November 15, 2000

Greetings: Former Employees (Members of Parliament)
                      Future Employees (Candidates for the Federal Election 2000)
                    Employers (Voters)
                  Court of Public Review

I, Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as Tommy-Usury: Free, forwarded The Nousury Chapter in THE WHOLE STORY to Prime Minister Jean Chretien and other Former Employees (Members of Parliament), on April 21, 2000. Not one "Former Employee" responded. I am now forwarding it to Future Employees (Candidates for the Federal Election 2000), Employers (Voters), The Media and The Court of Public Review (Cyberspace Readers From All Around The Globe).

The leaders of the 11 registered political parties and the 8 (that I am aware of) political parties which are not registered were emailed this document on November 15, 2000. Other candidates will receive it as I have the time to find their email addresses.

I will be sharing details of any responses (or lack thereof) at The Cyberclass Network (* which has been averaging 1000 hits per month since January 2000 - it seems that more and more "employees" are anxious and ready to learn the "truth.") for the duration of this Federal Election Campaign of 2000.

Any prospective candidate is welcome and encouraged to re-educate themselves and then re-educate their prospective constituents with the "truths" written in The Nousury Chapter in THE WHOLE STORY and at The Cyberclass Network.

(* Occasionally, I have added some information in "italics" to update what is happening at the present time.)

As one prominent, world researcher/writer states at his website: "There is talking spirituality and responsibility and then there is LIVING it. The two are not the same and are constantly confused."
Readers are invited to review history lessons by reading Beating The New World Order, Chapter One by John Galt.

For more quality background information readers are encouraged to read and re-read every page of this Canadian edition of Billions For The Bankers Debts For The People. This 6th printing of the 35 page booklet is dedicated to the former Joe Thauberger of Regina, Saskatchewan, leader of the former Canada Party who passed away in 1998. This material is just one small example from a dedicated researcher and visionary who educated his fellow Canadians about the wicked monetary system and international finance. We owe a great gratitude to Joe Thauberger who so selflessly spent over 60 years of his adult life dedicated in the pursuit of "truth" about money and banking.

Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free

This Introductory Lesson entitled: The Nousury Chapter in THE WHOLE STORY is not copyrighted. Readers are invited to make links to it and/or make printed copies and pass them along to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues at work. (* And to the candidates who are seeking to be elected in the Federal Election of 2000 - they might "learn what they didn't know they didn't know.")

Readers are also urged to write their own "Dear Jean" (*or "Dear Prime Minister") letter if they believe the creation of a "usury-free" currency would aid in solving their personal economic woes as well as our mutual collective problem - the "usury-based" deficit.

In simple terms, we have a continuing, critical and unique situation whereby:  The MASTER - the Federal Government of Canada, which claims to represent we the people of Canada, is in deep in debt to the point of bankruptcy, with increasing debt-bondage being added daily, with its business activity at a dangerously low level, its prestige and power dwindling, and foreclosure a possibility in the foreseeable future......

While ....

THE SERVANT, the employee, The Bank of Canada and its twin associate The Federal Reserve Board are quietly taking possession through the respective member Banks, of the choicest farms, the best businesses, and the natural resources of Canada. Preferred members of THE SERVANT'S "family" (honoured member Banks) are able to buy land and build lavish skyscrapers because they continue to "hoodwink" the masses by lending not only to individual citizens but also to the Federal Government - and charging "usury" of course. In exchange, THE SERVANT is being granted a further promise of payment of more and more of the labour and the property of the present and future generations of this beloved country.

Time will tell whether Jean Chretien and his fellow Liberal Members of Parliament owe their "secure" position of power to the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS and THEIR ILK or to "WE THE PEOPLE" who are wising up to the "games of power and politics" whereby we waste our time voting out one band of corrupt and arrogant politicians only to replace them a similar band of thugs. The same things happen, nothing different occurs when voters choose different political parties.

I am learning that many of the present world leaders as well as those throughout history have ties with the Illuminati and/or   "Freemasonry." I viewed the movie "The Skulls" on the evening of "Good Friday, April 21, 2000." Like Glen Kealey so aptly says, "They (Freemasonry/Illuminati and their cohorts) make a movie telling us what they are doing in real life and we are so conditioned with regard to the fiction of movies that we dismiss it as just a movie. They put the "truth" in our faces and laugh at us 'cause we refuse to believe it."

Having researched the "conspiratorial" view of history for 20 years, I suspect that which "The Skulls" exposes is more than just a is the story of what is really occurring at different degrees in every level of government, (municipal, provincial and federal) and in the orthodox institutions of formal education, health, policing, banking, retailing etc...

It may be prudent to keep "freemasonry" in mind as you read the "Nousury Chapter in THE WHOLE STORY." Doing a search of "freemasonry" on the internet brings forth some interesting information that is not included in school textbooks.

The Nousury Chapter in THE WHOLE STORY

Mr. Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

April 21, 2000

Dear Jean Chretien:

Instead of the same old, band-aid solutions I am offering you a sweeping, innovative strategy which could effectively kill the deficit. Why prolong the agony of the upcoming, pre-planned "crash landing?" What we need is an immediate injection of "truth" about "usury" which will lead to the ultimate economic miracle of creating a "usury-free" society.

I will share with you some details and historical background that has been omitted from most approved history textbooks. Since this information was omitted, you can be forgiven for not learning about this during your years of formal education. I will communicate to you a solution that is guaranteed to cure the national debt while inflicting no financial pain on your employers, the Canadian people who vote you into office and pay your salary.

To put the crisis of "lack of funding" into perspective, let me review some facts and details of American history that are surely relevant to our current, critical economic situation here in Canada.

Financier Mayer Rothschild made a decision in 1762 that would alter the course of history from that day forward. He started a bank, for he had identified banking as a most profitable, global business and furthermore, he had five sons to take into partnership with him.

It was about the same time that Napoleon mysteriously rose in power in France and shortly thereafter, imposed a continental policy whereby nobody could import anything into Europe by "Law of Napoleon." The English government, in retaliation, made its own blockade saying that no one could ship to Napoleon except one family - the Rothschilds - who ran both blockades.

Nathan Rothschild financed the monopoly from England and his four brothers financed the monopoly war from various locations in Europe. In fact, they were testing their ability to creatively finance both sides of a war so that it did not matter who won or who lost. In this experiment the Rothschilds became more wealthy and more powerful as they perfected the two-sided concept of monopoly control. Since that time the same money has financed both sides of every war. Countless young men and women gave up their lives not knowing the "truth" about war.

In 1764, the Rothschild Bank of England used its influence on the Crown of England to have a law passed to prohibit the American colonies from issuing their own "usury-free," scrip. This same law also made it compulsory for the colonies to obtain all their currency from the Bank of England for a charge of "usury." The American Revolution was a direct result of the misery caused by the "usury" exacted on their new currency, and yet millions of Americans (and Canadians) still believe that their beloved ancestors revolted over a simple "tea tax." Those in charge of history are "masters at their craft of lies, deceit and deception."

Benjamin Franklin (freemason) explained the real reason for the War for American Independence:

The colonies would have gladly borne a little tax on tea, and other matters, had it not been
that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.

The Benjamin Franklin did his very best to prevent that tragic financial error to recur for he made sure these very explicit words were written into the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5:

Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.

Until the death of Benjamin Franklin, America prospered. Then, the secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, a subversive Cabinet appointee who was also in the employ of the Rothschild Bank, persuaded George Washington to issue a 20 year charter to a private bank called the Bank of the United States. Its very name, like that of the Federal Reserve, was selected so that the masses in America would think it was a part of the Federal Government.

The Charter of the Bank of the United states expired in 1811. Congress refused to renew the charter of the first Bank of the United States, so the nation was once again (temporarity) free of a central bank. This newly stated freedom greatly displeased the international bankers in London and lead directly to a British attempt to recapture her former American colonies.

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father & 3rd US President made some interesting quotes about banking:

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

And a couple more from Thomas Jefferson:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the Government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.

In 1811, Thomas Jefferson  refused to renew the charter for the First Bank of the United States (the 2nd central bank chartered by Congress in 1791) by stating:

The system of banking [is] a blot left in all our Constitutions, which, if not covered, will end in their destruction... I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity... is but swindling futurity on a large scale.

At that time, Nathan Rothschild, son of Amschel, issued an ultimation:

Either the application for renewal of the Charter is granted of
the United States will find herself involved in a disastrous war.

Congress did not yet take the Rothschilds very seriously and voted down the Charter. The War of 1812 was launched with a goal of impoverishing the Americans to the extent that they would settle for peace and plead once again for financial aid. It worked.

In 1816, Congress renewed the Charter of the Bank of the United States for another 20 years. In 1836 Andrew Jackson dared to veto the renewal of the Charter. Like Benjamin Franklin, he knew all about the Rothschilds:

You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you
out .... If the people only understood the rank injustice our money and banking system,
there would be a revolution by morning.

Jackson drove the usury bankers out of America temporarily and put the funds in the state banks because in his wisdom he knew that he owed his Office as President to the people. Mr. Chretien, do you owe your Office as Prime Minister to the people or to the International Bankers? America had another period of great prosperity from 1836 until the war between the North and the South.

Just one hundred and twenty-five years ago our friends in the United States were suffering the heartache, mental anguish and physical pain they were needlessly inflicting on each other while laying waste to their beloved country in yet another pre-planned, useless, and brutal war that was partly political, partly religious, mostly economical but certainly not civil.

Prior to the war, the agricultural empire of the South was spreading west at an unprecedented rate. At about this same time, historic records show that a small group of International Bankers whose roots were already well established in Europe were anxious to harness the wealth that was being created in abundance by the agricultural empire of the South. As the next logical step towards creating a coercive worldwide economic network, the International Bankers needed to slow down the American free enterprise machine. Mr. Chretien, the "truth" is that the meddling by the powerful International Bankers was the root cause of the "Civil War" fought by those gallant men in grey. Slavery was definitely a secondary issue.

Mr Chretien, I daresay that you and your Cabinet might profit much from an intensive study of the true history of that "Civil War" and even more from studying its immediate aftermath. Consider who really wants to create a "Civil War" in Canada and what motivation lies behind the unrest being created over the "language" issues in Quebec and/or the agitation for separation or independence in Western Canada.

If Quebec was pioneering a path to real "sovereignty," and true independence with a "usury-free" economic system we could expect the media to inform us of such an agenda - couldn't we? Instead, the daily mainstream media evidently gives us a different agenda which focuses on a misguided emotional wrath that never addresses "usury" as the design flaw in our orthodox economic system.

The mainstream media usually dismisses statements about "Financial and Monetary Policy" as not newsworthy when they come from the so-called fringe political parties such as The Western Canada Concept Party:

We believe government which creates money has no need or right to borrow it from anyone, but should create the credit as currency and loans from the central bank based on the real value of goods and services produced and thereby there should be no national or municipal debt.

After the war between the North and South, there was again prosperity without precedent until 1912. During this greatest era of recorded modern history, there was neither a graduated income tax nor a Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. The International Bankers, however, never gave up. They found Woodrow Wilson sympathetic to their cause and within a year of his being elected President, they influenced him to completely stifle American freedom and prosperity by establishing the Federal Reserve Bank and implementing a gradual income tax.

By design the world ran out of cash in the 1930's and the great American/Canadian free enterprise machines stalled. (* Likewise, in the 1930's the Uniform Commercial Code was put into place worldwide - Canada included - and I have recently been reading about UCC and trying to understand it and how it is being used to keep me from understanding and re-capturing my "strawman." Anyone having information and/or understanding of the "strawman" is invited to share the knowledge.)

Seventy years later the great free enterprise machines which were stalled in the 1930's are again being slowed down and the grim reality is being felt in both the United States and Canada. Mr. Chretien, the establishment of the deceptive, private banking system called the Federal Reserve Bank usurped from Congress the right and power to coin money. It was given to a group of private financiers whose identity has never been exposed to the public. Not even Congress knows exactly who those persons are who hold voting stock in the Federal Reserve Bank.

It is historically significant, that Canada Customs Revenue Agency (CCRA) in cahoots with Revenue Canada and the Bank of Canada have many parallels to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. It is the perception of most well-informed, "nousury" citizens  -  who are already engaged in the creation of "usury-free" economics by opening a "usury-free," time-currency accounts on the internet and trading a currency called HOURS  -  that the International Bankers evolved to become slick, professional con artists during the 20th Century.

Now in the 21st Century, not only do they meddle and manipulate the hierarchy in communist controlled countries and countries like Kuwait, Iraq and Iran but they do likewise right here in Canada, one of the most democratic countries of the so-called "free world." Mr. Chretien, even though it may not be obvious to the politicians nor the voters, the greedy International Bankers are already preparing to harness a large portion of wealth which your government and previous governments have created with your respective agendas for economic renewal in Canada.

It was in 1863, that President Abraham Lincoln came face to face with those powerful International Bankers when he sought to secure loans to finance the war and bring it to a swift conclusion. Since the International Bankers always made more profits by financing lengthy wars, they wished the Civil War to continue so that they could continue collecting an exorbitant rate of "usury" (28%) on the loans granted to Lincoln as he defended the North. At the same time a much lesser rate of "usury" was exacted on loans granted to finance the advances of the South. After Lincoln analyzed the International Bankers' unfair terms he moved on Congress to issue 450 million dollars in debt and "usury-free," United States Notes known as "Lincoln Greenbacks." Lincoln attracted widespread support by his bold action of returning to the basis of scrip with his "usury-free," greenback concept and those who promoted the idea were known as "greenbackers."

Even though the International Bankers were still perceived to be rookies in Lincoln's time, (Glen Kealey claims they've been effectively carrying out their deceptive agenda for more than 10, 000 years) they were already gaining control of the media. The London Times carried the following editorial about their "hidden agenda."

If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North American
Republic during the late war in that country, should be indurated down to a fixture,
then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts
and be without debt. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of
civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go
to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every
monarchy on the globe.

While government approved history textbooks have recorded Lincoln's assassination, little in depth material has been printed about what exactly motivated John Wilkes Booth to pull the trigger. In the personal effects of John Wilkes Booth were found documents and code papers linking him to the Rothschilds. Bismarck, who was Chancellor of Germany at the time said:

The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the
United States great enough to wear his boots... I fear that foreign banks with
their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of
America and use it systematically to corrupt modern civilization. They will not
hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into war and chaos in order that
the earth should become their inheritance.

Mr. Chretien, I suggest to you that things in Canada will worsen beyond all imagination unless your government immediately moves through Parliament to issue "usury-free" money. The greed of the International Bankers must be halted at the earliest possible date before Canada is thrust into anarchy and chaos. I draw you attention to what happened in Washington, D.C. during "Holy Week" of the year 2000. (* And now consider what happened in Florida on November 7th, 2000.)

About 100 years after the International Bankers effectively killed the perfect, "usury-free," greenback concept engineered by Abraham Lincoln, a Canadian engineer, George E. Creed, M.Sc., P.Eng., authored a book entitled "A Way To End Unemployment Without Inflation." He outlined the scientific and democratic money system that was developed by a great Canadian, the late Harry H. Hallatt. On studying the Hallatt Dual Economy Money System otherwise known as the "Hallatt System" I learned that Harry Hallatt provided a complete, permanent solution in the 1960's to those urgent, national problems that still haunt us in the 21st Century - unemployment, affordable housing, inflation, excessive taxation, and burdensome, "usury-based" debt, BUT no political action has even been taken by any federal government.

During the past twenty years, I have questioned media personalities, clergy, politicians and ordinary citizens about why the scientifically proven "usury-free" concept of economics has never been considered for implementation since the creation of the Federal Reserve Board and the Income Tax system in 1913. To date, I have received no credible responses - most people never even heard of "usury" and know nothing of "usury-free" credit.

Neither were the "social credit" theories given a fair chance, though William Aberhart, Premier of Alberta made a gallant effort to do so in the 1930's. There are many similarities between Abraham Lincoln's "usury-free," greenback funding concept and Harry Hallatt's money system, Ithaca hours, Toronto dollars, Ottawa Ecodollars and "social credit." Mr. Chretien, in your opinion, why has "usury-free" economics not implemented by any federal government during the 20th Century?

Prior to the federal election of 1984, I learned about a unique, computerized, "usury-free," community currency trading system commonly called a LETS, (Local Employment Trading System). It was created in 1983, by Michael Linton, an engineer from the Comox Valley, in British Columbia. Another well-respected, banking systems engineer from Ottawa, Ontario, John C. Turmel who helped finance the initial development of the LETS software has been promoting the concept of "usury-free" for all levels of government (municipal, provincial/state, national and international) on world tours and in election campaigns in Canada since 1984. (* This Federal Election Campaign 2000 is his 52nd election campaign.)

LETSystems are now currently operational all over the world. It was during the 1984 election campaign in Ottawa, Ontario that I first encountered numerous independent candidates who were promoting a "usury-free," computerized, greenback funding program which blended the best of "social credit" with Lincoln's and Hallatt's concepts using the LETS "usury-free," banking software - the high technology cadillac of the modern computer age.

It has been with great excitement and dismay, that over the years since 1984, I have been an active member of the Ottawa LETS while observing how both the print and electronic media have craftily censored LETS news, events and happenings in the political and economic arenas as "not newsworthy." Consequently, the voting masses have been effectively sheltered from learning about the high-tech version of Lincoln's proven, "usury-free," greenback funding concept.

(* During the 2000 Municipal Election Campaign in Ottawa, Mayoral Candidate, Bob Chiarelli commented that though he was ready to explore possible the concept of "community currency" there was not yet a consensus for implementing LETS at the municipal level of politics. I explained to him that was the case because the media have not fairly reported on the concept to the voters. His statement motivated me to start a Petition to demonstrate that inded there is a political will to implement LETS at the municipal level of politics in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Perhaps we will need a federal referendum to prove that this issue has merit at the the federal level of politics.)

I daresay that hundreds of candidates of any political party would quickly add the "usury-free," community currency funding program to their independent or party platforms if they would take the time to read and review the LETS information and discuss with the monetary engineers of the 21st Century how it can be implemented with ease by any level of government (municipal, provincial and/or federal).

Mr. Chretien, I suggest that if you take the time to study the "usury-free," funding concepts put forth by Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Harry H. Hallatt, Glen Wood, George E. Creed, Paul Glover, Michael Linton and John C. Turmel, you will find simple, "usury-free" solutions to your ever- worsening, critical problem - the "usury-based," deficit. Let me share with you a statement made by International Banker, Anselm Rothschild and which is quoted in U.S.A. Senate Document No. 23, 76th Congress:

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.

And US President, James A. Garfield stated:

Whoever controls the volume of money in any country
is absolute master of all industry and commerce.

Mr. Chretien, there is a sense of urgency for you to take action to include the issue of "usury-free" funding in your upcoming government programs. If you and your colleagues do not take prompt action to correct the manner by which Canada's money is issued, it really won't matter which laws your government passes during this term in office (or during the next four/five years). We are destined to run short of oil early in the 21st Century and as humanity we will face world-wide starvation when this happens. In the meantime, we will continue losing our freedoms at a rapid rate to an oppressive one world dictatorship established by the greedy International Bankers if we are unable to pay off our "usury-based," national debt on their terms.

We are now witnessing what happens when the deficit, fuelled by "usury" grows to a point where those borrowers who have been paying the "usury" are saying: "I can NOT and I will NOT pay. Read about the Refusetax, Untax and Detax movements in Canada. Likewise, many of the third world countries are already dangerously close to crippling the TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks because of their inability to pay the "usury" component of their loans. Soon they will despair and give up any hope of ever finding a solution to their growing, "usury," problem which is shackled to their respective national debts.

Any Canadian citizen with a "functioning brain" (Glen Kealey's coined words) who is willing to be re-educated about the International Bankers' racket will readily accept the one and only necessary solution to solve the critical problem of the "usury-based," national debt  -  repudiate the "usury" portion of the existing debt and immediately start the process of having the Federal Government create its own "usury-free" currency.

Instead of permitting the greedy International Bankers to continue playing the key role in the creation of Canada's currency by encouraging the common people to borrow 95% of it into existence by signing for credit card purchases, consumer loans (personal, business, mortgages, auto, travel etc.) the Federal Government ought to be creating 100% of the nation's money by overdrawing its chequing account in the act of issuing "usury-free" currency (tax credits) for the funding of such projects as schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, dams, other buildings etc. as well as all federal, provincial and municipal services. This is the optimal solution to global peace and the creation of a "usury-free" society. It is the "usury" on borrowed funds that has been financing most of Canada's major life-support industries to near extinction.

I also suggest that the manufacture and distribution of weapons and armaments be immediately discontinued. Dan Lavigne, founder of International Humanity House, has initiated a unique, pro-active program whereby Canadian citizens are legally withdrawing their financial support from *ALL* governments until they start listening to their employers - the voters. Dana Visalli wrote about Why They Don't See what Daniel Lavigne is pointing out before their very eyes.

I am in possession of a "Tax Exempt Status" card by order of the International Humanity House, which I currently use at retail stores/restaurants etc. in Canada to exempt myself from all provincial and federal taxes. In April 2000, using the "Tax Exempt Status" card and Dan Lavigne's research, including "Decision T2020-88 of the Federal Court of Canada" I instructed my employer to stop taking income tax off my monthly pay cheque.

I have been using my "Tax Exempt Status" card and encouraging others to do likewise. As supporters of International Humanity House we are taking the lead in Canada by withholding our money from governments (provincial and federal) which are not listening to - we the people.

Those of us who have taken the time to understand the simplicity of "usury-free" economics are opening our local LETS accounts to trade with our community currencies which we create "usury-free" and back by our integrity and honesty. It is time now to open our Global LETS accounts on the internet so that we can trade our "usury-free" time currency with citizens locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

In this regard, it is time for the leaders of all federal political parties in Canada to declare their support for the ratification of U.N.C.6 - "The Forum urges the United Nations to make serious commitments to restructure the global financial architecture to balance the monetary means to favour human endeavour and ecology, such as an alternative time-based currency." (* The leaders of all political parties can expect to hear from John C. Turmel about endorsing U.N.C.6 during this federal election.)

Though the International Bankers may look on with horror and disbelief as their "big lie" is exposed, it is necessary to take action NOW if we are to take the lead in saving ourselves as a planet. We can expect other countries to beat a path to our door to ask what are we doing and how are we doing it?

It is a common conviction of most hard-working Canadian citizens that whenever, "We the People," take the responsibility to increase our gross national product (GNP) we will have earned the right to have additional "usury-free" money paid (into circulation) by our government, to us as receipts (tax credits) for our work. As I understand the present deceptive situation, new money is created by the stroke of a banker's pen and loaned (into circulation) to us at compound "usury" when we approach the loans manager for a consumer loan, business loan or a mortgage loan at any of our "dishonourable," chartered banks.

An analogy may help to clearly understand the "clandestine conspiracy" that corrupts our economic system. I invite you to picture yourself as a wage earner within a private enterprise wherein the entrepreneur is being loaned the money he uses to pay your wages. It follows that, the longer it takes for the entrepreneur to sell your production, the deeper in debt s/he (the entrepreneur, otherwise known as the capitalist) must go due to spiraling "usury" payments exacted by the banker.

Likewise, you, as a wage earner, like millions of Canadians (Americans or otherwise) find yourself constantly facing "usury-based" debt. Since your employer must always face the risk of going bankrupt on a whim of a banker who may choose to call in any outstanding loan balances on short notice, you too always face the hard reality of being unemployed.

Mr. Chretien, I know that you as a flagwaving free enterpriser must reject such a sinister economic plan which is designed to keep both the employer (entrepreneur) and the employee (wage earner) in financial bondage for life - generation after generation. I therefore, challenge you to champion free enterprise in your role as Prime Minister of Canada and publicly reject our current, orthodox, "usury-based" economic strategy deceptively designed and subtly imposed upon unsuspecting Canadians by the International Bankers and their ilk.

Their cynical strategy has been destroying our free enterprise system and eroding our cherished freedoms at an escalating rate during the past 100 years (minimum - Glen Kealey says 10,000 years). This simple fact must be re-stated, that most of the new money is and has been created by the chartered banks in such a way that the debt expands by a geometrical progression because of compound "usury."

During the past 20 years I have been conducting an intense research and self-study program to better understand "economics," "politics," "power," "mind control," and "human nature." I have studied that which has been authored by those economists (few of whom agree on anything) educated and groomed by those institutions such as The London School of Economics, all of which are directly and/or indirectly controlled by the International Bankers. I have also studied the material which has been authored by innovative monetary architects and by competent engineers who have sworn an oath of integrity to systems design. All members of this group agree on one thing - our federal government must regain power to create "usury-free" currency. I am choosing to promote those "tried and proven" programs and to reject those theories and concepts which are too esoteric for either consideration or implementation.

It is time to outline a common sense economic blueprint meant to restructure the clandestine and destructive economic elements that is continuing to expand our national debt to the point where it will equal $30,000+ per family when this current fiscal year ends in March 2001. If the mainstream political parties do not take the lead then it may be time for the voters to support the so-called fringe of federal politics.

There are two leaders of (two non-registered, political parties) John C. Turmel - leader of the Abolitionist Party of Canada and Jean-Serge: Brisson, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada who can be called upon to share their knowledge of how the Parliament of Canada can implement the "usury-free" funding concept. Both leaders understand how the LETS software works and both have endorsed the LETS software on behalf of their respective political parties.

Though I have not communicated directly with Doug Christie - leader of the Western Canada Concept Party I am confident that he too understands that "usury" is the design flaw of orthodox economics and that the "usury-free" LETS software can be adapted to function at the federal level of politics. Various other smaller, federal political parties have also endorsed the concept of "usury-free" economics as it can be delivered by the LETS software in previous federal elections. I am inviting those leaders who support the concept of "usury-free" economics to send an email to The Cyberclass Network that makes such a statement.

I trust that spirit will lead many uncommon (every Canadian has the potential to be uncommon) Canadians to share this information within their circles of influence. I trust that some honourable media personalities will make a genuine effort to bring this issue to the Court of Public Review by interviewing members of local LETS communities, participants within the Global LETS, participants within the various "Refusetax/Detax/Untax" movements, federal political leaders and candidates members of the Cabinet, as well as the awakening, uncommon Canadians about the "usury-free" funding solution.

In addition, there is always the hope that a newly-elected, conscientious Member of Parliament will introduce the "usury-free," funding concept to Parliament by way of a Private Member's Bill so that it can be debated and acted upon. Why not let that honourable, Member of Parliament be the person who is elected in your federal electoral riding?

(* Now, there is an opportunity for any candidate in the Federal Election of 2000 to advocate that the LETS software be used to re-program the Bank of Canada's computer to issue "usury-free" currency for all Canadians.)

I propose that our current federal deficit of $40 billion should show up as a minus balance in a Canadian Federal Government's account within the LETS software. It would then be reflected by an exactly equal earnings total of plus balances in "We the People's" chequing accounts and would form our money supply, a money supply we would own - "usury-free."

Mr. Chretien, as I now understand the national debt, the Canadian government will draw its "usury-bearing" chequing account down to zero and then call upon the banks - in cahoots with the Bank of Canada - to cover a small portion of that debt by having them overdraw their chequing accounts to buy Canadian Treasury bills. While a small amount of all new money is created in this manner, millions of common Canadians, including most bank employees have been led to believe that all of the money is created in this way.

My ongoing research is indicating that the bulk of the new money supply has been and is still being created unknowingly by those friendly loan's managers at the local chartered banks, when by the stroke of a pen they create the money (the principal BUT never the "usury") which they then add to the accounts of those unsuspecting fellow-citizens who are granted new loans (personal, business, auto, mortgages etc.) Why should "We the People" continue to allow you - our employee - to mismanage our national debt by permitting the bulk of our new money to be created in such a sinister manner?

Mr. Chretien, the concept of "usury-free" funding, facilitated with lo-tech machinery, worked very well
in American history and Premier William Aberhart made a gallant effort to launch the concept in Alberta in the 1930's until the "Boys from Bay Street" belittled his "funny money" and eventually killed the pure concept of "social credit" - which is best described as friendly, "usury-free" credit. Since the 1930's the concept of "usury-free" credit has been verified scientifically and more recently the wheels of computer technology have been added so that both high density and low density areas of population can be effectively serviced with "usury-free" funds.

Millions of Canadians are anxiously awaiting for your bold action as you introduce this concept of "usury-free" currency as the optimal solution to our ever-worsening economic woes. Expanding networks of "economically aware" Canadians, many of whom are wage earners who double as part-time SDI (Self Directed Income) earners, are re-learning the "truth" about money and the distinct difference between the existing Credit Unions and the Chartered Banks and teaching this newly acquired knowledge to those who are ready and willing to become pro-active in causing a shift towards prosperity consciousness.

Some consumer groups have already been formed whereby informed citizens are participating to create a co-operative pool of resources whereby individuals can take turns borrowing "usury-free" funds. More such groups will surely be created as fellow-citizens become fully aware of the distinct differences between funding with "usury" and funding without "usury."

Mr. Chretien, I propose that the Federal Government of Canada lead the way and introduce "usury-free" funding so that the deficit can be promptly paid off without inflation, deflation to increased taxation. While the International Bankers who have previously pulled the strings in the backrooms may object, be assured that your employers - the voters who pay your salary - will support you and the Liberal Party of Canada wholeheartedly. It will be particularly gratifying for the voters when they find out that the creation of "usury-free" funds will not only pay off all our national debt, but it will also immediately transform our money supply from one owed to the International Bankers to one owned by "We the People."

This will be a welcome change indeed, for our money supply will no longer carry a "usury" charge, nor will either the Federal nor the Provincial Government need to collect income tax to cover the "usury" portion of the debt. In fact, research indicates that a simple consumption "gift" of approximately 10% of one's earnings would be adequate and much more fair. This consumption "gift" could therefore, eventually replace our current oppressive income tax which was an idea conceived of by Karl Marx and brought to North America by the International Bankers and their ilk early in the 20th Century.

Mr. Chretien, I suggest that the inscription on the new, "usury-free," Canada scrip should read: "We, the People of Canada, owe and will pay to the bearer on demand the face value of this note in goods and/or services." This new Canada scrip will of course be paid to those productive persons ( and every single citizen will now choose to be productive to the best of his/her ability) who are giving goods and/or services to the Federal Government of Canada and are therefore, owed equivalent value in tax credits. There is no doubt that every single Canadian will quickly have a change of attitude and become productive using all Creator-given talents and skills at the optimal level of ability.

Perhaps I should also explain that the first party to keep the pledge (i.e. to pay the debt) would be the first seller (by providing to the bearer, on demand, the face value of the "usury-free," Canadian, tax credit in goods and/or services.) The People collectively, would then owe the new holder of the "usury-free," Canadian, tax credit a debt, which the next seller will pay - and which s/he will then be owed. The progression is that each successive seller pays the debt (and is then, in turn owed equal value. The final party to keep the pledge (i.e. to pay the debt) would be the issuer - the Canadian Federal Government, by providing to the bearer on demand the most, important service any government can give its people - an honest, scientific and just, "usury-free" money system founded on spiritual principles with "nousury."

Mr. Chretien, it is a welcome breath of fresh air to realize that with a new and unprecedented "usury" rate of zero percent, the remaining portion (principal) of the national debt could be quickly paid off with "usury-free," tax credits. The current critical problem with the national debt is due to the fact that virtually all money now consists of plus balances in chequing accounts transferred from buyer to seller by cheques. When "usury-free" funding is implemented all money will consist of plus balances in chequing accounts transferred electronically from buyer to seller. It therefore follow that any monthly service charge need be applied only for the service of making the transactions. All money collected will be used to pay for all necessary but reduced government costs and the vast remainder should then be distributed equally, to every Canadian citizen, as a monthly dividend.

Mr. Chretien, there is a real sense of urgency for you to bring an abrupt halt to the "bankers' racket" whereby the money lenders (International Bankers) and their ilk (less than 5% of the population) enslave the masses (more than 95% of the population). Mr. Chretien, I predict that only the the money lenders (International Bankers) and their ilk (the people of power and influence) - who are and always have been in cahoots with the money lenders - will resist your move to withdraw the deceptively slick but non-productive manner in which money is being created in Canada.

In contrast, the voting public will endorse your move to create "usury-free" money in a productive manner that will benefit every level of society. Your bold swift action will earn the respect of the unemployed, the wage earners, the Self Directed Income earners, the youth of our nation and all lobby minority groups for the creation of "usury-free" currency is the ONLY solution to save Canada from the pre-planned world economic order which will surely follow if the current self-destructing, "usury-bearing," money system is not immediately exposed and abolished.

Mr Chretien, I know that with your "economic and political acumen" you will choose the one and ONLY solution to the critical problem of the national debt - REPUDIATE THE "USURY" PORTION OF THE EXISTING DEBT AND INTRODUCE A "USURY-FREE," TAX CREDIT (CURRENCY) IMMEDIATELY."

I follow the information as I research, I think with a functioning brain, I take action ...

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy, natural person of commoner status, otherwise known as Tommy-No: Usury

c.c.  Employees (Members of Parliament)
         Employers (Voters)
       Court of Public Review

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