The Great Bank Robbery
Reprinted from America's Promise Newsletter (September 1985)

Banking is a ponzi scam. Banking is nothing but a government sactioned, giant multi-level game. It is a pyramid scam that makes all other scams look like child's play. At the top of the pyramid is the Federal Reserve Board, and their owners. At the bottom are the little local branches of all the different state and national banks. As in all pyramid scams, the small branches at the bottom will fall first, taking most of the heat off those at the top. But eventually the pyramid must topple. In fact, we already hear the rumble of the pyramid starting to fall.

But what most people do not know is that the banking system (scam) was designed to fail, and make certain people very wealthy in the process. The process is called USURY. Banks loan us ten dollars, and require us to repay eleven dollars. Since banks are the creators of the money when they lend it to us, we have nowhere to turn to get that eleventh dollar to repay. We are faced with  two options: 1. Live without borrowing money, which means you would never go in debt to the banks, or 2. borrow an extra dollar, either from another banker or from another victim, with which to repay the bank. The result of number two is that you would now be two dollars short when the debt comes due again, and if you borrowed the eleventh dollar from another citizen, then that citizen also would be two dollars short when his debt comes due.

Not only is our modern Babylonian banking system designed to eat up all privately owned property, it also causes us to cannibalize each other. Since there is never enough money in circulation to pay back that eleventh dollar, it forces us to compete with each other for survival: to try to wrench some dollars away from our neighbour so we can pay back our eleventh dollar debt, even though it will make it impossible for our neighbour to repay his debt.

The premise of this game is that someone must fail. There are three players. 1. You   2. Your family member, friend, colleague or neighbour, and  3. The banker. Of the three, the banker is the only one that is assured a profit without having to borrow money. He gets the interest from the money he loaned to you and the other person. That leaves you and the other person as the debtors, fighting it out to see who will get part of the other's money to use to pay back that eleventh dollar to the banker. Thus, the banker has cleverly put you at war with another person, and in fact has caused you to "rob or be robbed". Either you will survive or your neighbour will survive - and at the expense of the other. All three players cannot survive. Someone must fail! That means that only you and the other person are the debtors, and are left to compete for survival. Then, as soon as the other person has fallen, that leaves only YOU as the banker's prey.

This evil Babylonian system can be stopped cold by one simple act of law. Make USURY illegal. Nothing less will cure the problem. Without usury, banks die. With usury, you and the other person die. Usury-banks and free people are contrary to one another. Someday Congress must stop defending usury-banks, and start defending people. There are currently about 400 bills in Congress seeking to protect the US usury-banking economic system. Isn't it odd how far politicians go to protect Babylon while ignoring the crying and pleading of suffering familes across this land, and the world?

Farmers have been tricked into participating in this scam. Banks have taken the farmers to the claeners. Banks are like vampires: to live, they must suck blodd from their victims. For the farmer, this means that when the bank demanded the eleventh dollar, and the farmer didn't have that eleventh dollar, in lieu of the cash the banker accepted a little piece of his farm instead. Over the years, the banker's portion of the farm became larger and larger, and the farmer's portion became smaller and smaller. Eventually, the farmer's portion of the farm became so small that its value was insufficient to back the annual operating loan. This is called "foreclosure."

The point is this: bankers are perpetrating adevious plan, the premise of which is that an unresolvable debt must occur. The eleventh dollar can never be repaid, thus the debt is unavoidable and unpayable. This debt is foisted off on the farmer, who, being ignorant of the slick schemes of the banker, does not realize that the debt cannot be avoided. Consequently, the farmer thinks he is to blame for the outstanding debt: that unrepayable eleventh dollar. Actually it is the banker who is the criminal, but he allows the farmer to take the blame. All the farmer is guilty of is being naive.

There is nothing new under the sun. Nineteen hundred years ago, John wrote this concerning the fall of Babylon: the collapse of this pyramid scam: "Your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery. And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth. Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you saints and apostles and prophets, because God has pronounced judgement for you against her." (Rev.18:23-24 & 20)

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