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Fri Nov 9 05:32:59 2001


November 2001 - Volume 29

"The Brotherhood will be encouraging crime, even stimulating it through its mind-controlling technology, because it wants the public to demand a more authoritarian police force with laws to match."
-- David Icke - Robots' Rebellion

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Welcome to the 29th edition of the E~Magazine.
Ramblin On

These past three weeks have been another incredibly busy period for us working the website/emagazine and for David Icke, who is finishing up one of his most successful Australian tours to date.

On a sad note, our sincere condolences to William Cooper's family, associates, friends and fans. If nothing else Bill Cooper was 'THE AMERICAN PATRIOT' - the patriot's patriot -- and one who stood his ground for truth for all of us to the bitter end. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service, or as Rich Sheridan has more aptly renamed 'I Represent Satan.') couldn't beat Cooper lawfully or in a 'court of law', -- so they took him out. I will continue to presume the IRS was involved in this murder, because normal police operations, do not include swat teams arriving at your door at 12:15 AM to serve a warrant on a local issue. Nothing happens by coincidence or accident in this matrix we live in called the United States.

I can't say I agree 100% with his methods to fight back as he did, but 100% of my respect is given to William Cooper for being one person to stick to his truth to the devastating end. I am sure the waves of shock hit every American truthseeker when they 1st read the news of his Waco-like murder by Federal Mafia agents. (and yes most sheriffs and deputies are unknowingly Federal agents).
I had the opportunity to speak at length with William Cooper on one occasion about three years ago. Bill Cooper would never back off from what he believed in, right or wrong, and we ended up agreeing to disagree on theories, but totally agreed, however, that facts are facts -- and those remain immutable. His book, Behold a Pale Horse, was one of the 1st conspiracy FACT books I read, beginning my search for truth in this Matrix world we live in.

I can attest from my own research that every single thing Bill Cooper said about the IRS in his research is absolutely fact and truth. Every method he attempted to use in his ongoing struggle for truth against the IRS was perfectly lawful, right and proper. -- yes -- even the fact and truth of his bearing arms against a federal, fraudulent, traitorous, nonconstitutional, fictional entity as an enemy to his person and property was Bill Cooper's right and Bill was right.

The problem many American Patriots do not want to realize or cannot justify is that the IRS will not or cannot operate in a lawful manner. It operates outside any bounds of presumed law. In its entire existence it has never operated lawfully or constitutionally. How do you expect an entity like the IRS -- again which is not lawful and not constitutional -- to act upon a patriot's lawful pleadings and lawful procedures, except with unlawful actions?

These patriots must learn to understand what set of rules this entity and others like it operate under. Its operating procedures date back to the period in history where the federal congress and president set aside the constitution and the articles of confederation, which neither has ever been reinstated. The war against the south, has been mis-nomered as the 'civil war' and as the 'north against the south'. It was in fact the federal Mafia government, under the control of traitors, which marched against the south to collect federal taxes, which the south opposed based upon their being imposed unlawfully. It was never a war against slavery. Lincoln only used the slavery issue to divide and conquer the people in the south. Lincoln only emancipated slaves in the south... not those in the other states, which is proof that the 'emancipation' was only to incite sentiments in the south.

Once the rebels against illegal federal taxes were conquered, they were placed under the Leiber Code, a military code of conduct and military rules of justice. The lawful government, set aside by Lincoln and the radical rump congress of traitors, was never re-installed as the law of the land. This Leiber Code has evolved into a massive encyclopedic work of symbolography, known today as the U.S. Code. The southern people today remain conquered rebels under the control of the victors. Roosevelt in his military administration went one step farther and made all people of the US 'enemies of the state' and a conquered people.

These codes can be made as 'in effect' with or without any congressional approval. The IRS code is evidence of that fact. The federal reserve is evidence of this fact. This entity, the IRS, as most federal agencies are corporations -- as in corporeal punishment and corporeal law -- The Military has corporals -- Each entity has its own by-laws which it operates under (sometimes from offshore trusts). We live under a military code of justice -- not a government by the people. You can forget the constitution and all that -- in reality it simply does not exist -- and hasn't for over a hundred years, perhaps not even 200 years.

All that exists are codes, regulations, administrations, and rules of conduct -- all military. NO LAW -- NO CONSTITUTION -- NO JUSTICE -- NO FAIR PLAY. When one starts to understand this -- one begins to unravel and understand the matrix.

All the Federal Reserve Notes belong to them. When you accepted FRN's for payment of your labor, you gave away your title to your labors, in payment of the debt... not your debt, government debt.

You cannot beat the IRS with lawful procedures --- You are only allowed to fight back with unlawful procedures of the U.S. Code and the cards are stacked against you and in their favor. -- PURE MILITARY -- This military is not the Army and Navy -- in fact those two scare these traitors. They are remnants of the constitutional government, which could in fact begin arresting everyone in the military district of D.C. and restore the natural government intended. Of the 535 congressmen, probably 525 would be considered traitors under lawful procedures.

Judges are not there to mete out justice -- they are the corporals in court, charged with collecting the debt. If you ever look at a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, you will see how handsomely these traitorous judges are rewarded. Bill Cooper discovered that these corporal judges take their orders from England and deny the constitution. Wake up and realize the constitution does not apply or exist any more - it is the lie to deceive the very elect if possible - at this point the constitution is a historical memory, that was short lived as an operational document. If it existed in the late 1800's, then Hawaii would be a nation of its own with its own monarchy -- not a territorial possession of the United States. As an operating document, the constitution ceased to exist when the government broke the 1st treaty with an Indian nation. It was set aside to steal lands and sovereignty away from a separate people and nation.

The United States government is the beast of Revelations (whether John or Apollonius) that came back to life after being shot in the head. The head was Washington D.C. - then known as the city of Columbia -- that was the head of the US government -- That head was wounded to death -- burnt to the ground -- and the same beast miraculously came back to life, as the phoenix rising from the ashes - reincarnated as an eagle. That which rose as a lamb, but speaks as a dragon. The new head removed parts of the constitution even then -- a missing amendment 13 -- which the victors (Great Britain) opposed. You have to know the true history of the War of 1812 to understand how all this happened, making England (or rather bankers of 'the City'), the holder in due course of all assets of the United States.

Come out of her my children before the plagues befall her, was a warning to the states. It appears the plagues are starting to fall on her now. The coalition of the 10 member nations, that rises to 13 members and then back to 10 -- was the United States circa 1776-1861. You have to realize that none of the other states were constitutionally admitted as free-sovereign nations in the confederation under the Articles, but were annexed, without the lawful power of annexation, to the United States. The three that resigned the confederation of the United States, then became conquered territories of the United States by the Federal Mafia and its usurpers of authority and power.

The dragon of Revelation is a not a person -- but is England, the power behind the scenes which controls the beast, the one that brought it back to life when it was wounded in the head (circa 1812). 2nd Esdras of the Apocrypha has the symbolic history of the Civil War -- when it speaks of the eagle with three heads. The eagle (the US) has three heads of government. These heads pick at each other until one head remains supreme on the eagle.

This is all part of the Matrix, and the church and Christianity are all a part of the scheme to keep you in the dark on these matters. We live in the times of the image of the beast. The image of the beast is a matrix. The Apocalypse of Baruch in its prophecies, even has footnotes by the Christian translator, where the Christian movement is condemned for it's role on all this. The Christian world remains blinded to the fact that these prophecies are in the past - while they still await for them in the future.

I can only relate what I've discovered in the U.S. side of this matrix, but reports coming from everywhere are saying the same thing. The operating government is not the lawful government (see articles in this issue on Australia). All is fraud. It's smoking mirrors. It's a matrix.

Am I saying Bill Cooper died in vain, in light of all this? NO, of course not. Bill stood for what he KNEW was fact and truth regarding the fraudulent existence of the IRS. The IRS KNEW Bill Cooper was right. Anyone that knew Bill Cooper knows he simply would not back off from what he KNEW as truth. Perhaps his murder will make him a martyr or it could be that this shot is the one that will be heard around the world and begin the awakening process and path for millions of people which you and I started on several years ago. This might even be what Bill came here for -- in this lifetime. Yet we will still miss him.

His work will continue to pave the way for many people in their awakening to the truth and the lies. This experience we have all felt as we learned the news of Bill Cooper's death, should make us re-evaluate any tactics we employ when battling with the beast. This is not the 1st instance in recent history that the Federal Mafia has killed innocent people to get their way.

There is only ONE thing valuable in this matrix world we live in and that is TRUTH. We love it and they fear it.
L. Savage