An Appeal For Community-based Support
Tommy-No: Usury

My personal contributions towards creating a "usury-free" society are posted at The Cyberclass Network's NoUsury Cyberclassroom: At The Cyberclass Network I share with readers my research, values, attitudes, beliefs and plenty of links to other learned cyberspace friends and associates. You are invited to spend some time reading and re-reading at the various cyberclassrooms and then consider the significance of what you learn as it applies to your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

The Cyberclass Network is designed as a place to commence your "re-education" with an investment of your time. The lessons which are FREE will hopefully motivate you to action. The Cyberclass Network offers sufficient information to stimulate discussion with others whom you can refer as visitors. you are invited to elist yourself in learning "what you don't know you don't know" so that you too can take a leading role in proposing ideas at a personal level and/or global level that will undeniably move humankind towards peace and plenty by 2020.

It's time to take personal action locally to  contribute to a better world globally since governments are not achieving their stated aims. Since governments (municipal, provincial/state, and federal) are composed of clerks, bureaucrats and politicians with simple and/or complex personalities not unlike common citizens (voters and non-voters) it is essential for a change of attitude of all participating parties to implement workable solutions to end poverty, scarcity and lack. We need global co-operation instead of global defense.

Neither the "usury" elite's corporations, nor the mainstream media, nor the current political parties are addressing the problem of the design flaw of "usury" in our current, orthodox money system. Neither are any of the above-mentioned parties focusing on the "usury-free" solution as offered by the LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software.

Ants work in connected colonies, co-operating, communicating and helping to build a better future for ants. While some humans are working in ways similar to ants other humans with supposedly more intelligence are seemingly disconnected and isolated and not generally working together to build a better future for our children during this 21st Century. What people are to be given credit and what people are to blame?

There are very many people who are working as "freedom advocates" who point the finger as the "usury" elite BUT we must realize that "we are them" as long as we keep giving them (the usury elite) our money and thereby supporting them. Yes, we are as terrible as the "usury" elite if we continue spending our money. Let's look in the mirror and let's set out to make a difference by first becoming aware that we do have choices. It is essential to learn about the interconnectedness of everything we do. With a new awareness, we can change the way we spend our money. We can affect our children's future and the future of planet earth.

In 2001, we will have an opportunity to use modern technology and traditional personal contact to better serve humanity - both locally and globally. Sabine Kuryo and Ian McNeil wrote about such networking in the book "Only Connect" 1988:

"To live a fulfilled life, we require a number of contexts that operate in harmony. Above all, we need a spiritual context that explains why we are here, where we come from and where we are going. We also need a cultural context to understand the established order of lifestyles. We need a societal context to understand what is or is not expected of us. We need an economic context to know how to survive. Finally, we need to contribute and feel good about our contribution to our families, our community and the universe."

If we are to improve and/or change traditional structures, "we-the-people" must be open to changing ourselves. It is we who have been the enemy of ourselves. Our willingness to change in the future will determine if we save ourselves from self-destruction within this 21st Century.

First, we must acquire some knowledge so that we are fully aware of what is wrong and what we need to do to correct the wrongs. Then we can make simple but empowering personal decisions such as consciously changing our buying habits so that we are not directly supporting the "usury" elite. By acting on our new awareness we are demonstrating our knowledge of the interconnectedness to the whole.

The information we seek to make this world a better place is not forthcoming from the mainstream media but it is available on audio and video cassettes, in alternatives magazines and newspapers, in books (self-published or otherwise published by small publishers) and on the internet. To obtain the necessary information we must take the time to do the research, read the information, and/or listen to audio cassettes and/or view video cassettes. Most importantly, we can learn from other people's experiences and research. We can especially learn from solution-oriented leaders who are offering ideas that when implemented will help save ourselves and planet earth. To achieve all of this, clear communication between individuals becomes essential.

Neither governments, nor corporations, nor institutions can be relied upon. We-the-people must re-create ourselves and then re-educate ourselves so that we will be optimally equipped to break out of our self-imposed prisons built with our own mis-guided convictions.

Not everybody is ready for action, but for those who are, the time to start is NOW! It is critical that we link together like-minded people at the local level and at the global level. We must connect those people who are prepared to commit themselves to action by actively changing their shopping habits. Details at this URL:

Transferring long distance service away from Bell Canada and/or Telus or otherwise to the alternative carrier Excel is recommended for those people who do not have internet access. Excel has been selcted as it offers an SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity whereby we-the-people can earn favourable bonuses and commissions as part-time entrepreneurs.

Details of Excel's long distance plans at this URL: and details of exactly how to transfer long distance lines to Excel at this URL: Any readers wishing more information about Excel are invited to visit the Excel Cyberclassroom: or email: [email protected]

For those who do have internet access the new 'aphs' technology is recommended. In early September APHS is launching "personal computer to phone" otherwise known as "pc-to-phone" service worldwide. Full details at this URL: Be sure to download the 'aphs' software and visit The NoUsury Network's private APHS room at this URL: on Friday, September 7th at 13:00 hours.

Initially, let's organize and connect in our respective local communities by sharing our contact information and by listing our resources, offers and wants on a local database. By pooling our information we can make it freely accessible to each other and by supporting each other we can re-build a loyalty to our respective local communities and then reach out to network each of these local communities on a global network. These new networks which we are building need to transcend any orthodox boundaries.

With newly acquired knowledge about the problems facing humankind and about the innovative solutions now available to us I am convinced that the majority will work to create a "usury-free" society that will guarantee abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty. The "usury" elite minority will eventually have no choice but to surrender their "usury" machine which has been breeding poverty, scarcity and lack for too long.

If you are ready to take action NOW to do your part to enhance the quality of life, to protect our planet earth and to experience living in abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty then contact: Tommy-No: Usury, The NoUsury Network, P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1 Tel: 1.613.746.9702   Fax: 1.613.746.5387    Email: [email protected]