The SDI and Barter/Trading Industries Are Positioned To Lead
As Online Shopping Becomes Mainstream ...
By Tommy-Usury: Free

The internet industry, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and the Barter/Trading industry are all burrowing deeper and deeper into North American society as 'cocooning' becomes more commonplace. The SDI industry was formerly referred to as (a) the multi-level marketing industry and/or (b) the network marketing industry. The new term, the SDI industry was coined by Neil Anderson and myself, Tommy-Usury: Free (both from Ottawa, Ontario) in the mid-1990's because we were convinced that new language can leave behind any negative connotations that were attached to this unique sales and marketing concept by charlatans, greedy individuals and unmotivated distributors during the latter half of the 20th Century.

Just as the internet industry is becoming mainstream early in this 21st Century, so is the Barter/Trading industry and the SDI industry. The Barter/Trading industry though rooted in history is becoming popular again given the ease of modern technology. The SDI industry has established its roots since it was introduced as a unique marketing alternative in the mid-20th Century.

With the growth of the internet, both the Barter/Trading and the SDI industries are now focusing on the global online world while still serving the respective local offline communities. Indeed, the Barter/Trading and SDI industries are strategically positioned to serve consumers optimally and thereby co-operating to usher in a new economic revolution that will thrive with a 'usuryfree' electronic currency which will evolve to become time-based and usuryfree.

Certainly, the SDI entrepreneurs share a significant portion of the credit for the noticeable increase in online shopping since the beginning of this 21st Century. The majority of SDI companies now have perfected online shopping so that it has become that optimal and popular element that attracts and keeps (a) SDI entrepreneurs and (b) their satisfied retail customers - all of whom can now purchase everything from hair pins to vehicles from within the SDI industry whose annual sales is expected to rival the combined annual sales of the franchise industry and the giant retail store industry in the not-too-distant-future. This predicted shift in our orthodox economic habits and trends is supported by the data and by Paul Zane Pilzer - the visionary who has a history of accurately sizing up seismic shifts in the North American economy since the early 1980's. For more details visit the Pilzer Cyberclassroom:

More and more SDI entrepreneurs are recognizing the importance of shopping from within the SDI industry. This simply means that they are making a conscious decision to spend more and more of the money earned from their SDI Portfolio by purchasing from other SDI entrepreneurs who are marketing quality products and/or services from other SDI opportunities. Additionally, those SDI entrepreneurs who are aware of the power and potential of creating and spending their own 'usuryfree' time currency are actively seeking to use this private currency to buy and/or sell these products and/or services from within the SDI industry.

In fact, it is becoming common for SDI entrepreneurs to personalize their own SDI Portfolio whereby they are assured of monthly income from two or more SDI opportunities. Affiliate marketing on the internet is hastening the acceptance of the SDI Portfolio. During 2001, various SDI companies actually revised the fine print in their respective distributors' agreements so that SDI entrepreneurs no longer have to fear being terminated by the 'home office' of Company A if it is revealed that they are marketing products and/or services from Company B.

SDI entrepreneurs are now asking, 'Who Benefits?' when any 'home office' or 'sponsor' dictates a selfish policy that forbids the 'sponsored' from creating their own SDI Portfolio. Indeed, SDI entrepreneurs of the 21st Century are empowering themselves after 65 years of accepting the myth that they must dedicate their time, energy and money to the 'one' true SDI opportunity - which they happened to be first sponsored into.

Given the ease of modern technology, any SDI entrepreneur now has the choice to (a) carefully craft his/her own SDI Portfolio and/or (b) to refer his/her contacts to fellow SDI entrepreneurs with whom mutual alliances and/or understandings have been sealed with a handshake. Of course, the Barter/Trading industry lends itself to these informal agreements among SDI entrepreneurs whereby 'usuryfree' time currency is equally as acceptable as the orthodox federal currency.

A US Study released on January1, 2002, by a non-profit group known as Pew Internet and American Life Project revealed that 29 million American shoppers purchased gifts online during November and December 2001. Each online shopper spent an average of $392. (US Funds) - up from the $330. (US Funds) spent during the holiday season of 2000.

The study states that there were eleven million first-time, online shoppers in the 2001 holiday season. It is possible that the 7+ million SDI entrepreneurs who are active with the 1500+ SDI companies in North America could be responsible for a considerable portion of the repeat and new online shoppers since the SDI industry is the leading online industry serving consumers. When you factor in the possibility that each SDI entrepreneur served a minimum of one retail client, the calculated total of 14 million online shoppers potentially accounts for approximately half of the 29 million cyber-shoppers identified in the study.

Without a doubt, cyber-shopping is becoming a new consumer trend and the SDI industry is leading the online shopping experience by offering a personal touch with efficient, reliable service from the comfort of the home, with the click of a mouse and the added benefit of learning how to create their own ‘usuryfree’ time currency and use it for a portion of whatever products and/or services they need to purchase for themselves, their families and their business.

Numerous SDI entrepreneurs proudly boast of purchasing all of their gifts for Christmas 2001 without entering a commercial shopping mall. Instead of spending money with giant retailers and/or franchises they made a conscious decision to shop from within the SDI industry and/or from local community enterprises - with a preference to support those small to medium sized community businesses and/or the home-based entrepreneurs who are agreeing to accept 'usuryfree' time currency as partial or total payment for any purchase. Obviously, many SDI entrepreneurs are in a negotiating position whereby they can barter or trade with other entrepreneurs (business owners) who have the products and/or services they are seeking.

The fast-growing SDI industry is definitely leading the way with online shopping by offering (a) opportunity and (b) quality products and convenient, unsurpassed service to its ever-expanding number of satisfied clients -whether they be (a) wholesale - SDI entrepreneurs who are sponsored or (b) retail - family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues, many of whom will choose to become SDI entrepreneurs at some future date.

Examine a sampling of SDI opportunities which can be considered for any SDI Portfolio in 2002. These SDI opportunities are part of the UsuryFree Network's Team of SDI Entrepreneurs who are interested in creating abundance for all by expanding the 'usuryfree' time currency database to serve us optimally.

(a) Melaleuca

Melaleuca, the well-respected, wellness company of the SDI industry provides the finest products for home, health and beauty. These are products that satisfied consumers delight in discovering, trust in using and take pride in sharing. Preferred customers qualify for regular discounts when they make monthly purchases from Melaleuca's wide variety of products making this company ideal for people to serve others - family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues etc. whereby they can accept federal dollars to cover the wholesale costs and 'usuryfree' time currency for the profit margins on retail sales. More details at

(b) Excel

Excel, a leading telecommunications company and one of the fastest growing SDI companies offers competitive long distance rates and internet service with many more unique services and products planned for release in 2002 and beyond as the transition to the Vartec team is completed. Excel promises to build a telecommunications powerhouse in 2002 and beyond. During 2002, Independent Excel Representatives secured over 100,000 new customers and plans are to increase the market share in 2002. Excel's consumer base is set to expand rapidly when local service and electricity are added a new consumer services. Since Excel is marketing a service it is not yet possible to pay your 'usuryfree' time currency as payment for long distance service, however, Independent Excel Representatives have rewarded their client base by paying them 'usuryfree' time currency and then inviting them to spend it by buying products offered by other SDI entrepreneurs with home-based businesses. Just be creative and anything is possible. More details at:

(c) Global Vision

Global Vision, a leader in the spa industry with its healing mud commonly called 'moor' is another rapidly growing and popular SDI company. Consumers are purchasing 'moor' because of its special healing qualities attributed to its rich nutrients which have aged well in the ancient bog near Cassleman, Ontario.

Global Vision which was launched in November 2000 experienced incredible growth in 2001. Much of this growth was facilitated by its online presence which permitted customers to purchase the bottled and packaged 'moor' scented with lavender. The small bottle of 'moor' is particularly easy to market for $6.50 (Canadian Funds) or for $3.25 plus one quarter hour of 'usuryfree' time currency where one hour is valued at $13.00 (Canadian Funds) - making one quarter hour valued at $3.25 (Canadian Funds). Likewise, I have sold the large bottle for part cash and part 'usuryfree' time currency.

(d) Life Force International

I was introduced to Life Force International through the Concorde Group. Details at:

Life Force International is truly a force to be reckoned with in the Health industry, the SDI industry and the Barter/Trading industry. The high quality, liquid health and wellness products are particularly popular with (a) the seniors who wish to maintain optimal health (b) the baby boomers who are seeking to improve their health (c) those who know that liquids a assimilated better by the body than pills or capsules. The UsuryFree Network's Life Force SDI Team favours these two products which lend themselves to trading for 'usuryfree' time currency. Details at these URL's: &

(e) Empowerism

Empowerism is a 21st Century SDI opportunity that sends email-based training lessons to your email address. Empowerism delivers exactly the education and training you need for today's world where it takes all kinds of skills to not only survive, but to THRIVE as an SDI entrepreneur with a Portfolio to manage. Subscribers also get a bi-monthly glossy magazine called 'Excellence.' The Premier issue was published in March 2002. The Empowersim CEO is Janet Wilson.

I am seeking to 'empower' my Empowerism SDI Team by inviting all of them - those sponsored before and those sponsored after myself - to join our database of 'UsuryFree' Time Traders and network this concept to everyone on planet earth. More details at:

(f) Hsin Ten Enterprise

Hsin Ten Enterprise is an SDI company which entered the Canadian market in April 2001 and the American market in the late 1990's. Hsin Ten Enterprise offers quality health products which focus on vibrational healing. Testimonials from users indicate that the Chi Machine and the Hothouse are indeed healing many people with sickness and disease. Hsin Ten Enterprise has recently released a series of new vibrational healing products. The UsuryFree Network's Team of SDI entrepreneurs has sold 15+ plus of these vibrational healing products since the summer of 2001 based on word-of-mouth testimonials. Hsin Ten Enterprise products  definitely facilitate the healing process for many people afflicted with sickness and/or disease whether they be under 16, over 65 or anywhere in between. Check out their products for the sake of your family and loved ones. Though there is not a big profit margin with the Hsin Ten Enterprise products it is possible to sell them whereby one accepts a small portion of 'usuryfree' time currency in combination with federal dollars for each sale.

Details at