LET'S Build Local and Global Community

Visit The NoUsury Network's Online Community: www.communityzero.com/usuryfree

Click on "Shared Lists" to arrive at the place where we are building our database. On the "Shared Lists" page click on "TNN Participants' List of "Offers" and "Wants." Click on a few of the names to see what is being offered and what is wanted. Also view how much space you will have to list your information. After the last
listing on the database, click on "Add List Item." Enter your name exactly as you want it to appear. After you have completed your contact details and full information click on "Add List Entry" and your information will be added to the database and posted for others to view.

Now that you are ready for trading go to this URL: http://quaylargo.com/cybercredits

Establish an account and you are ready to trade The NoUsury Network's online "usury-free" electronic currency called "ufoh" (usury-free online hour). The buyer records the trade. A "ufoh" is valued at $13 for an hour of basic labour. If your talent, skill or service demands more than $13. per hour in the cash market, then estimate the dollar value of your service or product to the nearest multiple of 13. Then divide that amount by 13 to calculate the market value in the time currency which is called "ufoh's." Eg. The value of tutoring is $13. x 2 = $26 per hour divided by 13 = 2 "ufoh's."

You are reminded to request "usury-bearing" cash to cover any wholesale costs and agree to accept a portion of your mark-up in "usury-free" electronic currency called "ufoh's." As this database grows you will be able to accept more "ufoh's" as you will be able to find places to spend them. Many people are now networking to accelerate this process of internet trading with our "usury-free" electronic currency which we are referring to as the "ufoh" (usury-free online hour).

Let's keep the highest level of integrity within The NoUsury Network's Online Trading system. Remember, your starting balance is "zero." If you should decide to stop using this unique "usury-free" community currency you are expected to leave a balance of "zero." Our optimal solution is to respect the honour system. If you choose to leave The NoUsury Network and your account is positive you are encouraged to "gift" that amount to The NoUsury Network so that your abundance may fulfill another's lack. If you choose to leave The NoUsury Network and your account is negative, you are invited to contact The NoUsury Network to negotiate a solution whereby your lack can be compensated by another's abundance.

The NoUsury Network seeks to avoid rules, trusting that our participants will operate their "usury-free" trading accounts with the highest integrity. Let's learn about "gifting" and exercise this activity. If you are unsure of who may be in scarcity, simply "gift" to The NoUsury Network (Account ID: tnn) and it will in turn be "gifted" to whomever is in need.

Name: The NoUsury Network    Account ID: tnn     Email: [email protected]

Tommy-No: Usury, P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1   Tel: 1.613.746.9702 
1.613.746.5387   Email: [email protected]    Website: www.cyberclass.net/bartable.htm

More background information at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/cybercredits.htm