Target: Four Fast-Growing and Merging Markets

Market Number One:
The Online Marketplace Is Booming

Currently, there are 200 millions Internet users. This number will increase to approximately 502 million in 2003 (IDC), and 1 billion by 2005 (University of Texas).
Online advertising revenues are projected to grow to $22.2 billion in 2004. (Forrester)
sales by 2001! (Ernst & Young) ยท Worldwide commerce revenue on the Internet is expected to grow to more than $1 trillion in 2003. (IDC)

A projected 900% growth in online Internet shopping is now the third most popular method of purchasing (53%), behind brand-name stores (88%) and discount retailers (70%). In 1999, more people shopped online than via paper catalogs (40%). (NSF) These industry numbers greatly increased by the end of 1999. According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), a 1999 survey found that 54% of Americans had a computer in the home, this compared to only 8% in 1983. A strong 46% of Americans households now have Internet access, compared to only 20% in 1995. In addition to the growing Internet subscriber base, the average annual number of hours spent online has increased from 80 in 1995, to 161 in 1997, to 296 in 1999 with anticipated growth projections completely outpacing these dramatic statistics.
Market Number Two: The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry is Booming
The SDI Industry has a proven success record.

The SDI industry's global sales have eclipsed the $100 billion annual sales benchmark. Industry annual sales have increased from $33.3 billion in 1988, to $62.9 billion in 1992, to $80 billion in 1997, to the current sales rate in excess of $100 billion.
51% of Americans have purchased goods or services through direct sales.
45% of Americans want to buy from direct sellers.
Direct sales, with 58% growth, has been the fastest growing form of retail sales over the past five (5) years; surpassing mail order at 49% (only 7% in the last year), non-store retailing such as telemarketing at 29%, and fixed store retail locations at only 6%.
Just in the United States, the number of people involved in direct sales has grown from 5.7 million in 1993 to 9.3 million in 1997.
Globally, the number of people involved in direct selling has grown from 8.5 million people in 1988 to 31 million people in 1997 thus representing a 10-year 250% growth rate. Current (1999) ranks are nearing the 40 million people mark.
In some international markets, the Self Directed Income industry is actually the dominant sales channel in the various industries. In Japan, for example, a country where cars can be bought from SDI entrepreneurs, the SDI industry accounts for 54% of sales.
A Hartman Group survey of 45,000 U.S. households supports the fact that commissioned customer acquisition strategy SDI as being the most effective.

 Market Number Three: The Telecommunications Industry is Booming

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 Market Number Four: The Barter and Trading - with "usury-free" community currency - Industry is Booming

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