Everyday Shoppers Can Stop Funding World War III
By Tommy-Usury: Free

What Can You Do?

The average Canadian and American is wondering what s/he can do to avoid World War III and create Peace because s/he knows that it is an unwinable war. Clearly, the same money is financing both sides of World War III just as the same money from Bay Street (Canada) and Wall Street (United States of America) financed both sides of World War I and World War II and all of the wars during the 20th Century. It's time for an unprecedented action from we-the-people - early in this 21st Century. Visit this recently launched website: www.wethepeopleofcanada.com

More and more people are becoming fully aware that we are being prepared for World War III. Likewise, more and more people are becoming aware that World War III should be correctly called the "DUPE" War 'cause we are being 'duped' into a war about 'terrorism' BUT this war is really about "Drugs, Usury, Petroleum and Egos."

Afghanistan is the opium breadbasket of the 'usury' elite who are in charge of the ongoing program to distribute hard drugs to continue the dumbing down the North American youth that was started in the mid-20th Century. On another front, the 'usury' elite must destroy 'usuryfree' Islamic banking before they can impose their one world 'usury' bank. Imagine, trying to impose a one world 'usury' currency when 1.3 billion Muslims won't buy into such a scam! Wouldn't you try to destroy 'usuryfree' banking if your agenda was to impose a one world 'usury' currency to be managed by an electronic chip?

There's many stories behind the stories about the trillion dollar petroleum pipeline that the 'usury' elite want to install in Afghanistan and other countries in Asia, and there's so many stooges on the political world stage who let their egos rule their actions. Anyone who believes that World War III is only about terrorism is being 'duped' by the 'usury' elite and their carefully 'elected' political and media stooges, and anyone who believes that further violence of war will create peace is likewise being 'duped.'

The mainstream media would have us believe that there is little we can do to fight "terrorism" except to resign to getting a new ID card, and to make an effort to arrive earlier at the airport and pay more as a consumer for the new security designed to combat 'terrorism' and otherwise live life normally. Ultimately, if we want to end war, violence, terrorism and create 'peace and plenty' by 2020, we-the people will have to do it by withdrawing our support from the 'usury' elites' group of companies and from governments which are not listening to we-the-people. The ultimate solution lies in redirecting how we spend our money so that we are supporting local independent entrepreneurs, farmers, producers and retailers.

Like many other original thinkers, I am inviting fellow-Canadians and Americans to spend their money differently and thereby withdraw the ongoing funding that will be required to fight World War III for the next ten years - as suggested by George W. Bush. Spending our money differently, will have much more impact than how we vote in the next ten years. The 'usury' elite need our money to finance their hidden agenda for World War III. Stop spending your money with the "usury elites' group of companies!! It's time to stop giving our money to the few so that they can continue to be the 'usury' masters of the many.

The Pesticide Companies:

Jon Rappoport has suggested that we start with a boycott of the eight biggest pesticide companies as a protest against the way of life represented by these gigantic multinational corporations which continue to extend their destructive power to exert control over the entire planet. Full details at this URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~alto/boycott.html

The eight companies from the 'usury' elites' group of pesticides' companies to be boycotted are:

        1. Dow
2. Du Pont
3. Monsanto
Imperial Chemical Industries
Bayer Hoechst

The Agricultural, Food & Beverage Companies:

Here are the ten largest companies (for the year 2000) from the 'usury' elites' group of agricultural, food and beverage companies which are likewise worthy of boycotting for various reasons. One reason for spending less and less money on products made by these companies which are headed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) is to protest their part in coercing farmers to engage in the GMO industry and thereby grow crops cheaply and market them globally. Such profit-oriented activity profits the 'usury' elites' group of companies and damages both animals and humans.
1. Philip Morris Companies Inc.
2. ConAgra
3. PepsiCo
4. Cargill
5. Coca Cola
6. Mars Inc.
7. Archer Daniels Midland Co.
8. IBP Inc
9. .Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc.
10. Sara Lee Corp.

Understand that these 10 major corporations would not be so positioned if they were not significant players in the game of 'usury' finance. Phillip Morris Companies Inc. deserve to be boycotted for their underhanded manner of mixing chemicals with tobacco to cause addiction to smokers. While ConAgra brags about being North America's leading food service manufacturer and the second largest food retailer, it fails to state that most of its numerous names brands of popular food are devoid of nutrition. PepsiCo and Coca Cola earn their right to be boycotted for flaunting sugar and aspartame - two deadly poisons. Mars Inc. earns its privilege to be boycotted for bragging of their markets in 105 countries in five continents. No company gets such exposure in our system of 'usury' economics unless they are significant team players. Keep in mind also that there is a definite lack of nutrition in their popular products - much the same as ConAgra's products.

For IBP Inc., the world's largest producer of fresh beef, pork and related allied products the boycott will occur naturally and without great effort as more and more people choose vegetarianism and those who do consume meats will choose to purchase from local family farms rather then factory farms. Sara Lee Corp's claim to holding a leading position in the distribution of bath and shower products containing sodium laurel sulfate along with foods and beverages devoid of nutrition as well as insecticides secures its right to be boycotted. Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc.saves itself somewhat by stating that their main line of products are brewed to be used responsible by adults but their involvement in turf farming and the 'usury' real estate development qualifies them for a minor boycott.

According to Agribusiness Examiner 1998, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland are the two largest grain distribution companies which control 80% of the world's grain. The WTO in cahoots with these corporations often assess food safety standards as trade barriers and overrule them. These companies import and export food which could be grown locally and thereby the increased shipping contributes to climate pollution. Small to medium-sized farmers are at the mercy of these giant companies and often have to accept low prices for produce or face losing their respective markets. Many of these companies are involved in biotechnology and they seek to control the seed and chemical markets by genetically modified crops that are specifically designed to thrive with their selected brands of herbicides and/or pesticides. The Food Commission of Great Britain 1999 reports that in England, fruit is an average of 30% more expensive in supermarkets than in local street markets. Let's be loyal to locals and shop in street markets and/or in friends' and neighbours' homes.

The Pharmaceutical Companies (Canada):

The 10 major players of the 'usury' elites' group of companies playing in the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry (in Canada) are: (Ranked in annual sales in billions of dollars).

In 2001, Canadians spend an estimated $15 billion for legalized drugs. This staggering statistic which reveals a population addicted to drugs - legalized by our Canadian government - indicates that every person in Canada filled about 10 prescriptions since almost 300 million prescriptions were dispensed last year.

 Company                          Millions in Annual Sales (in Canada)

    1. Pfizer                                           $891
GlaxosmithKline                           $758
Merck Frosst                               $677
AstraZeneca                                 $654
Johnson & Johnson                       $503
Apotex                                         $457
Bristol-Myers Squibb                    $408
Pharmacia                                     $386
Novartis                                        $378
Aventis Pharma Inc.                     $320

The Oil and Gas Companies:

The 11 major players of the 'usury' elites' group of companies playing in the multi-trillion dollar oil and gas industry are: (Ranked in annual sales in billions of dollars)

In an article "Pick Your Poison" on page 54 of the September/October 2001 issue of Sierra Magazine identifies 'The Dirty Four' oil companies which are seeking to drill in the Arctic Natural Wildlife Refuge. (BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, & Phillips Petroleum) These four and the other seven oil companies listed below have questionable environmental and human rights records and all have earned the right to be boycotted by discerning consumers who know that we must develop alternative sources of energy. These companies have been intentionally thwarting the progress of alternative energy.

          Company                          Billions in Annual Sales

    1. ExxonMobil                                 $233
Royal Dutch/Shell                         $149
BP                                               $148
Chevron                                       $   52
Texaco                                         $   51
Conoco                                        $   39
Tosco (76/CicleK)                       $   25
CITGO                                        $   22
Phillips Petroleum                          $   21
Shamrock                                   $   17
Sunoco                                       $   14

If the 'usury' elites' group of oil companies had not interfered with 'energy progress' we'd be approaching a perfect world where we'd all be driving electric vehicles or vehicles powered by 'free energy.' Details at this URL: www.himacresearch.com

Until water fuel cells and/or free energy is widely available we are stuck relying on fossil fuels to power our combustion engines. Therefore, we as consumers must purchase gasoline or diesel fuel if we want or need to travel in a vehicle. It is prudent to purchase from a community service station served by a local distributor BUT we must realize that they get their supply of fuel from one of the oil companies listed above. There is something we can do. We can reduce our consumption of the poison commonly called gasoline more than 20% by installing (a) a condensator www.cyberclass.net/condensator.htm   and (b) magnets.

Installing these gadgets on our combustion engines will ensure that we are giving less money to the 'usury' elites' group of oil companies who control the multi-trillion dollar oil and gas industry whose products and by-products are negatively affecting our environment at every stage - from drilling to tanker, to refinery, to gas station, to combustion in the engines of our vehicles which disperses harmful pollutants. It is significant to understand that petroleum is harmless when its still lying deep beneath the surface of the earth.

What can we do? By using the condensator and magnets and other devices to reduce our consumption of gasoline and we can use some of the money that we will not be spending on gasoline to aid Bruce McBurney and other inventors who are telling us that we can build

(1) gasoline carburetors which will give 100 miles per gallon and

(2) even better, water fuel cells whereby our vehicles can be powered by water.

In the meantime, buy your condensator and tell your friends about how they can benefit from installing one on each of their vehicles and keep looking for creative ways to give less and less money to the 'usury' elites' group of oil companies and then share what you learn with participants within The Third Market.

The Mc. Companies:

The McDonald’s Corporation and the McDonnell-Douglas Corporation are two more giant corporations from the 'usury' elites' group of companies which have earned the right to be boycotted. McDonald's which has replaced Coca Cola as the world's most famous brand brags of 15,000 restaurants in 117 countries but they don't brag about the low quality of fast food that they serve. The McDonnell-Douglas Corporation is a leading player in America's biggest business - the military - and manufactures of the F-4 Phantom, the A-4 Skyhawk, the F-15 Eagle, and the F-18 Hornet. Without a doubt these two All-American/Illuminati corporations are devious and dangerous to health and wealth. Read more at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/mcdonald&mcdonnell.htm

Consider adding Boeing and GM to our list of companies to boycott. These corporations from the 'usury' elites' group of travel and transportation companies have recently established manufacturing facilities in China - where they can engage cheap third world labour.

Jon Rappoport's Suggestions:

Jon Rappoport suggests that those who support any boycott take the following actions:

1. stop buying these corporations' products;
2. don't buy their stock on whatever exchanges they're traded;
3. demand that others including institutions sell their stock in these companies;
4. don't work for these corporations;
5. find a way to personally pass on the word.

Jon Rappoport makes it clear that there is one overriding reason for going after the 'usury' elites' group,of companies. The pesticide group of companies are all forwarding genetic projects to engineer food seeds so that our food supply in the fields will accept much higher doses of herbicides without curling up and dying. This will drench both the soil and our bodies with corporate toxic chemicals and improve their profit statements.

The majority of the above-listed 'usury' elites' group of companies are up to their eyeballs in poisons. Poisons, you might say, are their life. These corporations and others like them stand for control of the planet, as around us the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Consider carefully that there is no middle class in South America and it's clear that the 'usury' elites' group of companies have an agenda to eradicate the middle class in North America as they prepare to usher in their New World Order. These eight, huge, greedy multinationals, along with countless others, of course cajole with governments, thereby availing themselves of important political connections, intelligence agencies and military links.

What Else Can You Boycott?

It has been suggested that we add banks, and giant retailers and big box stores as well as those churches which refuse to address the immorality of 'usury,' to Jon Rappoport's initial list of the 'usury' elites' group of companies. I have closed my commercial bank accounts in favour of keeping an account with The Ottawa-Carleton Credit Union. I am networking with a company which offers a 'usuryfree' debit card. Details at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/empowerism.htm

Readers are invited to suggest other companies from the 'usury' elites' group of companies that qualify be boycotted. For more reasons why read what Jello Biafra has to say to the youth at the FTAA demonstrations in Quebec City in April 2001. www.cyberclass.net/jello.htm

Bill Ellis's Suggestions:

Bill Ellis, [email protected] suggests other actions such as the continued build up of local co-operative economic cells like food co-ops, Fair Trade, LETSystems whereby people buy and sell with a 'usury-free' time currency, community supported
agriculture, CoHousing, EcoVillages, Credit Unions, local scrips, homeschooling, and other social innovations that empower people at the grass roots and promote local community solidarity. Bill Ellis also suggests, increased nonviolent participation in street demonstrations and activism in positive movements whereby we clearly envision the world we want to create. He also suggests a 'third party coalition' that promotes a better local and global world.

José Bové's Strategy:

José Bové and the French Farmers' Confederation   http://www.commondreams.org/headlines01/0813-01.htm  and http://www.gristmagazine.com/grist/citizen/citizen071700.stm    commanded the world's attention when the United States launched a trade war against France for daring to ban hormone-laced beef. Naomi Klein explains: "They did it by "strategically dismantling" a McDonald's. Nike, ExxonMobil, Monsanto, Shell, Chevron, Pfizer, Sodexho Marriott, Kellogg's, Starbucks, The Gap, Rio Tinto, British Petroleum, General Electric, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Citigroup, Taco Bell--all have found their gleaming brands used to shine light on everything from bovine growth hormone in milk to human rights in the Niger Delta; from labor abuses of Mexican tomato farmworkers in Florida to war-financing of oil pipelines in Chad and Cameroon; from global warming to sweatshops." More details at this URL: http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20011022&s=klein   Does José Bové's list look like a list of companies from the 'usury' elites' group of companies?

Fundraising Support - Should You Change?

During the latter half of the 20th Century, the electronic and print media have skillfully been managing repetitive fundraising campaigns by inducing us with guilt so that we generously donate multiple millions of dollars to selected research causes annually. The federal government has been taking an active role in these fundraising scams by allowing charitable donations to registered charities to be used as income tax deductions for individuals and businesses. Over the years, the federal government has reduced the allowable donation to a point where a charitable donation now has little value as an income tax deduction. BUT fundraising continues to expand.

Much of the ongoing fundraising is cleverly claimed by numerous companies from the 'usury' elites' group of companies from the various industries. These companies claim to be researching (a) cures to diseases using chemical and (b) environmental issues and other noble causes. Since research becomes a tax write off for these giant corporations, they are able to avoid paying taxes while small independent inventors and researchers in the fields of alternative health, energy and economics are denied similar funding. (Some may be choosing to avoid becoming a part of the conventional fundraising scams.)

In spite of  a definite lack of funding, alternative health advocates are coming forth with natural health and wellness products and/or services which are healing multiple millions of people from various forms of sickness and disease. It is time to give less of your money to conventional fundraising drives and give more to inventors of products and/or services in the areas of alternative health, energy and economics.

The Third Market will compile a list of individuals and organizations (with or without registered charitable status) which are more worthy of receiving financial support than the 'usury' elites' group of companies. These individuals and organizations will definitely be grateful for your support.

The Third Market:

My own positive action is to create a database for The Third Market so that more and  more people can consciously choose to shop from The Third Market thereby directly and/or indirectly supporting local community entrepreneurs and/or Fair Markets from The Third World. More details at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarket.htm & www.cyberclass.net/servingothers.htm

Try shopping from (1) small to medium-sized community businesses which as privately owned and not listed on any stock market (2) home-based enterprises owned by family members, friends and/or neighbours - many of which are active in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. Why? Because by spending your money with the 'usury' elites' group of companies, - either as a stockholder or because it's convenient or because they offer you pennies of 'cost savings' - you are directly or indirectly financing World War III and helping to eradicate the middle class in North America.

The 'usury' elites' group of companies are able to finance their clandestine war activities by extracting 'usury' and 'taxes' from we-the-people. Every time a fellow-Canadian or American buys stock or a product or a service from the 'usury' elites' group of companies they are supporting starvation in the third world, ruthless violence, senseless war and ultimate murder. Instead of buying stock and thereby investing with one or more companies from the 'usury' elites' group of companies why not invest your money privately with an wanna-be entrepreneur within your family of your circle of friends and acquaintances?

'Re-educate' yourselves and take action knowing that spending your money directly with the 'usury' elites' group of companies hurts yourself and every other person in North America and in the Third World. By continuing to shop with the 'usury' elites' group of companies, you are continuing to feed a demand that feeds a supply that supports their (the 'usury' elites' group of companies) World War III as an essential part of their agenda to usher in their New World Order.

Do your part to effect change NOW, shop differently so that you are spending less and less money directly with the 'usury' elites' group of companies and more and more within The Third Market. www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarket.htm
& www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarketlist.htm

Cocooning and/or Burrowing:

Faith Popcorn defines 'cocooning' as:  "The need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world." More details at this URL: www.faithpopcorn.com/trends/cocooning.htm

Tommy-Usury: Free defines 'burrowing' as Not only "The need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world" but also "The need to consciously change ones shopping habits so that one pays less and less money to their 'Bay Street' and more and more money to 'Our Pay' Street." Burrowing is much deeper than 'cocooning'.....

'Burrowers' are definitely aware of the absolute necessity to abolish the design flaw of 'usury' from the orthodox economic system whereas 'cocooners' are not likely to know the truth about the design flaw of 'usury.' 'Burrowers' definitely do not borrow money and agree to pay 'usury.' Burrowers support The UsuryFree Resolution  www.cyberclass.net/resolution.htm

Background details about various issues related to orthodox and alternative economics are posted at The Economics Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/economics.htm

Burrowers are commonly refer to themselves as 'Warriors of One' because (1) they know the power lies in one, (2) they are proud to be 'one percenters' - one percent of the population are aware of the 'truth' about 'usury' - and (3) they understand the importance of networking the information from one person to the other ...


"Even though there are millions of other "Cocooners for Security" and "Warriors of Freedom" just like me, I am my own force as a 'burrower' because I go deeper in search of  'universal truth.' With modern technology, with 're-education', with local and global support, who I am is becoming better than who I was. And I’ll be the first to tell you, the might and force of 'universal truth' doesn’t lie in numbers. It lies in me. I am A Warrior of One and a Burrower for Truth. And you can see my strength by my willingness to continue to pursue 'universal truth' as everyday I learn how little I know. I am also willing to change how I spend my money. As a 'burrower' who doubles as a 'Warrior of One' I dig down deep and shop from The Third Market." www.cyberclass.net/thirdmarket.htm

Learn how you too can become a 'Warrior of One' and a 'Burrower For Truth' by making conscious decisions to spend your money differently. More details at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/cocoon&burrow.htm

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