My birthright as a "natural person" does NOT condemn me to heed the will of evil

Decision T2020-88 of the Federal Court of Canada recognizes, and the Nuremberg Principles demand that I act on my right and duty to refuse to support a society that participates in plans and preparations that are predicated on a will and capacity to commit mass murder.

Since my existence as a "human being" does NOT condemn me to pay taxes to a society, or otherwise support a society, so cowardly and lost to the madness of greed as to wilfully participate in plans and preparations that are predicated on a sure and certain will and capacity to use nuclear and other weapons mass murder and thereby risk the murder of hundreds of millions of defenseless fellow human beings I am hereby making a decision in the name of Societal Sanity. My decision is to inform the Government of Canada that I am withdrawing my financial support by refusing to pay incomes taxes, PST and GST.

I am taking this action after having learned that the "Oil Economy" is in the state of fast decline while "The Madness of Greed" still continues to pose a very real threat to the survival on mankind. It seems that neither the Government of Canada nor other world leaders are fully aware that humanity has but two options: (a) possible survival with reason, involving the implementation of a "usury-free-based" money system complete with sharing and honest compromise, or (b) definite extinction within 100 years.

Truly, with the Oil Economy coming to a close by the year 2010, the efforts that gave us Decision T2020-88 of the Federal Court Of Canada - Trial Division, and the principles espoused at the Trials and Judgments at Nuremberg, will have been meaningless if we allow our leaders to use their Weapons Of Mass Murder in order to secure a few more barrels of oil so as to maintain their power bases and to fuel food production for the fools who allowed them to cause the misuse and loss of
our sole supplies of readily available energy.

My attached "Notice to Government" is addressed and mailed by double registered mail to: The Government of Canada.

I received my "Tax Free Status" card on Friday, April 14, 2000. The list of places where the card is being accpeted can be read by clicking here.

On Friday, April 14th, I also received a letter from CCRA (Canada Customs & Revenue Agency) threatening to garnisheee my wages if I do not immediately pay $1382.52. I have not filed income tax since April 1990, so CCRA just picked the years 1994, 1995 and 1996 and they came up with the figure of $1382.52 ( most of which is interest and penalties.) You can read the copy of the letter which I sent to CCRA by clicking here.

On Friday, April 20, 2000 I started to revise a document entitled "The Nousury Chapter in THE WHOLE STORY" which I had originally published in the LEADS Newsletter in January/February 1985. I completed the document and posted at The Cyberclass Network on Saturday, April 21, 2000. I have prepared it as a "Dear Jean" Letter and addressed it to Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Read the Letter by clicking here.

On Monday, April 24, 2000 I will deliver by hand to my employer - the OCDSB - a Courtesy Letter explaining that I am commencing a Statement of Claim against the Minister of National Revenue, Her Majesty the Queen and any and all members of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board who are party to such attempt to collect "income taxes" by way of withholding my earnings from my pay cheque with the intentionof filing such if the OCDSB withholds "income taxes" from my pay cheque dated may 5, 2000. Read the Letter by clicking here.

During the weekend of May 12,13 & 14th, 2000, there was mush discussion re: the "Tax Exempt Status" card among the people who attended the "Sovereignty in the 21st Century" conference at the Toronto Convention Centre. The card was displayed at the table for The Cyberclass Network. Though not one person purchased a card from The Cyberclass Network, many did ask questions and some people suggested some strategies to improve the effectiveness of the card. John C. Turmel, the banking systems engineer and an invited guest speaker at the "Sovereignty in the 21st Century" Conference in Toronto offered me a ride to Toronto. We had to purchase two tires at a Canadian Tire store in Perth, Ontario. John was truly amazed at how easy it was for the retail clerk to honour the "Tax Exempt Status" card and exempt me from both GST and PST on the tire purchase.

John carefully studied the card and offered his input - that we ought to be rejecting to pay taxes for another key reason in addition to the manufacture and distribution of weapons of nuclear war. John was emphatic that we ought to be refusing to pay taxes for "usury" on debt service. He has also suggested that every "Detax/Untax/Refusetax" supporter open their Global LETS timebank account and offer to pay our fair share of taxes with "time currency" commonly called "hours" from our timebank accounts. Sounds fascinating to me. In addition, John and I have discussed the possibility of having the "Tax Exempt Status" card sold for "time currency" instead of federal$. More on this in the days ahead.

A brief article appeared in The Toronto Sun on Tuesday, May, 30, 2000. Typically, the writer seeks to strike fear into the local business community so that they will resist accepting the "Tax Exempt Status Cards." Read the article by clicking here.

More about the IHH Tax Exempt Status card at this URL:

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