The Police State Is Here !!
By Tommy-Usury: Free

I have two personal examples where I recently experienced the 'Police State.'

1. During the last week of January 2002 I was driving to New Brunswick through Maine with one other person in the car. When we stopped at the border at Woburn, the U.S. Customs Officer asked if we were Canadian citizens. We both answered 'Yes.' Then he asked if either of us had even had a criminal conviction. My passenger answered: 'Yes, a minor conviction for theft under when I was a teenager over 20 years ago.'

We were instructed to go inside where we were detained for one and a half hours. First we were told to empty our pockets. Another U.S. Customs Officer then took our Identification (drivers' licences) to a nearby computer where he entered information and explored responses for 45 minutes - stopping to occasionally ask either or both of us questions.

When the Customs Officer completed his investigation he came over to the counter and told us what he could do 'technically.' He said that he could arrest my passenger because he was attempting to enter the USA with a 'criminal record.' He also told me that he could impound my vehicle since I was driving the passenger and I knew of his previous conviction. Then he said to us both, 'I admire your honesty, so this time I am going to turn you around and send you back to Canada.'

The Customs Officer then photographed and fingerprinted my passenger and counselled him on how to fill out papers and pay a fee to the US Embassy and get a 'pardon.' He made it very clear that if my passenger ever tried to enter the USA again without having the pardon that indeed he would be arrested. He also cautioned me that if I,  the driver of a vehicle with a passenger who has a previous 'unpardoned' conviction attempted entry into the USA that my vehicle would be impounded.

This was the most rigorous border experience in my lifetime and I have been across the border many times in the past 53 years.

Another friend was turned back at the Detroit border. He had a marijuana charge when he was a youth and even though it was dismissed at court the Customs Officer would let him enter the United States.

The lesson here is to stay in Canada and if you have a previous 'unpardoned' criminal conviction do NOT even attempt to cross the border....

Unfortunately, we have a 'Police State' in Canada too ...

2. At 3:00 AM in the morning of Saturday, February 9th, 2002, John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel and myself departed Ottawa, Ontario for the seven hour drive to London, Ontario for a presentation about 'usuryfree' time currencies to the students at Western University in London, Ontario. We were picking up a passenger in Barrie, Ontario so we were taking a route north of Hwy. 7. We were travelling west on Hwy. 17 through Renfrew when a red light flashed behind me. I stopped on the shoulder of the road and two police walked towards the car - one on either side - with flashlights.

The policeman on my side asked for my 'papers.' As I was looking for my papers John asked: 'Officer, what did we do wrong?' He answered: 'Nothing.' John followed up by asking: 'Is this normal procedure?' The Officer answered: 'Yes.' He took my papers and the two police went back to their vehicle. A few minutes later the officer returned with my 'papers.' He passed them back to me and said: 'Have a safe journey.' We travelled on to London where we told the story to the students who were gathered to hear us talk about the  'usuryfree' time currency.

I have relayed this story to others in the Freedom Movement and they have all told me to be sure to ask for the Officer's name and badge number if this ever happens again. Tell your friends and associates to be sure to ask for the Officers' names and badge numbers before you give them any 'papers.'

The bottom line here is that when the Police start exercising their authority to stop us at any time to ask for our 'papers' we know that we are living in a 'Police State.'

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