UNILETS is a hit at U.N. Student Conference 2000

JCT: What an unbelievable fluke. I was playing poker in near Barrie Ontario and visited a friend there. He organized a presentation on UNILETS to his class and it just happened that not only was the teacher the Canadian organizer but several of the students were going to be making presentations at the:

United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights 8 December 2000 United Nations

" On December 8, 2000, the United Nations Department of Public information (UNDPI) hosted a one-day student conference on human rights. For the third consecutive year, the conference provided a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about the United Nations and to find out what other young people around the world are doing to promote human rights. The United Nations Cyberschoolbus is proud to host the webpage of the 2000 Student Conference on Human Rights. Read about the attendees, the day's programme, and what students from many different schools have to say about Human Rights. Photographs will be posted very soon! You can also see the event as it is broadcast live over the Internet at 10:00am - 12:30 noon. [You will need RealPlayer or a recent version of Windows Media Player.] United Nations Cyberschoolbus - 2000 "

     JCT: One of the Barrie students, Darryl Vanslack, fell in love with the world-wide interest-free LETS currency proposed in Millennium Forum Declaration C6 and decided to try to get it endorsed in the student declaration too. To hear and see his address to the United Nations on abolishing interest rates and instituting UNC6, you click on the "broadcast live over the Internet" link or directly to go: http://event.mediaondemand.com/unstudentconference/20001208/reb28100mr.ram

Once you are viewing the speeches, click on Play in the upper menu, then "seek" and Hour: 1 and Minute: 59:18
You will then hear Darryl Vanslack's speech demanding that students lead the way in not only establishing the UNILETS interest-free currency but chastising the Millennium Summit for not heeding the recommendation of the Millennium Forum. You judge by the ovation he received whether interest-free LETS banking was a hit with those students. Hundreds of participants gave him their email addresses. Who wants to bet with me that they'll include the UNILETS recommendation just like the Millennium Forum and make Millennium Summits of Religious and Political leaders look not smart enough to see the
advantages that the two sharper fora both noted and recommended.
There should be some way of moving that mass of student support to action within the U.N. We'll see but it was another instance of interest-free UNILETS making waves at the United Nations this year.

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