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From: Chris Hohner <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, March 12, 2001 8:16 PM
Subject: Project LETS List online database has moved

As of today, Project LETS List has moved to: http://lentils.imagineis.com/letslist

For those unfamiliar with the online database, it allows you to edit the self-description of your social currency system and provides a search engine by keyword and country.   The project aims to complete the first accurate census of CCS membership worldwide, and is an award-winning member participant of Netscape's Open Directory Project.

Since its inception in automated form (in October 1998), 218 different LETS admins have managed the self-descriptions of their trading systems.  The database currently points to 1608 systems verified - albeit some by anecdotal evidence - and 174 websites.   We think there are more.

If you visit the database, please look up your local LETS and see if it's been entered. If not, you can create a database entry specifying the founding date, currency name, country, number of current members, and a description of your LETS up to a thousand words.   Your entry then becomes searchable by keyword or country.

One of the goals of the project is to use internet technology to fix a recurring problem in LETS-related webpages:  namely, that their links are often out-of-date.  By allowing LETS enthusiasts to update the information themselves, across hundreds of different (voluntary) editors, we think that this mechanism produce a more accurate picture of the current state of CCS worldwide.  In fact, this human-mediated approach is a core goal of the Open Directory Initiative.

The site also contains free source code and an online demo of my internet- based LETS software, which can manage regional multiLETS online.  It's sort of my latest thinking on the subject of where it all might go.

Thanks and have fun with it!

Chris Hohner
Project LETS List and LETS Webtool 2.0