Temple Mount Faithful plan new 'cornerstone' ceremony
By Etgar Lefkovits

JERUSALEM (October 3) - Jerusalem police are bracing for the possibility of renewed violence on the Temple Mount tomorrow, when members of the Temple Mount Faithful will again be driving symbolic "cornerstones" for a third temple to a parking lot outside the walls of the Old City near the Dung Gate.

A similar ceremony on Tisha Be'av sparked off Arab rioting.

Jerusalem police chief Cmdr. Mickey Levy stressed on Monday that the stone will not be allowed inside the Old City. But these same conditions did not thwart the violence back in July.

At the time, the 4.5-ton stone reached the parking lot outside the Mughrabi Gate, and under strict police supervision, was immediately whisked back to its resting place near the American Consulate.

But three hours later, worshipers at the Aksa Mosque, egged on, police said, by Israeli Arab MKs, pelted worshipers at the Western Wall with stones. In violence that lasted throughout the afternoon, 15 policemen and 20 Palestinians were lightly wounded.

Levy said Monday that he met with several Israeli Arab MKs on Sunday to try to ensure that law and order is maintained.

Faithful leader Gershon Salomon denied that the event is provocative and said last night that the group is going to be bringing two six-ton cornerstones, after the 4.5-ton stone was stolen from its resting site after July's event.