Pembroke Presentation on August 25th, 2001

I wish to acknowledge each one of you as true "freedom builders." I honour you and I am grateful that you are present to learn from my self-imposed research and experience over the past 21 years. I do not charge fees for sharing information, resources and my personal experiences though I do expect organizers of gatherings to cover my travel and accommodations expenses. I also offer some books and literature for sale if someone wants to purchase such items and I offer support for building SDI Portfolios with quality products and/or services that will permit consumers to change their buying habits away from the giant retail stores and the big box stores. Ultimately, it is my goal to be earning sufficient income(s) from my SDI Portfolio so that I can freely spend all of my time "re-educating" the public in cyberspace and in reality presentations such as this.

Otherwise, I advocate the concept of "gifting" whereby students "gift" the teachers according to what they learn and according to what they earn. That is to say, if you learn new information and you make financial gain (or savings) from what you have learned then you "gift" the teacher in proportion to what you have earned because of what you have learned.

For the present time, treat me as you would like to be treated if you had followed a self-imposed course of study and research for 21 years and freely posted your information on the internet at The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network I have never been able to find a big-time publisher so that's why I created The Cyberclass Network and I've probably saved you a buck or two since you can begin your self-imposed "re-education" process for FREE.

I want to publicly acknowledge my three children, Michel, (23) Jonathan(21) and Sarah(19) as they are the ones who sacrificed so often because of my intense study habits and so-called radical tendencies during the 1980's when they were still very young. At that time, they could not understand that the long hours that I was dedicating to exposing the design flaw of "usury" would be for their benefit especially when family members continually ridiculed me for daring to be "different" by advocating "universal truth" instead of blindly accepting the "lies, deceit and deception" that is foisted upon us by a fraudulent system. I am moved to share with you a quote that my eldest son, Michel often said in jest - when as a teenager he was becoming aware of that his father's work and research might be an embarrassment to his friends who were still entrenched in the mainstream: "Dad, You are a one-man cult."

My children suffered quite a lot of grief, depravation and confusion for the past 10 years as their mother decided to terminate our marriage in 1991 since I was being "not normal." Their paternal love had to overcome much misinformation and disinformation that they were subjected to from others - family, friends and neighbours - who dismissed me as a "radical nutcase" because I would not conform to societal norms. Now, as they are maturing to young adults they are learning to appreciate that I was just slightly ahead of my time with many areas of my work and research during their formative years.

What is happening now in Canada and on the global scene is proof of the correctness of my views on the state of our federal, provincial and municipal governments as they have been dictated to by the New World Order during latter half of the 20th Century. It will be the combined effort of informed fellow-citizens and active "white knights" from within the various levels of government that will save us from domination by the "usury" elite who are promoting the New World Order.

I must acknowledge all of those "freedom builders" who have been standing up against the injustice and corruption in government, Especially, Dave Lindsay (Edmonton, Alberta), Vern Warwick (Edmonton, Alberta), Bruce Stellar (Vancouver, British Columbia), Russ Porisky (Chiliwack, British Columbia), John C. "The Engineer" Turmel (Ottawa, Ontario), Eldon Warman (Calgary, Alberta), David Butterfield (Kelowna, British Columbia), Jean-Serge Brisson (Embrun, Ontario), Darwin Marquardt (Eganville, Ontario), Wally Dove (Norland, Ontario), Dan Lavigne (Toronto, Ontario) etc.

These people are the pioneers who have been researching the laws of this nation of Canada and its provinces and territories and have therefore contributed greatly in various ways to my understanding of some of the different subjects which I will address. The work and research by each of these pioneers make our endeavours that much easier and hopefully more and more people will benefit from what I share to make their individual quests for freedom a reality.

Special thanks to Chrisitne Acres and Bredlaw Carson and anybody who helped to organize and manage this event. I recommend that this model be copied in every Ottawa Valley town and far beyond as we set out to network and "re-educate" those who don't know they don't know.

I also recommend that each of you make a commitment to help organize future gatherings in your kitchens and living rooms where you can show videos, listen to audio cassettes and discuss the issues related to "universal truth." Make a special effort to include the youth (aged 18 to 30) at any planned gatherings as our greatest hope for saving ourselves from the New World Order enslavement lies with our youth.

I will tell you a little bit about who I AM. Details at this URL I will spend a little time describing The UsuryFree Revolution, its significance and explain how you can become an active and/or passive participant as we set out to change people's shopping habits and thereby stop giving our money to the "usury" elite. I definitely want to leave a few minutes to explain how we are using the Excel SDI opportunity to increase and mobilize our numbers of "freedom builders" while raising funds to advance The UsuryFree Revolution.


This presentation is dedicated, as much as possible, to those fellow-Canadians who have suffered injustices at the hands of the "usury" elite and their henchmen - the law-breaking government officials who enforce their deceptive and deceitful laws such as The Bank Act and the Income Tax Act. This presentation alone won't right all of the wrongs of make just all of the injustices inflicted by their "Just Us" system, but it may be the seed that awakens a few more people.

If I could get to know each one of you on a personal basis, shake your hands and share a hug and promise to work with you to right all wrongs I would do that. But there are too many of you and your numbers are growing daily. The best I can do is promise to work with you and invite you to listen and become a self-motivated, active "freedom builder" to the best of your ability. My final consolation - "This presentation is for you. 'Freedom builders' deserve the credit or blame - depending on your point of view.

In 1980, I began being "not normal" after reading Gary Allen's paperback called "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" a book which he published in 1971 and which was on the Canada Customs Banned Book list in 1982. Initially, I had dreams and expectations that family, relatives, friends, neighbours and working colleagues would be anxious to listen and learn "what they didn't know they didn't know" and perhaps "ask questions and question answers." Not so ... most are still not ready to shift from their hassle free zones.

I was born second oldest of 10 siblings and raised on a farm at the south end of Highway 41 in a little town called Erinsville. I attended high school in Napanee, Ontario. I never dreamed or expected that on August 25th, 2001, 21 years into my self-imposed mission is search of "universal truth" that I'd be here at the north end of Highway 41, in Pembroke, Ontario sharing exciting information with my "freedom family" rather than my "blood family" - who still dismiss my research as insignificant and even seem embarrassed that I would dare talk about "universal truths" in their presence.

Yes, we "freedom builders" are now beginning to make an impact and it's time to accelerate the process. Its' time to get out of the boat and walk on water by adding some bells and whistles to our solution-oriented work. In America, our patriot friends say: "It's time to move money from their "Wall Street" to our "Y'all Street." In Canada, I say it's time to move money from their "Bay Street" to our "Pay Street." Let's be toll collectors instead of toll payers on the Information Highway in this 21st Century. Let's start by consciously changing how we spend our money, choosing to spend it where it will benefit The NoUsury Revolution instead of supporting the "usury" elite who have been deceiving us for far too long.

Our stories of seemingly ordinary people who are really extraordinary for daring to step beyond their "hassle free zones" and lead the way need to be told and networked far and wide. We are the foot soldiers leading The Usury-Free Resolution. What is The UsuryFree Resolution you ask? The UsuryFree Resolution was launched in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Mother's Day, May 13th, 2001 at 13 hours, 13minutes, 13 seconds. This timely launch was selected to magnify and mix the power of the number 13 with the movement acknowledging the shift towards matriarchal leadership in the forthcoming "usury-free" society.

Allow me to offer a little background about how The Usuryfree Resolution is evolving. There is no doubt that it is time for we the "freedom builders" to form a sense of collective identity. The "universal truths" that we are uncovering must be shared with the Canadian culture at large. We will no longer be obliterated by the mainstream media which fears giving serious attention to "universal truth" - probably because their masters disapprove and threaten then with termination of contract.

We must become the media in alternative ways since the mainstream media chooses to ignore us so lets' call ourselves the Usury-Free Creatives whose mission is to advocate a "Usury-Free" Resolution whereby we invite absolutely everyone to participate - even the former "usurers" of the "usury" elite.

As Usury-Free Creatives we are remaking our lives and institutions around a workable "usury-free" economic system which will guarantee an age of "peace and plenty by 2020" for ourselves, our children and our children's children for unlimited generations. Our optimal social invention is the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software which has the capacity to significantly alter all major aspects of society.

The "usury-free" LETS software was created by Michael Linton from Courtenay, British Columbia in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in 1983. Its initial development was financed by John C. "The Engineer" Turmel from Ottawa, Ontario. Now 18 years later we are moving towards an electronic "usury-free" time currency, which can be traded locally and/or globally. More details at this URL:

To effectively trade with a "usury-free" time currency we need to develop local databases and eventually combine our databases for national and international trading. It's here that I would like to share my Jello Biafra story from my real-life experience at the FTAA demonstrations in Quebec City on April 21st and 22nd, 2001.

My Excel story is directly related to the Jello Biafra story. After returning to Ottawa on April 23rd, 2001 I talked with other "freedom builders" about Jello Biafra's massage to the youth and we determined that we must deliver the same message to the adults. Knowing just how difficult it is to have adults change habits - especially buying habits where they flock to giant retailers for "pennies cost savings" - we were struggling on how to effectively address this concept of changing buying habits.

My son, Jonathan who attends Concordia University in Montreal had just started a part-time business working with an innovative telecommunications company called Excel Canada and it suddenly occurred to me that it would take little effort to have adults change their long distance buying habits from the corporate giant Bell Canada to Excel Canada. As consumers of long distance service people would only have to sacrifice about 5 minutes of time to make a call to Excel Canada to transfer their long distance service otherwise they make their monthly long distance calls as usual.

The benefit in asking people to change their long distance buying habits was multiplied. As personal clients of people whom you know you can expect superior service to what Bell Canada offers while saving approximately 2 cents a minute since Bell Canada's regular long distance rate is 10 cents a minute and Excel's comparable plan is 8 cents a minute. The second benefit is that as "freedom builders" operating our own independent enterprises we can initially earn good commissions for securing long distance clients and then benefit from residual income from regular monthly usage of the long distance service. The third benefit is that as "freedom builders" we can build our databases of people with "offers" and "wants" and practice making small exchanges now so that we will be prepared to launch our "economic lifeboats" when the economy worsens. The fourth benefit is that Excel plans to market additional products and services and those "freedom builders" who are choosing to build a business now will have ready clients for all of the new products and/or services to be launched.

I sincerely thank all of those "freedom builders" who after learning how changing one simple buying habit have made a decision to work with The UsuryFree Network's Excel Team as business builders and those clients who have similarly volunteered to transfer their long distance service to one of our participating Excel Representatives to support and advance The UsuryFree Resolution. Keep in mind that anyone has the option of simply becoming a long distance client with Excel thereby supporting The UsuryFree Resolution and/or participating as an Independent Excel Representative to earn a part-time income for themselves and/or to raise funds for their own particular mission while at the same time benefiting The UsuryFree Resolution.

(We worked the Excel SDI opportunity for one year.)

Currently, the UsuryFree Network is exploring other SDI companies as we search for quality products and/or services which we can recommend to "freedom builders" who recognize the importance of changing their shopping habits away from the "usury" elite's conventional giant retail and big box stores to home-based businesses and local retail stores. Details of unique and profitable SDI opportunities will be available early in the fall of 2001. In the meantime, you are invited to review the information at the SDI Cyberclassroom:

Let's make an effort this fall to consciously change our shopping habits away from the "usury" elite and re-organize so that it becomes easier for us to support home-based businesses and local community enterprises. Check out our growing database of small to medium community businesses and home-based businesses at this URL: