Hour Third Market Network's Loyal Database

By Tommy-Usury: Free

Are you interested in $aving 10-20% or more on goods and/or services? Would you like your shopping needs to be satisfied without supporting the big box and/or giant retail stores? If so, you’re invited to enrol with the Hour UsuryFree Network's Loyal Network. Here’s how it works:

The UsuryFree Network has formed an alliance with The National Savings Club (NSC) of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This alliance allows members of The UsuryFree Network to take advantage of NSC'S ever-growing data base of Merchants and Professionals who will recognise and honour the NSC logo.

To view a listing of goods /services offered go to http://www.nationalsavings.ca/index.cfm?action=merchants

and search for Hour Third Market Network. As of January, 13, 2004, more than 333 businesses are enrolled. We at the UsuryFree Network intend to rally more SDI (Self Directed Income) enterprises, home-based businesses and other alternate forms of commerce to participate in this dynamic concept. NSC is also exploring the possibility of adding a “wants/needs” category to the database.

The UsuryFree Network is a cutting edge alternative to conventional shopping. It offers creative ways of serving others and spending money differently. To learn more about this we invite you to read the article Serve Others and Spend Money Differently at www.cyberclass.net/servingothers.htm

One of the key components of this program is the eventual implementation of a “usury-free” currency whereby merchants will have the option of accepting part federal cash and part 'usuryfree' time currency as payment for any product and/or service. Not only will this will give purchasers and sellers greater flexibility, but it will also be mutually beneficial for both community-based businesses and local consumers. Shopping from within our own loyal database guarantees that the money stays within the respective local community. Although the emphasis is on local activity, this does not preclude doing business outside of our respective local communities. Our goal is to grow the database locally and then expand nationally and internationally.

To become a participant within Hour Third Market Network database as a free enterpriser, you must become a member of the UsuryFree Network. There is a $104. annual fee payable with $104. (Canadian Funds) or with $65. (Canadian Funds) plus 3 UFOH’s (UsuryFree Online Hours) – whereby one UFOH has a value of $13. (Canadian Funds) for one hour of basic labour. More details at the UFOH Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm

Not only will the extra business generated easily surpass the sign up fee, but there is also a lucrative 50% commission for referrals. However, a popular way of enrolling is through a fund-raising group or other networking group that offers membership cards at a discounted rate (frequently as high as 50%).

To become a member of the UsuryFree Network you can contact the UsuryFree Network directly. For more information and/or to request an application, contact Tommy-Usury: Free [email protected] or call 613.379-5131.

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