufohs.' If you are not yet convinced that 'ufohs' are optimal 'usuryfree' time currency keep using their (The Usury Elites) currency whereby you pay them a fee (usury). Experience the difference to find the optimal currency.