Serving Others & Spending Money Differently
By Tommy-Usury: Free

"Serving others is how you really make a difference in the world. You are invited to do it everyday and it determines your prosperity. It is far more spiritual than selfishness" Quote by Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-Usury: Free" (founder of The UsuryFree Network & The Third Market Network)

"Spending money is how you really vote in the world. You do it everyday and it determines how the world works. It is far more significant than how you cast your ballot." Quote by Michael Linton (co-creator of LETS & community way)


It’s definitely the right time to embrace an offensive strategy by ‘serving others’ and ‘spending money differently’ The more we can do NOT to feed the ‘system,’ the more we are doing to 'be the change we envision.’ That change is to create a world of ‘peace and plenty’ by 2020 as Buckminister Fuller predicted we-the-people could do if we set a strategic plan to do so.


This means making an immediate conscious decision to spend our money differently. We can now shop-at-home, in our respective local communities from (a) home-based businesses and/or (b) small to medium, local community businesses for the majority of products and/or services that we need for personal, family and business use. We can eventually network our respective databases to optimally serve us whether we are shopping locally, nationally and/or internationally.


Of course, changing the orthodox financial system and abolishing the design flaw of ‘usury’ is the ultimate goal BUT we can initiate immediate changes at the local community level whereby we can serve others and spend our money differently.


Withdrawing our support from the giant retail and big box stores by refusing to purchase the products and/or services they or their corporate associates manufacture and/or distribute is determined to be the most effective method of creating ‘the change we envision.’


It is the mission of the UsuryFree Network to create a large database that will allow us to become the catalyst for the changes that are necessary to save ourselves (this planet) from self-destruction. Each person who makes the commitment to shop-at-home is deciding to become part of this change. This database will become our loyal network of ‘prosumers’ who will be prepared to accept ‘usuryfree’ time currency for a portion of any purchase.


The marketplace now permits we-the-people to purchase safe and environmentally-friendly products free of toxins and chemicals and thereby create our own loyal consumer base. By teaching we-the-people to buy less and less of the conventional cleaning products loaded with toxins and chemicals we can effectively lessen the influence of those giant corporations and big box stores which are not only exploiting third world labour but also taking advantage of student and senior labour in Canada and the United States - whereby they are offered part-time jobs with minimum benefits. Most students and/or seniors are so grateful for the opportunity to earn money to pay their ‘usury’ and taxes’ and they willingly accept these minimum wage jobs.


Margeurite Hampton writes in an email dated September 14th, 2002 … ‘I do believe that the Voluntary Simplicity (VS) movement is growing substantially in numbers. The growing Voluntary Simplicity movement has an advantage in that the movement creates a gradual change and allows for us to institute an alternative economy which can act as a safety net for billions of people who want to cross over as the conventional marketplace crashes.  What is needed is for us to be continually reaching out and spreading the word about embracing VS as a viable lifestyle. Note: Search for ‘voluntary simplicity’ at


Marguerite Hampton, Executive Director, Turtle Island Institute,
Email: [email protected] Website:


As we-the-people learn about the devious plans for the New World Order by the Usury Elites who own the giant retail stores and the big box stores, we must set our priority to purchase more and more of our consumable products and/or services from the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. It is becoming important to negotiate mutually beneficial business deals with reputable SDI leaders so that we-the-people will have access to products and/or services at wholesale prices. For more background on the SDI industry visit the SDI Cyberclassroom:


The Melaleuca SDI (Self Directed Income) Opportunity …


During August and September 2002, I have devoted much time and energy into researching the current state of the SDI industry as I seek to develop a working model that can be used to introduce we-the-people to the importance of building and networking the database that will be used to serve Third Market Network. Leaders with the Melaleuca SDI opportunity who are fully aware of my passion to create a database of people who will consciously choose to create and spend their own usuryfree time currency have committed a great deal of time and energy to persuade me to consider ways to use the 17 year old Melaleuca SDI opportunity as the optimal catalyst to network the concept of usuryfree living to the masses as quickly as possible.


Richard M. Barry writes in the book ‘Built On Solid Principles, The Melaleuca Story,’ “Frank Vandersloot was adamant that the ‘new’ Melaleuca should help people to reach their goals to such a way that no one should get hurt, either in the business or by the business. This credo, coupled with his insistence on diligent legal and scientific research, led to the impeccable Melaleuca product line – ‘quality products made from natural substances supported by intensive research.’


Melaleuca is a debt-free company which currently offers 250+ quality products as well as a unique business opportunity for any SDI entrepreneur. Melaleuca offers we-the-people preferred customer status and thereby gives healthy discounts off the regular retail prices when we commit to a monthly order of a minimum 35 base points, which converts to approximately $80.00 to $100.00 per month. You are invited to make a conscious decision and commit to switching a minimum of $80.00 of your monthly purchases away from giant retail stores for a minimum of three months as a trial basis. The statistics are showing that 95% of those consumers who become preferred customers within Melaleuca’s marketing infrastructure remain as loyal customers.


After researching Melaleuca, it principals, its marketing infrastructure, its marketing leaders and its potential as a leading force of the SDI industry in this 21st Century I have come to the conclusion that it is worthy of recommending as a base opportunity for anyone’s SDI Portfolio – in Canada or the United States. It is a starting point for we-the-people to effect ‘the change that we envision.’


Since the Melaleuca catalogue lists both a retail and wholesale price, it permits we-the-people to market the Melaleuca line of products and/or services to our families, friends, neighbours and working colleagues with a strategy that invites them to pay for their purchases with partial cash and partial usuryfree time currency. As Melaleuca distributors, we-the-people can purchase the products by voided cheque or credit card and then resell them to our private networks and accept payment in (a) cash (b) cheque (c) money order or (d) a combination thereof with a portion of payment in usuryfree time currency.


Permit me to use a couple of examples to explain how we-the-people can introduce others to (a) Melaleuca’s unique lines of quality products and/or services as well as (b) the concept of creating and spending their own usuryfree time currency and thereby helping us to expand our database for the Third Market Network.


  1. Melaleuca markets an environmentally-friendly laundry soap called MelaPower. The retail price is $21.49 for 18.9 Litres or 64 uses. The wholesale price (which is the price offered to preferred customers) is $14.98. My recommendation is that we-the-people sell MelaPower for $14.99 cash plus ½ hour of usuryfree time currency. Note: The Third Market Network has valued one hour of basic labour at $13.00. Therefore, ½ hour of usuryfree time currency would be valued at $6.50. ($14.99 + $6.50 = $21.49 - the retail cost of the product)


  1. Melaleuca offers very high quality energy bars called Access Bars. A 10 pack retails for $30.00. The wholesale price is $20.99. The UsuryFree Network recommends selling the box of Access Bars for $20.25 cash plus  ¾ hour of usuryfree time currency – which would be valued at $9.75. ($20.25 + $9.75 = $30.00)


There is an opportunity to sell any of the Melaleuca products for partial cash and partial usuryfree time currency. I did some rough calculations and found out that on a retail order of approximately $104.00, (Canadian Funds) the wholesale cost would be about $78.00. We-the-people could then sell this order of products for $78.00 cash plus 2 hours of usuryfree time currency.


Though Melaleuca is not the only reputable SDI company worthy of support, it does appear to be a very good choice to enable we-the-people to begin shifting our shopping habits away from the giant retail and big box stores which are identified as willing participants with the Usury Elites Group of Companies whose ultimate mission is to enslave us financially with their plan to take away our cash and coerce us to use their bar codes and/or chips so that they can supervise every transaction to exact their usury and taxes.


Melaleuca’s marketing plan limits the first level to five people. This marketing strategy compels we-the-people to be helpful to each other and place any of our personal recruits beyond the fifth person with the depth of our respective networks. Melaleuca pays 7% over 7 levels, thereby assuring we-the-people that seven other families are earning a self directed income every time that a product and/or a service is sold. When we buy from the Usury Elites’ Group of Companies only those at the top of the company pyramid and the shareholders gain a profit when we purchase any products and/or services from their giant retail or big box stores.


How To Order Products and/or The Sales and Marketing Kit With The UsuryFree Network’s SDI Team of Melaleuca Distributors:


Contact The UsuryFree Network to get your catalogue and order your first order of Melaleuca products from a usuryfree creative whereby you will be able to pay partial cash and partial usuryfree time currency for your products. OR


Should you wish to become a Melaleuca ‘preferred customer’ and participate as an active SDI entrepreneur within The UsuryFree Network’s SDI Team you can request your sales kit immediately. The sales kit costs $39.00 (Canadian Funds) plus (shipping, GST & PST) - where applicable.


The UsuryFree Network needed only five people (usuryfree creatives) on its first level. One position has already been filled, so the first four people to respond to this email and request an application to become a ‘preferred customer’ within The UsuryFree Network’s SDI Team will complete our line of first level marketers. Others will then be placed with these first level marketers - from left to right in the matrix as the applications (with payment) are received.


Working with you for ‘peace and plenty’ by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as ‘Tom-Joseph: Kennedy’




The only policy which I object to is that Melaleuca refuses to accept monthly orders with payment by a mailed cheque or money order - both of which are still recognized as legal tender in both Canada and the United States. Like most others SDI companies, Melaleuca has been persuaded to implement a misguided policy whereby we-the-people must pay for our order by the electronic transfer of funds either by (a) credit card or (b) by forwarding a copy of a voided cheque which authorizes Melaleuca to deduct the amount of the monthly order from our chequing accounts.


Melaleuca has not been informed yet about the plans of the Usury Elites to take away our cash and thereby coerce we-the-people to accept payment only by electronic transfer - the forerunner of the ‘chip’ commonly known as the ‘mark’ by those who are researching the New World Order’s devious plans for total domination of we-the-people. Neither has Melaleuca yet been informed of how they could lead the way in the SDI industry by permitting we-the-people to create and spend our own usuryfree time currency to cover part of the cost of the purchase of any products. I will forward a proposal to the Melaleuca corporate office later his fall.


My answer to correcting any misguided financial policies being implemented by Melaleuca (and other reputable companies) is to teach the UsuryFree Network’s SDI Team how to rapidly recruit so that we will quickly be more than 50% of Melaleuca’s database. We will be continually re-educating our Melaleuca network of distributors which will eventually comprise more than 50% of the Melaleuca database. Then, we-the-people will have sufficient clout to demand that the Melaleuca corporate office accept payment for product by (a) cheque (b) money order or (c) a combination thereof with (d) a portion of payment in usuryfree time currency which can be paid back to the Melaleuca distributors in their monthly commissions.


Note: Melaleuca does offer we-the-people a Melaleuca credit card whereby we can accumulate points for any purchase of Melaleuca products. During these transitory times, I am recommending that we-the-people - who are still using credit cards - apply for and use the Melaleuca credit card when we are buying our Melaleuca products.

"Be the change you envision" - M. Gandhi


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