LETS Progress In Australia

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From: Maureen Bott <[email protected]>
To: Tom J. Kennedy <[email protected]>
Date: Saturday, December 02, 2000 11:33 PM
Subject: LETS Progress In Australia

Maureen Bott types:

"Dear Tom:

I wrote to you in November last year about Lets Assist.  I was hoping to get a registered copy, I have sent a cheque for $75.00 to the address on the registration information which comes with the demonstration copy.  It has now been nearly two months and I have not received a copy.  Have you any other ideas on how I can get one?"

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy responds:

I refer you to this message from Graeme Dickason:

"I am now the owner and can be contacted as follows :
Graeme Dickason
[email protected]

PO Box 480
NAIRNE  SA  5252

+61 8 8391 0300
+61 8 8391 6283
+61 4 1981 4655 (mobile phone)"

Maureen Bott continues:

"You mentioned in your last e-mail how you had tried working with the churches and had not managed to get very far.  This has also been my experience.  I did get as far as getting one church to set up a lets system, however they only wanted it to work internally, and were afraid of inviting outsiders to join.  I also managed to get two large churches together, who had over 1000 members between them to consider the proposal, and after 6 months of working with them and a lot of training , they decided that they were already busy enough with what they were  doing, and were also afraid of opening their doors to outsiders.

Recently I developed a small task group to set up a LETS system across a whole municipality in the Eastern Region of Victoria.  We have now linked in with the Warranwood LETS program which has been in existence for over 10 years and has 150 members,  we have developed a task force of key leaders in the municipality who we are hoping will develop the existing LETS program into a much bigger program. Our aim is to develop a healthy community chest which will support families in crisis.  We are also encouraging these people to join LETS once the crisis is over.  This has been very exciting, and is beginning to fly.

I am from Australia, and work with one of the largest Family Support Agencies in Victoria.  My position is manager of the Community Resources Program.  I think LETS can go a long way towards solving a lot of the problems in our State in developing caring communities and empowering marginalised people.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Maureen Bott."

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy responds:

"Re: Curches setting up LETSystems. As I understand how LETSystems work, churches are ideal places to launch local LETSystems. Still no change here in Canada. Mainline Christian Church groups are unfortunately very self-centred and dogmatically oriented and interested in "protecting" their diminishing flocks. They are not yet interested in working for the good of all humanity by taking an active and leading role in ushering in the new age of "usury-free" living aided by the LETS software - the perfect model of a "usury-free' banking system."

Nuff' typed for now. There is much new information posted at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/bartable.htm

Enjoy this day and keep me posted on your progress.
Working with you for 'peace and plenty" by 2020
Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-No: Usury"