LETS & The SDI (Self-Directed Incomes) Industry
by Tommy-No: Usury

For eighteen years I have been encouraging the SDI industry - formerly known as the network marketing industry or the multi-level marketing industry -  to consider adding the LETSystem as an integral component of their respective marketing infrastructures. I have also been encouraging LETSystem operators and LETSystem Committees and Councils to reach out and welcome SDI entrepreneurs. Some are listening, others are not.

The SDI marketing industry leads the way into the 21st Century as the marketing of goods and services is becoming more decentralized and more individualized. The LETSystem likewise supports decentralized self-sustaining local economies and fosters a concept whereby individuals create their own "usury-free" community currency backed by their own promise to deliver products and/or services. I daresay that both the LETSystem of alternative economics and the SDI industry of alternative marketing are advancing The UsuryFree Revoltiuon - which will be more than a token revolution into the 21st Century. When twinned the SDI industry and the LETSystem will create optimal economic structures to facilitate the decentralizing and individualizing processes and create abundance for all as we evolve into the 21st Century.

Any company in the SDI industry which supplies products and/or services to consumers can implement a LETSystem as part of their infrastructure. In the meantime, inviting SDI entrepreneurs to participate in local LETSystems will vastly increase the database of available talents, skills, products and services making any LETSystem more attractive for other prospects. Unfortunately, the Ottawa LETSystem still seeks to set limits on how SDI entrepreneurs trade their "usury-free" community currency, consequently, not many SDI entrepreneurs are expected to be motivated to join.

All SDI entrepreneurs who become members of any welcoming LETSystem will have the marketing edge over non-connected retail stores. In any local community the first SDI entrepreneurs trading and exchanging products and services with LETsystem technology will have the first opportunity to pitch all local free enterprisers. The local SDI entrepreneurs will have the potential to expand LETSystems' databases real fast. This will create exciting growth for LETSystems which will never serve humanity optimally by staying small. Of course, these pioneer SDI entrepreneurs from the various participating SDI companies will have a definite head start in serving consumers' preferences and all others will beat a path to their door to ask "What are you doing and how are you doing it?"

Whole new markets will be opened up for LETSystems by encouraging other free enterprisers to connect with them to facilitate trade and barter. SDI entrepreneurs can accept higher percentages of their profits in "usury-free" community currency when they are assured that the home office of their respective network marketing companies accept a percentage of payment for products and/or services in "usury-free" community currency also. In summary, any home office of any network marketing company could agree to accept partial payment for products and/or services in "usury-free" community currency and arrange to pay out a portion of any commissions directly into the LETS accounts of any participating SDI entrepreneurs. The home office of any SDI  company could agree to implement this concept immediately.

Since most home offices of SDI companies accept "interest-bearing" credit cards - whereby the banks take 4% to 6% from each transaction - why not participate with any LETSystem which can easily facilitate trade between both retail customers and wholesale SDI entrepreneurs. The participating SDI entrepreneurs are simply cautioned to request "usury-bearing" federal cash to cover their wholesale costs for products and/or services and agree to accept "usury-free" community currency for the profit margin on their sales. I believe that the LETSystem would quickly become more popular particularly when its integrity is recognized by the participants who no longer have to pay to the charge which is otherwise thieved by the bankers.

Another attractive consideration is that any SDI entrepreneur and any home office of any SDI company which accepts a percentage of sales in "usury-free" community currency should demand to pay the same percentage of taxes (federal, provincial, and/or municipal) in "usury-free" community currency. This will not be a problem since every level of government buys products and services from taxpayers everyday. There is a proposal before Mayor Bob Chiarelli and the Ottawa City Council re: the implementation of a "usury-free" community currency project.

Historically, the SDI industry has a 90% attrition rate in any given twelve month period. For example, as of 1991 there were approximately 10 million ex-Amway distributors worldwide. Add on the hundreds of other SDI companies which have left people jaded and you begin to see that this high rate of attrition must be addressed now. Making the LETSystem an integral part of the SDI industry might very well solve the attrition issue since participating SDI associates will have access to all of the products and/or services in a growing LETSystem databank. "Usury-bearing" cash is often artificially in short supply but goods and services are rarely in short supply.

All SDI companies that agree to accept a portion of any sale in "usury-free" community currency will be giving a distinct, competitive advantage to their SDI associates who will in turn be able to offer and accept even less "usury-bearing" federal cash and more "usury-free" community currency.

In any SDI enterprise, "usury-free" community currency can be paid to both employees as wages and to associates or distributors as commissions. When free enterprisers in local communities learn that SDI associates and employees have lots of "usury-free" community currency to spend, they will be astute enough to immediately join a LETSystem to access the products and/or services on the growing database.

"Usury-free" community currnecy IOU's could become even more popular than the LETSystems' current computer accounting system in the 21st Century. The new online electronic currency called ufoh's" (usury-free online hours) have the same flexibility as cash. Details at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/letsbuild.htm LETSystems could even agree to accept Canadian Tire money and/or Pioneer Gas money for small change on any transaction.

The resources and technology are now ready for SDI networks and SDI companies to twin with LETSystems and work in mutually beneficial ways. In the late 1990's it seemed that The Ottawa based LETSystem, was open to reaching out to invite all local SDI entrepreneurs on board. Ironically, in the mid-1990's, the original Ottawa Letsystem had shunned anyone who was associated (full time) with multi-level marketing, network marketing or the SDI (Self Directed Incomes) industry and therefore they limited their database and curtailed their growth. Now again in July of 2001, the Ottawa LETSystem by reprimanding myself has chilled any further possibility of furthering the twinning of LETS and SDI. Details at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/sditruth.htm

SDI entrepreneurs from any network distribution company in the SDI industry are indeed welcomed by The UsuryFree Network's Online Bartering & Trading Community, as are those who are not involved in the SDI industry. Neither will The NoUsury Network police how you spend your "usury-free" community currency. There will be no fear of a fair exchange being falsely labelled a "bribe" as has happened within the Ottawa LETSystem.

History shows that "first" is better than "best" so let's communicate with SDI associates who are members of The UsuryFree Network's Online Communitry and experience how this unique and powerful concept of twinning SDI entrepreneurs with LETSystems facilitates wealth creation and community growth within the SDI industry - thereby advancing The NoUsury Revolution and creating "peace and plenty" by 2020 whereby "usury-free" community currencies will replace our current "usury-bearing" federal cash.

After all, in the best of all possible worlds we often say: "LET'S do it together".