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Time-Energy Accounting (TEA) Basics

Posted By: tenavision
Date: Saturday, 2 February 2002, 5:56 p.m.

In Response To: "Divided & Conquered?" (tenavision)

The function of the time-energy accounting system, 100% backed by human time and renewable energy, is to...

1. Administer a lawful citizens’ currency.

2. Strengthen the liberties and responsibilities of individual
citizens and local communities.

3. Minimize the centralization of power.

4. Balance competition and cooperation in the marketplace.

5. Minimize public and private bureaucracy.

6. Maximize efficient and equitable utilization of natural resources.

7. Eliminate the need for personal income tax.

8. Minimize the need for any taxation.

9. Minimize corporate-government racketeering.

10. Stabilize the money supply and price level.

11. Restore full-reserve banking.

12. Remove the primary cause of economic inflation, deflation, recessions, depressions, warfare and waste of       resources.

13. Enhance life, liberty and tranquility for all.

The time-energy accounting (TEA) network issues:

1. citizens dividends backed by human lifetime ($1 = one hour = $730 per month) plus

2. energy dividends backed by harvested renewable energy ($1 = one kilowatt-hour).

Each time-energy dollar is valid for one year from the month of issuance, then "self-redeems" or "extinguishes" itself like an expiring coupon.

The sooner participants circulate or invest each time-energy dollar, the more value the dollar has, since it represents time-energy value for only one year.

Savings are channeled to useful investments in renewable energy infrastructure rather than paper money, precious metals, or other "barren" (non-renewable) commodities.

Renewable energy investments produce real dividends (not interest) in the universal metric of kilowatt-hours measured by ordinary energy meters.

Human lifetime is itself a natural dividend in the universal metric of hours measured by ordinary clocks (unless you endorse slavery).

Participants are issued citizens dividends once they are 18 or over so that parents will not be encouraged to over
populate for money.

Who can reasonably deny that our lifetime is our most valuable asset?

Who can reasonably deny that benign renewable energy is the foundation of a sustainable civilization?

Among other things, renewable energy can desalinate our oceans to produce abundant fresh water.

The issuing of time-energy dollars is performed by elected municipal treasurers and their staff. No electronic or other non-manual vote tabulation is permitted.

Confederated / cooperative municipal treasuries co-audit each other on a randomly selected basis every three months.

Time + Energy = Wealth.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Best Regards,

Jon Chance

Ed. note: This sure sounds good to me. I hope enough people will read this and help each other to implement this immediately.