Why The Third Market?
By Tommy-Usury: Free

We-the-people are beginning to awaken. As we awaken, we are realizing that most social and environmental  problems are rooted in 'usury' economics as it has been developed and is managed by the Usury Elites. We-the people are witnessing a loss of diversity, erosion of privacy, further alienation, unsustainable agriculture and continuing crass consumerism bolstered by fear, selfishness and greed - all key elements of any 'usury-based' economy.

The Third Market www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarket.htm offers solutions whereby we-the-people can empower ourselves by consciously changing the way we earn and spend our own 'usuryfree' time currency, as an economic system which is complementary to our orthodox system of 'usury-based' economics.

In recent years, analysts have been assessing the impacts of the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and related global economic organizations - private and government. Some analysts seek to create support for the status quo which we-the-people no longer accept. Others are offering strategies that are challenging what was trendy in the 20th Century.

We-the-people are beginning to call on 'common sense' as we awaken to solutions to our local, national and global problems. Our focus is moving towards re-building local community and re-embedding 'usuryfree' community currencies within our respective local values. We-the -people are mobilizing our resources and initiating changes using the initiative of 'usuryfree' community currencies in general and 'usuryfree' time currencies in particular, thereby enabling we-the-people to support our respective local communities more and more while withdrawing support from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies.

Though we-the-people see 'usuryfree' time currency as the optimal solution to creating abundance for all on this planet, Ma Bell, Ma HydroPower or Ma Transport, Ma Big Box Stores and/or Ma Fast Food Franchise, are unlikely to accept 'usuryfree' time currency during these transitory times - nor do we-the-people expect the Usury Elites' at the top of the respective traditional pyramids to be excited about the ideas coming from we-the-usuryfree-creatives. Our 21st Century pyramids are being modelled by the SDI industry and are being built differently.

We-the-people, otherwise known as 'the small, the commoners' ought to have a level playing field with they-the-Usury-Elites, otherwise known as 'the big, the rich' and not be playing on a sloped field that is and has been tipped towards 'the big.' We-the-people would rather be buying quality health and wellness products, 'all natural' meats, organic vegetables, and/or environmentally-friendly cleaning products etc. from home-based enterprises or from small to medium community businesses rather than from the giant retail stores or the big box stores.

'Small' can be beautiful and should be of utmost importance whenever we-the-people can buy products locally. Decentralizing commonly supports 'small' while historically, centralizing has often favoured 'big’ much to the chagrin of the ‘small.’

Keep in mind that 'big' might be better when it comes to industries like communications, education, power, transportation - but only if they are willing to eliminate the design function of 'usury' in their respective economic infrastructures. Some analysts argue that big banking may be better - BUT only if it is operated with a 'usuryfree' design function. Actually, the creation and spending of  'usuryfree' time currency completely decentralizes the banking industry as each individual learns how to operate his/her own 'usuryfree' time bank from his/her own website.

If the global banking system was operated as a 'usuryfree' time bank, it would serve we-the-people optimally. With modern technology we can now begin to trade our 'usuryfree' time currency - in 'hours' and/or 'minutes' - locally, nationally and/or globally. Competition within a 'usuryfree' society will lessen especially as co-operation generates abundance for all and lessens unemployment.

We-the-people are ready and anxious to use the optimal high-velocity paper 1/s currencies alone or in combination with high-velocity electronic 1/s currencies rather than settling for the less successful 1-velcoity phone-in 1/s currencies which were commonplace with LETSystems during the 1980's and 1990's.

With an awakening public, we-the-people are focusing on bartering and trading locally. At the same time, more and more participants within that ever-expanding group of we-the-people are learning of the advantages of national and/or global trading with a 'usuryfree' time currency. Inevitably, the leaders within the 'usuryfree' community currency movement will soon gravitate towards 'usuryfree' time currency as the optimal strategy as they learn of its universal appeal given the ease of modern technology.

Readers are invited first read about ‘usuryfree’ time currency at The UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm and about ‘usuryfree’ community currencies in general at the Barter/LETS Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/bartable.htm After you have acquired some basic knowledge then take action to advance The Third Market by  purchasing one or more of the following products using ‘usury-bearing’ federal dollars to cover any wholesale costs and ‘usuryfree’ time currency to cover a portion of the retail mark-up.

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