The Cyberclass Network: marketing agent for LETSAssist Software

The Cyberlcass Network offers the LETSAssist software to individuals, groups, (any group can be composed of a minimum of two persons), churches, school boards, associations, (charitable, community or otherwise) SDI (Self Directed Incomes) networks, free enterprisers, political parties, governments (municipal, provincial or state, and federal) and corporations

Readers are encouraged to learn about Lets (Local Employment Trading Systems). The Cyberclass Network invites everyone to research and study Lets. In particular leaders in any group, organization, business or otherwise to take initiatives to implement Lets for the mutual benefit of all members/supporters/employees etc.

The Cyberclass Network markets the most up to date Lets software called LETSAssist (version 2:02). Anyone in the world who purchases the LETSAssist software is offered software support by Tony Harding. The Cyberclass Network also offers internet training or otherwise on how to use the software to start a local Letsystem.

As shareware LETSAssist is freely copyable though there is a moral obligation to register and forward payment of $69 plus $5 postage and handling after 30 days usage or 50 transactions - whichever comes first.  Microsoft Windows 3.0 or Windows '95' and a minimum of 6MB memory is required to install and run LETSAssist. The LETSAssist software can be ordered from The Cyberclass Network. Anyone needing help to install the LETSAssist software is invited to contact The Cyberclass Network with questions.

We trust that you will encourage others to learn about Lets. Invite leaders everywhere to browse the list of websites about "Lets and barter" and/or join a Lets mailing list to keep updated of how Lets is leading the way as a worthy economic alternative all around planet earth. Be sure to visit the website of John C. Turmel - the world renowned Banking System Engineer. The URL is:

Let's make Lets happen NOW.

For complete details about ordering the LETSAssist software send an email to: The Cyberclass Network or contact:

The Cyberclass Network,
P.O.Box 9333,
Ottawa, Ont.,
K1G 3V1
613.746.9702 Fax: 613.747.6666

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