Time Is The Engine Of 'Usury-Free' Progress ...
by Tommy-Usury: Free

The perfect economic system is the sine qua non of the new and innovative 'usury-free' time currency which in turn is the engine of 'usury-free' progress in this 21st Century." --Tommy-Usury: Free

'Usury-Free,' wealth creation is destined to become the 'sine qua non' of individuals and businesses.' Sine qua non'\sin-ih-kwah-NON; -NOHN;  is defined as 'An essential condition or element; an indispensable thing; an absolute prerequisite.'
Sine qua non is from the Late Latin, meaning "without which not."

Our individual, family, business and/or community goals and values can be advanced and fostered with time as we build walkways to local trade, roadways to national trade and bridges to global trade. Indeed, 'usury-free' time currency has the power and potential to initiate major improvements locally, nationally and internationally.

As 'usury-free' time currency is utilized, evaluated and adopted, gaps between the rich and poor will lessen as decision making power is decentralized to the individual rather than being centralized by the usury elites' group of companies.

The exciting reality of globalization fuelled by the 'usury-free' economy can provide optimal opportunity for peace, prosperity and abundance for all.

We can build a solid local, national and global economic system which fosters abundance while satisfying the fundamental needs and wants of uncommon people in their respective local and global communities.

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