The UsuryFree Network Launches The Third Market


Since the launch of The UsuryFree Resolution on May 13th, 2001, The UsuryFree Network has been pointing out that until we change the way we spend our money we will continue to pay oppressive taxes and immoral usury to the Usury Elites' Group Of Companies, thereby supporting their dark and deceptive NWO agenda. While I was attending The Fourth Annual Festival of the Ages in Salmon Arm, British Columbia during the first weekend of August 2001, Lance Tomlyn reminded me of the importance of using 'positive' words and making a conscious effort to refrain from using 'negative' words. I am grateful for such advice and I now have secured the domain name  for The UsuryFree Network. The UsuryFree Resolution moves ahead and I have adopted a new moniker, Tommy-Usury: Free.

The concept of The Third Market was triggered by a conversation that I had during the summer of 2001 wherein those present were talking about the G8 country leaders meeting in Genoa and pointing out there were many people in the demonstration marches wearing white. Someone in the conversation explained that those wearing white were part of  The White Market in Italy. I am not clear on that exact role of  The White Market in Italy other than they were making a definitive statement during the demonstration/march at the G8 event in July, 2001 to clearly show that they were consciously changing their shopping habits away from the giant retailers.

Though The White Market is 'positive' and opposite of The Black Market which has a 'negative' connotation "white" is a controversial word in any multi-racial society. After discussions with various associates within the Freedom Movement we have decided to avoid any possible association with the concept of  'racism' in this politically over-correct world, therefore we passed on using The White Market.

Instead, we have decided to create The Third Market and I have secured the domain name  
(1) The First Market is the regular commercial giant retail stores which have connections with the conventional 'usury' elite group of companies.

(2) The Second Market is the Underground Market or the Black Market.

(3) The Third Market is our new market whereby we aim to support small and medium-sized businesses in our respective local communities and home-based businesses - most of which will be SDI enterprises - within our family circles and within our networks of friends and neighbours. Until The Third Market domain is established, information will be posted at this URL:

Basically, to support The Third Market is to make a conscious decision to spend your 'usury-bearing' cash differently while at the same time deciding to become familiar with the usury free online currency commonly called a 'ufoh' (usury free online hour) so that eventually we can use more and more of our 'usuryfree' currency and less and less of our 'usury-bearing' cash.

Defining The Third Market:

If we are to make progress towards creating a 'usuryfree' society of  'peace and plenty' by 2020, it is imperative that we spend less and less of our money with the giant monopoly corporations owned by the 'usury' elites' group of companies and more and more within our own local communities. To do this means we have to re-build loyal networks and continually expand our database to include an abundance of quality products and/or services for our respective loyal, - local and online - communities. Consequently, we anticipate that aware people will choose to shop within The Third Market.

In an effort to usher in a 'usuryfree' society, The UsuryFree Network is promoting The Third Market as a community and/or online gathering whereby networkers who double as consumers share resources and information about (1) products and/or services they produce and market themselves (2) products and/or services produced by any company which is definitely not from the "Usury" Elites' Group of Companies.

In many cases, networkers within The Third Market are likely to double as "consumers" and "prosumers" - a popular term coined by Alvin Toffler, author of The Third Wave - which simply means they share what they produce and consume what others offer in the community. Those who offer-for-sale goods and/or services produced by another will be referred to as "offersumers." In some cases, a participant at The Third Market may triple as a "consumer," "prosumer," "offersumer" and in these cases they will be commonly called "trisumers."

Who Participates Within The Third Market?

To participate within The Third Market as a "prosumer," "offersumer" and/or a "consumer" one must be ready and willing to openly advocate that s/he is working towards becoming a 'usuryfree' natural person of commoner status. Rather than requiring participants to purchase UsuryFree Identification Card to verify that they are committed to becoming 'usuryfree' and thereby qualifying themselves to trade within The Third Market it has been decided that we will recognize either:
(1) the Tax Exempt Status Card & as created by International Humanity House. Also read the information posted at Or (2) the Empowerism Card as created by the Empowerism SDI (Self Directed Income) home office. Details at  (3) Another card that we will recognize is the Common Law Affidavit of Identification Card as created by Individuals For Common Law. Therefore, anyone who has already purchased one or all of the above cards has demonstrated their intent to take action to create a 'usuryfree' society where there will be neither 'usury' not 'taxes' and is immediately welcomed within The Third Market.

The Third Market welcomes "consumers," "prosumers," and/or "offersumers" who are carrying "Tax Exempt Status Card" and/or the "Empowerism Card," and/or the "Common Law Affidavit of Identification Card" for we will NOT be needing the new 'electronically chipped' ID cards currently being suggested by the federal government. In addition to carrying one of the above-mentioned cards, The Third Market requires that the products and/or services offered by those who choose to participate as "prosumers" and/or "offersumers" satisfy a minimum of five of the following criteria:

(a) products are organic or natural
(b) products are sourced in Canada
(c) products are from small to medium family farms
(d) products are free from pesticides and/or herbicides
(e) products and/or services are from small to medium community businesses and/or home-based businesses
(f) products and/or services are from a reputable SDI (Self Directed Income) company
(g) products and/or services can be exchanged (in part or in whole) for "ufoh's" (usury free online hours)
(h)  products and/or services can be purchased with the 'usury free' debit card, 'usuryfree' credit card and/or cash, cheque,  money order or any combination thereof 
(i) products and/or services support alternative health
(j) products and/or services support alternative energy
(k) products and/or services support alternative economics
(l) products and/or services being marketed to raise funds to advance The UsuryFree Resolution
(m) products and/or services available for market without taxes (GST and/or PST) for those consumers who wish to exercise their option as tax exempt citizens.
(n) products and/or services are NOT advertised with the mainstream media
(o) products and/or services will generate income for the humanitarian world water organization. Details at this URL:  

It is suggested that the participating "prosumers" and/or "offersumers" simply add a statement at the bottom of their sales receipt stating that the customer is responsible for payment of any taxes that s/he deems payable to any level of government.

The Third Market aims to network information so that bad laws and/or policies at any level of government are exposed by those who are fully aware of "universal truth." The potential magnitude of The Third Market is huge and is expected to grow exponentially because ever-increasing taxes and oppressive usury is awakening people and motivating them to search for "universal truth" to replace the "lies, deceit and deception" that has been foisted upon them for too long.

The Third Market encourages participants to deal everyday products and/or services which are purchased by "consumers" from the "prosumers" and/or "offersumers." It is the intent of The Third Market to stimulate trade in local and/or online communities with the ultimate goal to sustain local and online economies and prepare themselves to eventually become "usuryfree."

The SDI (Self Directed Income) industry promotes the easy availability of shopping-at-home and is helping more and more people throw off the yoke of 'usury.' The LETS/Barter and Trading industry advocates that people be willing to exchange goods and/or services using a 'usuryfree' community currency in combination with 'usury-bearing' cash and likewise aids people in throwing off the yoke of 'usury.'In addition, The "Untax/Detax/Refusetax/Anti-tax" Movement is awakening citizens to 'universal truth' and exposing 'lies, deceit and deception' by teaching those who are ready and willing to move into abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty. Likewise, The Freedom Movement is attracting more and more people who are ready and willing to do what it takes to become truly free of 'usury.'

The Role of The SDI Industry within The Third Market:

The SDI industry will play a critical role in The Third Market since it is the fastest growing marketing industry of the 21st Century. The events of 9-11 are accelerating the growth of the SDI industry as more and more people are pleased to be able to order products and/or services by mail, by phone and/or by the internet. Others who are fully aware know that we must change our shopping habits. They know that the 'usury' elite will be unable to create war if we refuse to give them our money.

Participants in the SDI industry are now openly promoting the concept of an SDI Portfolio whereby they are earning incomes from two or more SDI opportunities. Others are understanding that those of us who are active in the SDI industry understand that we must create a loyalty to the SDI industry, therefore, we must make a greater effort to buy more of our products and/or services from others who are active in the SDI industry. To do this we need an updated database from which we can find the person(s) who are living in our respective local communities who might like to make personal deliveries. Otherwise, many will be content to order over the internet and know that they are spending their money within The Third Market.

What to Do and Why?

It is time to teach people that there is a difference between orthodox, "usury" economics and innovative "usuryfree" economics. "Usury" economics is what we have been programmed to accept. Starting very young, as we enter university we start experiencing increasing debt load, and then all of a sudden we face ballooning debt or a bankruptcy that's really been developing for 10, 20 or 30 years. "UsuryFree" economics is very different 'cause we really do have a chance of winning when 'usury' is taken out of the game of life.

If your products and/or services meet a minimum of five of the criteria listed about you are invited to forward details to [email protected]   Insert "The Third Market" in the subject line and list your contact details and a brief summary of any products and/or services which you can offer and indicate which three criteria you satisfy by listing the appropriate alphabetical letters. Include any additional relevant information. Those who prefer can mail details to: The UsuryFree Network, P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1 Tel: 1.613.746.9702    Fax: 1.613.746.5387

First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
Cell Phone:
I would like to do some trading with ufoh's. Yes___  No___
Products and/or Services:
(use a separate paper to explain about your products and/or attach a brochure)
Relevant Information:

Responses from readers are being gratefully received by mail and by email and fax. I will begin to online listing and invite shoppers to shop from The Third Market for any Christmas gifts that they might be planning to purchase.

It is my hope and intent that people will take advantage of the database which we will build and launch The Third Market in their respective local communities along with the LETSystems to stimulate more trading in local high density areas while using The UsuryFree Network Online service for local, national and/or global trading.

As we plan and organize The Third Market readers are invited to explore what The Liberty League has set up:  which offers "opportunities for Patriotic Americans who are willing to work hard and expect to keep the fruits of their labours." Ideas are welcomed to make The Third Market the shopping place of choice in the years ahead.

Without a doubt, there is a new awareness being born and people are definitely aware that the optimal ways to change the world is to make changes in the way they spend their money.

More details at this URL: & &

    " does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires in people's minds..."    -- Samuel Adams

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will  not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God,   I will do." - Edward Everett Hale

"There is reality behind the world as it appears to us, possibly a many-layered reality, of which the appearances are the outermost layers." - Karl Popper

"Money is an information system we use to deploy human effort." -- Michael Linton

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilanrt in its preservation!" (don't know who said this)

"A new civilization is emerging in our lives, and blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it." -- Alvin Toffler

Why The Third Market?