SDI 101.  The term SDI to includes the expanding number of creative ways that entrepreneurs are using to earn Self Directed Incomes. A Self Directed Income is earned by your effort and work as an entrepreneur rather than an employee.

SDI Opportunities include:
1. Network Marketing otherwise known as Multi-Level Marketing
2. Direct Marketing  via the internet or by mail order or direct sales
3. Affiliate Marketing on the internet
4. Any home-based business that offers a service or product to consumers

SDI Opportunities
SDI Lessons

The largest and fastest growing area of the SDI industry is without a doubt the Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing sector. It has continued to grow since its arrival in the 1950's amid much controversy and adversity. Learn about all sectors of the SDI industry and decide if this is an industry poised to lead the way into the 21st Century as it matures. As we enter as the age of information the question arises: Will the SDI Industry play a significant role in ushering in new economic trends that are compatible with shop-at-home marketing? We at The Cyberclass Network believe the answer is "yes." Though many of the lessons of SDI 101 refer to the Network Marketing sector of the SDI industry the information can be applied to all sectors in the this industry.

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