Not Survival BUT 'Preservation and Restoration' Communities !!
by Tommy-No: Usury
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Survival is defined as the act of remaining alive or living beyond another person or beyond an event while preservation is defined as the act of upholding, sustaining, guarding, saving from decay, injury or destruction and restoration is defined as the act of restoring, repairing, rebuilding, bringing back to a former and better state. Do you have a dream to have a home in the rural area of North America where the daily mindless grind of working to pay 'usury and taxes' does not exist? If this is so then you may be searching for information about 'preservation and restoration' communities.

As we enter this new millennium it is prudent to focus on re-building 'preservation and restoration' communities rather than worrying about survival (nuclear or otherwise) during the forecasted Troubled Times between now and 2012. Bruce Beach has prepared an Honor List of Intentional Communities which people may want to examine as they search for communities which come closest to satisfying the criteria for 'preservation and restoration' communities. Readers are invited to inform the author or this article of active and/or proposed communities which can be deemed to be 'preservation and restoration' communities.

Individuals and families of the 21st Century are being drawn to these "preservation and restoration" communities in rural areas where they can live in homes with state-of the-art technology, and have greenhouses to grow their own food and food for barter with others who will live in neighbouring communities. Harvested electrical energy from the sun, wind and/or magnetism will generate the power to heat and light their dwellings. The healthy, self-reliant individuals and families living in these 'preservation and restoration' communities will create their own entertainment which will far surpass what we have been bombarded with from Hollywood in recent years.

Russ Voorhees, the founder of Heritage West 2000, at Concho, Arizona in the area of the White Mountains writes:

"We are looking for concerned citizens from all walks of life who are seeking a quality life-style in a safe haven over the next few turbulent years, and who seek to enjoy a quality life style as a part of Heritage West 2000. I extend an especially warm welcome to all planners and socially/spiritually concerned persons who feel they want to help impact the next millennium in a positive way. We will get through this time of turmoil, and when we do, Heritage West 2000 will have a special responsibility: to help with rebuilding on better life patterns. Come! Be a part of it. Come and help us build it."

Readers are invited to read more about Heritage West 2000 at this URL: Russ Voorhees also writes: " Concho, Arizona will be the demonstration project for testing new concepts in Rural/Urban Development and Planning, new alternatives to mindless urban sprawl."

Ten Stones is another planned community located off Greenbush Road in Charlotte, Vermont, just south of the Shelburne town line, about eight miles south of Vermont's largest city, Burlington. The community embraces eighty-eight acres, including woodland, meadow, a "cultural land and thirteen (potentially sixteen) privately owned half-acre homesites. It is located near Shelburne Beach on Lake Champlain. More details at this URL:

To be free and sovereign is to have power in the highest degree to the purpose intended. Since we are human beings with a divine spirit becoming free and sovereign starts from within the heart and mind. My mentors always tell me: "On the way to becoming 'free and sovereign' take as many people with you as you can." Free is defined as being at liberty, not in confinement, not under an arbitrary or despotic government while sovereign is defined as supreme in power or possessing supreme dominion. A 'free and sovereign' person is an unobstructed person having the highest power or authority among a whole people united into one body politic. I invite readers to become familiar with Libertarian politics and Libertocracy as they seek information and guidance on how to govern these new "preservation and restoration" communities.

Libertarianism is a renewed political philosophy. Although its roots can be traced back throughout the history of ideas, it is only within the last twenty years that it has emerged as a well defined political philosophy. What it is based on is a new idea regarding the proper role of government in a free society.

Libertocracy - Libertocracy means the supremacy or strength of freedom as a ruling factor in governing human affairs, i.e. rule by freedom as the absolute law rather than by groups of people or institutions. Libertocracy does not in any way combine liberty and democracy but rather is a linguistic strategy of replacing democracy with legitimate natural law based on the sovereignty of individual freedom.There may be other information worthy of assimilating from the Valenturian civilization.[email protected]

What accounts for the growing interest in free and sovereign persons seeking opportunity to build 'preservation and restoration' communities? Clearly, the 'preservation and restoration' movement, though in its infancy is evolving to become much more than the survival movement which surfaced in the Y2K scare. A 'preservation and restoration' project generously offers state-of-the-art technologies to advance the individual and collective human condition while a survival project settles for aiding individuals to hide out and remain alive beyond the upcoming predicted chaos.

Preservation and restoration builders embrace the most advanced technologies in the world today and build upon the triumphs of pioneering innovators. A 'preservation and restoration' project invites potential donors and/or residents who appreciate the specialized knowledge and re-engineered technologies of its principal architects to come forth and to help in advancing a worthy co-operative mission. Human beings who are seeking sovereignty and evolving spiritually are drawn to 'preservation and restoration' projects.

In preparation for living in future 'preservation and restoration' communities, people are grasping the power and potential of networking to build solid overlapping databases within various expanding industries such as: the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry, the Barter/Trading industry, the Usury-Free Economics industry, the Shop-At-Home industry, the Shop-Online industry, the Telecommunications industry and the Rebuild Community industry. It is from these overlapping databases that leading restoration builders will find, filer and screen the optimal persons who will lead the way in building the initial 'preservation and restoration' communities which will become the models to be followed if we are to redeem ourselves and planet earth from our spiraling dive to self-destruction.

The process of becoming free and sovereign and preserved and restored begins in the heart after a significant amount of body cleansing and mind opening which are fostered and nurtured by attention to personal and spiritual growth. Awareness of the necessity and significance of  'preservation and restoration' community is a element commonly recognized within any or all of the industries listed above. The 'preservation and restoration' movement is set to capitalize on the ever-increasing supply of people being drawn to any or all of the above mentioned industries.

Inventive ideas and innovative technologies are fuelled by the fortunes of thought which dominate these industries. The leading 'preservation and restoration' builders know that any new 'preservation and restoration' communities will evolve and grow with creative ideas and clear organizing principles from people who have financial resources and/or skills, talents, products and/or services needed to build and sustain such communities.

Optimism is spreading and with it a growing sense of dignity within that group of individuals who are in pursuit of becoming free and sovereign. A unique community fellowship is ushering in this new 'preservation and restoration' mentality. The concept of rural roots - living in one place for longer periods of time - is replacing the urban nomadic existence common to the 20th Century. The 'preservation and restoration' builders of the 21st Century honour the security and safety that is being generated from the stability of the renewed sense of 'preservation and restoration' community.

Possible expectations are feeding this culture of 'preservation and restoration.' More and more people are ready and anxious to share the euphoria evidenced by the plans and preparations for various 'preservation and restoration' communities. There is a definite re-connection away from dividedness towards wholeness as more and more are open to changing habits, seeking alternatives and building dreams.

The readiness to change of shopping and buying habits identifies those who are already in transition. The easiest buying habit to change has been identified as the purchase of long distance telephone service since it requires only about 5 minutes of time on a telephone call and the next telephone bill comes from a telecommunications company in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. The shifting of long distance service permits 'we the people' to earn some commissions which in turn can be used to advance the 're-education' process required to facilitate the necessary shift in consciousness if we are to save ourselves.

Background information and details of how to change this one shopping habit at this URL: Currently, The NoUsury Network is developing strategies to enable more and more people to shift more and more of their shopping habits away from the giant retailers and the big box stores and back to local community and home-based businesses. Details at this URL:

Becoming a 'free and sovereign' individual creates a feeling of universal exhilaration that comes from having the ability to control one's own destiny - which we lost during the 20th Century. A common thread tying together the 'preservation and restoration' builders is their unique ability to learn how to function parallel to and/or completely outside of the orthodox, 'usury-bearing' society. Thousands of North Americans have already withdrawn from the 'system' which has been holding them hostage to a fraudulent money system functioning with the design flaw of 'usury.'

Though we are heading towards days which will be darker than the Great Depression, the 'preservation and restoration' builders are intent on creating freedom from want and freedom from fear. Their collective effort is illuminating the way for the new age of   'peace and plenty' by 2020 where prosperity will no longer be illusory since we will be experiencing 'usury-free' living. &

Nousurers are most likely to lead the way as 'preservation and restoration' builders as they blaze trails into wilderness areas of rural North America where the model 'preservation and restoration' communities are being created. This is because nousurers recognize that they can function by building economic lifeboats whereby they are learning to be loyal to the databases that they a building as they buy and sell products and/or services using partial 'usury-free' time currency and partial 'usury-bearing' federal currency. Nousurers are fully aware that we must shift the money flow from 'their Bay Street' to 'our Pay Street' in Canada and from 'their Wall Street' to 'our Y'all Street' in the United States of America.

There is a paradox to 'preservation and restoration' living because what initially brings people into the realm of 'preservation and restoration' community may be a selfish desire to improve one's personal life. But this is not sufficient to create the reality. In order to graduate to living as a 'free and sovereign' individual within a 'preservation and restoration' community one must focus on helping others achieve goals and successes in order to truly experience personal success as a 'free and sovereign' person. It is essential to work as partners, growing, sharing and adjusting along the way. 'Preservation and restoration' living definitely enhances personal growth. Since 'preservation and restoration' builders must change their own lives, they are therefore, more likely to be able to help other 'free and sovereign' wannabes change their lives. In 'preservation and restoration' communities, you've got to love people and learn how to partnership with others.

I encourage people who are so-moved to hop on the 'preservation and restoration' train where they will meet others who are on similar missions to raise people's awareness of the coming new age of 'peace and plenty' before 2020. The train is just departing from the first station and there will be many stops along the way. Many people will come on board as they are ripe for a friendly 'preservation and restoration' community takeover.

It's not likely to be in the mainstream's (government and corporate) self-interest to recognize and/or promote the 'restoration and preservation' movement since 'free and sovereign' people have a history of operating usury-free and withdrawing from statism thereby opposing attempts by government and corporations to intrude on people's lives. The shift to 'preservation and restoration' living will happen anyways, as  we let ourselves be directed by spirit......

Final Note: Any readers who are so moved to become involved with financing and/or building 'preservation and restoration' communities in Canada and/or the United States of America are invited to contact the author. I am learning about such proposed communities as I continue my research and I can offer some guidance on 'preservation and restoration' communities with optimal leadership whicvh are therefore most likely to succeed.
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