SDI Portfolio or Permanent Earnings Portfolio

by Tom J. Kennedy

The Cyberclass Network draws your attention to new concepts surfacing in the SDI (Self-Directed Incomes) industry. SDI entrepreneurs who are benefiting from referrals and internal networking are now ready to move ahead with such innovative concepts as "community network building", "barter and trading" and the creation of a PEP (Permanent Earnings Portfolio) - which will ensure that you have more than one source of Self Directed Income(s).

These concepts are gaining credibility and acceptability in the niche of the SDI industry and more and more SDI entrepreneurs are keen to develop the unique investment portfolio or PEP as it is known to "teachers and learners" at The Cyberclass Network. Supporters of the PEP recommend  building a priority pyramid of two or more SDI opportunities - some of which may be network marketing, direct marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing or any combination thereof.

Multiple billions of dollars in annual sales of diverse and comprehensive quality products and services by various co-operative, "distributor driven" network marketing companies in the SDI industry twinned with the support of both seasoned SDI entrepreneurs and enthusiastic new recruits in the SDI industry guarantees that this key concept of of building a "Permanent Earnings Portfolio" is becoming a reality.

Promoting the concept of a PEP and advocating that the LETS software be made an integral  component of the SDI infrastructure are two of the most revolutionary concepts that the SDI industry has experienced to date. Any SDI entrepreneur who supports the concept of building a PEP is likely to have greater success when sharing the idea with the unsponsored millions rather than targeting the traditional network marketers who may still be blindly loyal to one supplier and earning very little Self Directed Income - though more and more seasoned network marketers are now ready to consider alternative suppliers of products and services.

The Cyberclass Network will continue to research and explore possibilities to develop unique expandable networks with those who are keen to build a PEP. For starters, SDI entrepreneurs - new recruits and experienced SDI associates - with a vision are encouraged to shop the following listings and research SDI opportunities which lend themselves to any one of the levels of a priority pyramid structure. Readers are invited to forward to The Cyberclass Network details of any recommendations of solid SDI opportunities which may be considered for adding to a PEP.

Before you choose to become active in any of the following SDI opportunities we encourage you to do some thorough research. Before joining any SDI opportunity seek an honourable sponsor who supports both the barter and trading concept as well as the idea of building a PEP  (Permanent Earnings Portfolio).

The Cyberclass Network will add SDI opportunities to this list based on recommendations from supporters of The Cyberclass Network. Readers of  The Cyberclass Network can offer positions in any one or all of the above listed SDI opportunities to anyone upon request. Any prospective recruit must be willing to foster and promote the concept of building a PEP and advocate making the barter and trading concept an integral component of the SDI industry. Feedback and further input from participating SDI entrepreneurs anywhere is sought, welcomed and appreciated

The Cyberclass Network recognizes and respects that any SDI entrepreneur will choose different suppliers to develop a Permanent Earnings Portfolio depending on their experience and current activity in the SDI industry. No SDI entrepreneur should feel compelled to support the concept of building a PEP without further research.

Perhaps some experience in the SDI industry first may be very beneficial to understand why the PEP is coming of age. It is the mission of The Cyberclass Network to educate and inform. For updated information on any or all of the SDI opportunities presented readers are invited to sign the Guestbook or email The Cyberclass Network. Please mention that you read about the PEP and the particular SDI opportunity at The Cyberclass Network. SDI Opportunities All SDI Opportunities listed with The Cyberclass Network are part of the SDI Portfolio of one or more of our SDI business associates. If you are interested in working with one one or more of the SDI Opportunities listed we will put you in contact with one of of our SDI business associates who is working with the SDI Opportunity you choose.

Of course, you are invited to work with The Nousury Network.

Group A offers SDI entrepreneurs "active" business opportunities whereby one expands a business by purchasing consumable products and/or services from SDI suppliers on a monthly basis and by referring others to do likewise. Local SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to join local LETSystems and offer their respective products and/or services to retail consumers for a portion of "cash" and "community currency" being careful to cover their wholesale costs with cash and accepting "community currency" for a portion of their profit margin.

Group B offers SDI entrepreneurs many "affiliate" and/or "internet" business opportunites. Many, though not all, of these opportunities are usually offered with no cost to enrol. Many of these "affiliate" and/or "internet" SDI opportunities are ones where you earn money on the internet just for doing those activities which are by definition interent-based such as, surfing, advertising, sending emails, etc.

Group C is reserved for the first SDI company which makes the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software an integral part of its infrastructure.

Group A
Group B
Group C

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