Celebrating The Second Anniversary For The Cyberclass Network (TCN)
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The Cyberclass Network (TCN) is two years old this month. We didn't plan any public celebrations so we will just welcome your cyberwishes for a Happy Birthday and share this message in cyberspace. TCN is pleased and proud to be offering FREE 're-education' in cyberspace to those who are ready and willing to learn  (1) 'what they don't know they don't know' and (2) 'what formal education neglected to teach.'

Thank you to the many other great and patriotic researchers who have made websites to which we have made learning links. Likewise, thank you to those who have forwarded documents, information and resources to share with visitors who frequent the various cyberclassrooms. And thank you to any writers who have gratefully forwarded their articles for posting because they wish to foster and advance the self-imposed missions of 're-education' of the growing number of new students who are commencing their studies at The Cyberclass Network.

I wish to acknowledge the wonderful supporters who have helped with the ongoing financial commitment to keep The Cyberclass Network online. It is indeed reassuring to know that more and more people are showing their appreciation for the countless hours of research and typing and webmaintenance that is required to keep TCN on the web.

Any readers who have not yet subscribed to TCN's regular email list are invited to do so by visiting this URL: www.thecyberclassnetwork@yahoogroups.com or by sending an email with 'subscribe' in the subject area to: thecyberclassnetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Any previous messages posted since the TCN newsletter was launched in August 1999 can be read at this URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thecyberclassnetwork/messages/1

TCN is proud of the growing number of 'freedom advocates' who are motivated to read at this cyberclassroom www.cyberclass.net/shopathome.htm and then wilfully changing their shopping habits to shop more and more from home-based enterprises and small to medium community businesses and less and less from the giant retailers and big box stores which are directly linked to the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. By shopping from The Third Market www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarket.htm  we are building our own loyal network wherein we will be able to purchase all of our products and services as our database grows. Online trading with our own 'usury-free' electronic and/or paper 'time currency' is not far off. Check out what has been happening in Argentina www.cyberclass.net/argentina.htm as they build and perfect the model which all of the world can follow.

Likewise, TCN is proud of those 'Warriors of One' who made a decision during 2001 to transfer their long distance service to Excel, thereby demonstrating their commitment to supporting The UsuryFree Resolution
www.cyberclass.net/resolution.htm and www.communityzero.com/usuryfree Readers are invited to list their contact details complete with any products and/or services that they offer by clicking on the 'Shared List" at the Communityzero website for The UsuryFree Network.

And we are especially pleased with the continuing growth of our readership - locally, nationally and internationally. When TCN was launched in January 2000 it was unknown except for a few close friends and associates. As of the typing of this email (January 28th, 2002) there have been 25,300 clicks on the counter at TCN's front page. This growth in readership was very slow during the first year. During 2001, it increased steadily to a point where about 1200 people a month were showing up by December. TCN is looking forward to an ever-growing number of new and repeat visitors during 2002. Our readership grows steadily from word-of-mouth, links from other websites, as one 're-educated' person tells another where to commence their 're-education' for FREE.

During 2002, it is our plan to offer more products and services to our visitors so that we can lead the way in building a database where all freedom advocates will choose to buy and sell any products and/or services that we need for our personal use, our families and our businesses. How we spend our earnings will make a difference - when enough of us choose to spend our money differently. Keep in mind that our 'earnings' can be made up of conventional 'usury-bearing' cash or 'usury-free' community currency or any combination thereof.

In the meantime, TCN welcomes any 'gifts' of usury-bearing cash from individuals as we have no deep pockets like the Usury Elites' Group of Companies BUT we aim to keep offering FREE 're-education' so that we can keep teaching the students to become teachers to teach.

TCN's monthly rental of webspace of 50 megs costs $29.95 and the high speed (2-meg-modem) connection costs $69.00 monthly. In addition, telephone and fax services, ongoing tutoring by more experienced webmasters, scanning, printing, domain name, maintenance and repair costs for the computer station averaged $100 monthly during 2001. In summary, the raw costs to fund The Cyberclass Network are approximately $200 a month and that does not pay a penny for anyone's time.

A number of 'Warriors of One' have 'gifted' TCN during 2000 and 2001 to keep TCN afloat. We certainly would not be able to continue without that support. Any contributions, as ever, are deeply appreciated. Let's make 2002 our year in every way.

Enjoy this day!!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'

PS: A Special and Significant Seminar which is wholly endorsed by The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network is a worthy place to continue your 're-education' which will eventually permit you to become 'usuryfree.' Remember, we are not 'free of usury' until all of us are 'usuryfree.' Follow-up seminars will be planned as people progress with this new knowledge.

Time & Location:

Saturday, February 2nd, 2002 @ 10:00 AM

69 Longbranch Ave Toronto....St Agnes Anglican Church basement, food access very close.
(The Church Telphone is 416 251 8433 - call only if you get lost.)


401 to 427 south - follow signs for Queensway Ave/Browns line (last exit before Q.E.W). Enter collector lanes and keep to left follow signs for Browns Line. Follow Browns line  2 miles to Lakeshore Blvd West ('T' junction keep to left) Turn left onto Lakeshore Blvd west approx 1 mile to 2nd light (beer store on left) Turn right at T.D. Bank. First driveway on left (no charge parking for 100 cars) enter St Agnes Anglican Church from Longbranch Ave.

Cost: $100.00 per person (and $150.00 per couple)....payable at the Door. Fully refundable if not satisfied with the event.

There are still a few openings for this seminar..... If anyone has not notified Vic Beck of intent to attend please do so ASAP to be sure of a seat. Vic Beck's email address is: vicbeck@kawartha.com

Seminar Details as outlined by Vic Beck:

The seminar will begin with getting to know "Who you Are" and "Who you are Not". Its all in your name, NAMES.

This all revolves around the ALL important name which came to be when you did, hence we must go right back to the beginning and work forward to Now. All else aside 99.9 percent of people will not comprehend what
knowing who you are means, and we must clarify the comprehension so you see, then get rid of the assumptions you have.

We will demonstrate how to utilize your alter ego to facilitate transactions in the marketplace, keeping you in the private side and never letting any other name attach to you personally, making you liable thereto, therefore.

We will discuss, the rules of THEIR game, our rules are simple; Right to life, Liberty and Property", the rest of the rules pertain to the rulemakers and any that work for them. We have been negligent in our duty to ourselves in seeking the Truth, which includes knowing their rules, where there are rules, where there are no rules, the forum, the jurisdiction and yours.

We have succumbed, without even ever knowing if what THEY were telling us were our rules or THEIR rules. As it turns out all the rules are for them, and they are either ignorant of THEIR rules or we have just passively succumbed to them by believing that 'you can't do this you must do that or else.' However, things change significantly when you prove you know more about their duty than they do. Knowledge makes 'em look dumber than us. We will instruct on comprehending that concept and how to apply it.

We will discuss negotiable instruments, Bills of Exchange and what they really are, who backs them, how they are backed and eventually fulfilled. Interpretation of sections, too many to mention

A lot of time will be spent on the funest part, being the mind set and knowing who you are. We will present a topic, bring you up to speed and then open the floor for, questions, sharing of ideas etc. until everyone grasps the topic's intent and can apply the knowledge.

I cannot stress the mind shift you will have to be prepared experience and accept if anything is going to work for you. We feel the best way for you to learn is to ask us lots of questions in the manner that suits you for your comprehension.

A lot of time will be spent on the name/NAMES issue a very important one to start utilizing freely to protect the value of your name and your reputation associated with it -why and how.

This seminar will be first of a few, as everyone progresses, groups can be formed to meet when ever required. Its is difficult to put into words the value that can be obtained with your attendance.

I'm going to suggest we break for lunch at 1:00 PM, for an hour, maybe and an hour and a half.

Some of you have read some of my previous e mails where I have mentioned that the knowledge being offered is a culmination of a lot of peoples' efforts. A lot came from people who had no idea they were bringing forth valuable information, let alone any clue of any scam.

One of the bigger reasons for having this seminar is get others involved, and the "truth' we will be presenting will get you involved in some way. You cannot deny 'truth' once you know you really found it. It is impossible to turn your back and ignore the 'truth' after you are enlightened.

Together we can expand our knowledge and grow together as a result. As I've stated before, there is no such thing as an expert, If I claim to be a wise man it surely means that I don't know it all. We can never be to smart, never stop learning, creating, growing, all in unison. I have personally experienced what happens when you get a bunch of free minds in one room, all on the same wavelength, with the same desires.

People participation is welcome and expected, we are all in this game together......

This meeting is open to anyone, fell free to bring people...BUT because seating is limited to 100 people, I need to know who is coming for certain or with as much certainty as possible. This will avoid folks showing up and not getting in.

To assure a spot for friends please send me a simple email with the number of people coming with you.

Bring a Red Pen and black or blue ink Pen, paper and a Smile....Be prepared to ask lots of questions......Please do NOT ask me fifty thousand questions when you reply by email,  just stick to these facts for now.

Vic vicbeck@kawartha.com