The Standardistos
'Who Are They & What Is Their Hidden Agenda?
By Tommy-Usury: Free

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that
can be counted counts."

- sign over Albert Einstein's desk at Princeton

February 21, 2001

Permit me to preface this communication with a reminder that it was Bill 160 (1997) which set the benchmark to begin the process of centralization of education in the province of Ontario. What else has been centralized since 1997? Health Care (hospitals) Commerce (big box stores and Wal-Marts) Local government (mega-cities and mega-townships)! Why?

As I recall, Mike Harris went on a fishing trip with George W. Bush Sr. soon after he took the reins of political power in Ontario in the early 1990's. If there is one person living on this planet who is a key player in the agenda to create their New World order it is George W. Bush Sr. Now consider the possibility that he (George W. Bush Sr.) persuaded Mike Harris to effectively deliver 'centralization' to the citizens of Ontario in such a manner as to avoid opposition while grooming the Ontario residents for their role in the New World Order. How easy it has been! And how fast it is coming - the Amero dollar, the proposed one border all around North America, the arrival of the 'Police State?'  Understand that 'decentralization' empowers the individual and honours freedom and sovereignty while 'centralization' dis-empowers the individual, shackles freedom and sovereignty while surrendering control to the 'Usury' Elites who want the New World Odor. 1,  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

"The combination is here to stay. Individualism has gone, never to return." -- John Davison Rockefeller I, born July 18, 1839, died May 23, 1937

I attended the 'Anti-Standardistos' presentation by Alfie Kohn at the Ottawa Congress Centre on the evening of February 21, 2002 along with 2000+ other 'thinking' Canadians whose presence there indicated to me that they are willing to start challenging conventional wisdom in matters relating to education. At least they are raising their voices against the 'standardistos' - those who are advocating and promoting standardized testing. Though these budding two-percenters are under the illusion that the issue of education is front and centre, it is only because they are net yet aware that it is the design flaw of 'usury' in our unlawful and immoral economic system which is the root cause of all our shortage, scarcity and lack - education and/or otherwise.

When they finger the 'usureristos' - those who are advocating and benefiting from 'usury' -  they will be pointing in the right direction. Alfie correctly pointed out that 'People don't resist change, rather they resist being changed,' and that even good ideas can't be shoved down their throats. However, I daresay that when these anti-standardistos learn the 'truth' about our orthodox money system they will wholeheartedly embrace 'change' and thereby stop using their (the Usury Elites) 'usury-bearing' federal dollars and instead start using their own 'usuryfree' time currency.

After all, why should we put up our collateral and use their (the bankers') tokens -otherwise called dollars, money or 'usury-bearing currency - for a FEE, when we can now create our own tokens - otherwise called hours and minutes or 'usuryfree' time currency - for FREE? Our 'usuryfree' time currency is backed by our own integrity-collateral, which is our promise to deliver our labour, energy and time for the betterment of society. Given the ease of modern technology, we can keep our own banking records so we no longer need to pay 'usury' and banking fees to banks in this 21st Century.

"The UNAWARE are UNAWARE that they are UNAWARE" - Bo Gritz

Heather-Jane Robertson, author, educator, activist introduced Alfie Kohn. Heather-Jane is a passionate critic of 'McWorld' and she refuses to believe that we have to settle for 'McSchools.' She documents the relationship between education reforms and the social, economic and political environments that shape them. Heather-Jane is author of No More Teachers, No More Books, and co-author of Class Warfare: The assault On Canada's Schools. Heather-Jane is currently the Vice-President of the Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives As well Heather-Jane is a writer with Straight Goods - Canada's Independent Online Source of News. After Heather-Jane's introduction, Alfie Kohn took the podium and absolutely inspired the audience for two hours. Alfie actually lives in Boston, Massachusetts but he keeps a virtual residence at this URL:

Alfie Kohn erred when he said that 'testing' was at the centre of the 'right wing' reform of education. It's neither the 'right wing' nor the 'left wing' which is in control, it's the 'Usury' Elites of the world who have supporters in both camps and in every 'ism' which exists. Alfie Kohn hinted that the privileged have designed standardized testing to protect the privileged.

When Alfie said: 'At the risk of sounding conspiratorial' I though he was going to truly identify the privileged. But he alas, didn't. If only he would shamelessly identify these privileged as the 'Usury' Elites who compose that 3% oligarchy which is controlling (and has been) the other 97% of the people on planet earth for thousands of years - then he would be super-inspirational. He  implored the audience to peer through the fog of rhetoric spouted by the 'Standardistos' and ask questions to the oligarchy about standardized testing and the accountability fad and then question their answers. Alfie cautioned the audience to never underestimate the power of their catchy slogans and a false dichotomies.

"Those who do not see the need for repitition do not understand how a jackhammer works." - Ralph Nader

Though Alfie Kohn does not directly identify the 'Standardistos' as the 'Usury' Elites, I daresay that indeed, education is controlled by the same 'Usury' Elites who control politics, economics, health, religion and energy and whatever else they determine. In recent years they have usurped education by contriving the idea of standardized testing as an effective tool to condition and mold the youth to suit their matrix for the New World Order. Could it be that standardized testing imposed by a centralized authority will dictate the specifics of learning The New World Order? Will the fad of standardized tests graduate superficial or deep thinkers? And consider what the 'Usury' Elites who are advancing the New World Order agenda would prefer?

"Measured outcomes may be the least significant results of learning." - Linda McNeil

I am always amazed when I attend large and emotionally-charged meetings of fellow-Canadians who are concerned about issues relating to education, health, environment, energy, poverty etc. I listen to people complaining about the shortage of money BUT so few are yet ready to address the design flaw of 'usury' and understand how it is the 'Usury Elites' fifth column that is the key pillar holding we-the-people as economic hostages in their New World Order of scarcity and lack.

I had not given too much though to the standardized testing phenomenon as it was just edging itself into the educational environment in 2000 when I was preparing to 're-direct' my time and energy away from elementary classrooms to cyberspace, kitchens, living rooms and occasional tents and halls. After listening to Alfie tonight and reading Fighting The Tests at his website I am now convinced that indeed there is a hidden agenda behind the fad of standardized testing - and it's not an agenda of the 'right' or the 'left.'

The 'Usury' Elites whose agenda is to create their New World Order want people to be followers and not thinkers. What if the 'Usury' Elites know that standardized testing gives the exact opposite result as they advocate? Wouldn't that serve their devious purpose to push the youth through their years of formal education so that they will graduate subservient to authority, but able to mindlessly memorize some basic rote information? Do the 'Usury' Elites want thinkers with the ability to use 'thinking'  to solve problems?

"A man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

In fact, recently, on the Alex Jones Radio Talk Show I heard a discussion revealing that in the United States there was now a policy NOT to hire a person to be a policewoman or policeman if s/he had an IQ above a given range. I am also pondering the possible agenda of  the 'Standardistos' to ensure that every student of the New World Order gets the 'same' education. Alfie explained that standardized testing discourages 'thinking' and promotes 'sameness.' Formal education at its very best still promotes 'sameness' but one wonders if standardized testing is designed to keep the masses in their 'hassle free' zones where no one will dare to be different. Isn't it a little dangerous to allow ourselves to be proud of sameness when we ought to be so very proud of being different?

Here's a notable quote from a University of Texas researcher, Jim Cates: 'We all say glibly that the future belongs to the thinker and the people who will be able to master the expanding technologies. But given the illiteracy rate, in this brave technological war we're waging with Japan and other countries, half our population is armed with peas shooters.' Could it be that the 'Usury' Elites want our youth armed with pea shooters as they dis-empower the middle class - as has already been done on most of South America? Ask an Argentine, a Brazilian or a Chilean?

Alfie also described how these standardized tests pick certain concepts to measure because they are specific, measurable and mandated. He even shared a profound Janet Ecker quote: 'You can't improve what you're not measuring.' What is the truth value of this utterance?

Harder is NOT Better. Raising The Bar is NOT Better. Standardized testing does not induce thinking, instead it relies on memorization - which is a function of mind control. Alfie shared the 'Meir Mandate' scripted by Debbie Meir: 'No student should be expected to meet a standard in any community that a cross-section of adults cannot attain.' Then he added the 'Kohn Korollary: 'Let those who design the tests be compelled to take the test and have their results published.'

Then he asked us to imagine which the result would be lauded if every Grade 10 student passed a given test. (a) Aren't those teachers great? or (b) That test was too easy? The audience responded: 'They'll claim the test was too easy.' He explained that standardized testing is designed to ensure that there are failures. He likened standardized testing to a sorting and ranking machine.

Alfie finished his presentation by stating that the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's taught us that bad laws and unjust policies continue only with our consent and co-operation. He invited all who were present to 're-educate' their family members, friends, neighbours and the 'authorities' on the possible hidden agenda of the 'Standardistos.' He reviewed a series of strategies from weekend activism to making it a voting issue to direct activism whereby teachers, parents and students boycott the standardized tests. I noted that these were similar strategies which are being used by the 'anti-globalists.'

Alfie spoke of one creative act imagined and executed by opponents (parents, teachers, & students) to Standardized Testing in one school in the United States where the students intentionally scored low on their tests. Their slogan was: 'Be a Hero, Get a Zero.' I have a similar slogan which I advocate to oppose 'usury': 'Be a Hero, Demand Zero.'

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard
the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."  - John F. Kennedy

When I entered the large ballroom at the Congress Centre at 7:10 PM I was walking to the front of the room just observing the vastness of the room when a gentleman who was already seated commented on there being plenty of choice of seats. I walked over and sat down beside him. He was a Montessori advocate and I qualified him as a true one-percenter. During the comments and questions period at the end of Alfie's presentation this gentleman congratulated Alfie on his presentation and then added that if he (Alfie) gave that kind of presentation in Singapore he would be in jail tomorrow morning. One wonders if this is what we got to look forward to in Canada too?

My final analysis is that many who attended Alfie Kohn's presentation arrived with different perceptions about standardized testing but left with a heightened awareness and a challenge to do more research on the topic. Few are yet aware that when we take back our money system from the 'Usury' Elites we will be able to create the 'usuryfree' world we deserve. Indeed, we can achieve 'peace and plenty' by 2020 as Buckminster Fuller suggested.

"Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic."  - Unknown

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"There is only one power available to citizens which does not require great wealth or the use of violence. It is the power of collective persuasion. It works on the subtle levels of thought and conversation and it works directly through democracy."  - Ralph Nader