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November 30, 2000

Greetings to Mayor Bob Chiarelli and the Councillors for the City of Ottawa:

Congratulations on your recent victory in the Ottawa municipal election. It is my understanding that you will begin your three year term serving the citizens of Ottawa on January 1, 2001.

At this time, I am forwarding this communication so that you will have an opportunity to examine this "Proposal To Limit Tax Increases While Improving Current Levels Of Municipal Government Services" before you assume your newly elected positions. Since I do not have all of your current email addresses and your new ones are not operational yet, I will also deliver a hard copy of this document to you.

Some of you may recall receiving a copy of a similar mailing in 1991 and 1994 when I suggested this proposal to Regional Chair, Peter Clark and in 1997 when I suggested this proposal to Regional Chair, Bob Chiarelli. Though some former councillors recognized the possible benefits of launching a pilot project endorsed by the municipal level of government no action has been taken by any council in any of the former municipalities.

It is my conviction that the timing is right to seriously consider the content of this "Proposal" as you enter your new mandate. While Ithaca, New York offers the first and best model of an ever-expanding "usury-free" community currency commonly called "Ithaca Hours" (launched in 1991) two Canadian cities have taken the lead by endorsing pilot projects which involve using "usury-free" community currencies. Many businesses in the St. Lawrence Market and Riverdale areas are accepting "Toronto Dollars" (launched in December 1998) and the Calgary Transit system is accepting as payment for transit tickets "Bow Chinook Hours" (launched in July 2000).

I am convinced that the City of Ottawa can create and launch an even better pilot project (using the "time currency" model) than either Toronto or Calgary because we have not only their working models to improve upon but we also have one of the pioneer engineers of the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software living as a resident in the City of Ottawa. That engineer is John C. Turmel whom we can rely upon as a valuable resource since he fully understands how to optimize the potential of any proposed pilot project involving "usury-free" community currency.

I invite you to read the attached "Proposal" and ponder ideas for possible pilot projects to be launched with the co-operation of the Ottawa municipal government early in 2001 or view it where you can activate the links at this URL:

If you did not receive this communication by email and you would prefer an email copy please request such by emailing me at: [email protected]

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