Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 07:31:08 -0500
From: Huguette Demers <[email protected]>
Subject: Financial Meltdown?
Posted at: [email protected]

(I do not understand all of this jargon but I feel there is some truth in this point of view. Huguette Demers)

Financial Meltdown?

4 Trillion Dollars has now been wiped out in the current Bear market, especially from the NASDAQ.

A prime example is who, exactly one year ago had shares valued at $130.

Today they are $16-18 a share.

The great binge, fed by low interest rates and the printing of money on an unprecedented scale, is over on
the stock markets. Losses are mounting to mutual funds, unit trusts, investment companies, quoted companies
and private individuals - on a grand scale.

From the Daily Reckoning:

Doug Noland of the "At this point, the overriding issue comes right down to the solvency
of the entire U.S. financial sector, and the Federal Reserve and the leveraged speculating community are
playing with fire. Or, stating it differently, they are "betting the ranch" by perpetuating absolutely reckless
financial sector leveraging and an historic accumulation of foreign liabilities, especially in the face of mounting
credit and economic problems. To be candid, I see this as nothing less than the absolute worst-case scenario
developing - the unrelenting self-destruction of our financial system."

O.K. I shouldn't be talking doom and gloom at Christmas (or at any other time for that matter) - so I'm talking
reality. Unless the manipulation of the markets takes another huge deviation to postpone the inevitable (which
will make the ending far worse) the biggest Bull market in the history of mankind will continue to come crashing
down, taking middle America with it and the rest of the world to follow.  And it's coming now.

That's why we have two hard men entering the Whitehouse, to oversee the crashing and changing of the world
financial system. A fall in the value of the Dollar is expected and this will take the value of ALL currencies around
the world down, because most currencies are allied to the value of the Dollar - it is the world's reserve currency.

Can you feel electronic money, the implantable chip and smart cards (two way transceivers) coming rushing at you?

My advice:
Batten down the financial hatches.
Get rid of ALL debt.
Make sure you can easily cope with your overheads - otherwise cut them to the bone and do it now.

We are a spiritual group, but the reality is that the System will now attack human spirituality through a cataclysmic,
manipulated crash of the financial system, the fallout from which will affect every single human being on the planet,
one way or another.

The time for using our prayer/faith/power to benefit our fellow human beings is at hand.

And God is watching us.

Strength and Light to you in 2001.

Jess. [email protected]