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Date: Friday, April 27, 2001 2:29 AM
Subject: Re: LETS Opensource Software Project

Dear Magius and all,

Thank you for proposing this intiative with so much enthusiasm, Magius. However, I want to make you aware that there is a project currently already under way to create exactly what you are describing: an open source multisystem accounting software that can be used on the Internet by the various complementary currency systems to enable clearing among them, as well as provide some additional necessary functionalities (an Internet reputation system, a "yellow page" offers and requests announcing system, etc.)
It is being programmed as we speak in Vorarlberg , Austria, and their plan is to have a beta version  tested first in German this Summer among 3 Austrian Tauschring; with expansion to multi-language (English first, French or Spanish next, etc.) by year's end.
I went to Vorarlberg a few weeks ago precisely to check things out first hand, and my personal assessment is that the people involved are competent to perform this task. That is why I have promised them to look for some matching funds to finalize the programming, and - perhaps even more important in my opinion - to create and implement the governance system (the rules on how the clearing house should be used, and how it can be democratically administered).

I think it would be wasteful to have several projects being developed in parallel to perform the same job (particularly given that it will be open source so that people can do further refinements whenever needed) - so I would strongly suggest to join forces. I have already contacted Edgar Kahn (founder of the Time Dollar systems), as well as some LETS groups in the UK who had contacted me a while ago about a complementary currency clearing house. They have all agreed to join forces with the Vorarlberg group.
I am expecting in the next few days an English version of their project description, and would be happy to communicate it to those of you who would be interested.

Magius, may I ask whether you dispose or have access to relevant resources (funding, hardware, programming talent, Internet conference facilitation skills, time, whatever?) that you would be willing to consider pooling to complete this project in the best conditions for all?
Also, where are you based geographically?

I am copying in on this email the project leader of the Vorarlberg group, Gernot Jochum-Mueller, so that he can be aware first hand of these exchanges...

Best wishes to all,


At 05:35 PM 4/26/2001 +0200, magius wrote:

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From: magius <[email protected]>
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Date: Thursday, April 26, 2001 12:14 PM
Subject: LETS Opensource Software Project

Hello all,

I'm interested to create an international group of work with the deal to create an unique LETS multiplatform/multisystem accounting software, that can be used by LETS, SEL, ITHACA, TAUSCHRING and other different alternative currency systems (also for our, called SRI).

The code must be under GNU/GPL licence and will be written to mainly work online on internet servers with Linux/Apache/MySql/Php/Perl platforms and also offline on individual clients. Porting to Windows system can be the second step. An option can be to think to this software as an add-on of PhpNuke portal system www.phpnuke.org

If there will be a consistent group of collaboration we will open an account on www.sourceforge.net
to coordinate the work.

If we don't want to re-write again the code, can be interesting to use these existing softwares:
1) for database: LETS WEBTOOL   http://skyport.com/cheesemelt/lets/webtool.cgi
2) for accounting system: MRS http://copsewood.net/

Thanks for your attention.


p.s. excuse me for my bad english :-))