The Cyberclass Network ‘Re-education’ Network


Presents ongoing learning workshops and seminars
with an abundance of resources, audios, videos, books, researchers etc.


Online and At-home


These online and real-life events are ideal for those who are ‘ready and willing’ to ask questions and question answers about ….



World Power and Politics

What is really going on in the world …


The New World Order

What it is and what it’s all about …


A New ‘Super empowered’ is arising

Who and why …


Learn About Who You Are

You are a free will, full liability man or woman …


Becoming ‘usuryfree in 2003

How you can learn to live a ‘usuryfree’ lifestyle …


Re-building local community

Why and how you can shop locally …



Sessions are held on an as-needed basis at mutually convenient times and places

Space is unlimited so you are invited to begin your ‘re-education’ NOW …


For more information:

Email: [email protected]  Website:


‘Re-education’ Facilitator: Tommy-Usury: Free
(otherwise known as ‘Tom-Joseph: Kennedy)

- a former elementary school teacher with 34 years of experience who has
re-directed his energies to teaching ‘what formal education neglects to teach’

 in ‘cyberspace’ and in kitchens and living rooms all across Canada…


FEE: The workshops/seminars are FREE.

Cash accepted for travel and accommodation costs.
Resources can be rented for ‘time’ and/or money or purchased at cost.

Gifts gratefully accepted to aid in networking the ‘truth’ to others.