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"I do not believe in people owning guns. Guns should be owned or possessed only by the police and military. I am going to do everything I can to disarm this state." - The Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, 1986

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Why is there an implication that owning a gun is morally wrong? Every gun owner in North America should be aware of and all ongoing court cases involving weapons charges - especially when such charges are bogus, trumped up (by Police) and played by (the Crown) after clandestine and warrantless, breaks and enters of private property by Police who perceive themselves to be beyond reproach for doing wrong with their rights.

The New World Order (NWO) Police who have now infiltrated every urban and rural police force in North America by their actions are proving that gun control is synonymous with 'disarming the people.' Furthermore, it seems that most police do NOT yet realize that they are 'serving' and 'protecting' the New World Order instead of 'serving and protecting' We-The-People. They incessantly harass gun owners, thereby seeking to instil fear in those who would dare to resist their perceived authority.

A case in point which demonstrates that owning a gun is morally wrong is the ongoing Rodney King Saga in beautiful seaway city of Brockville in Eastern Ontario. Every farmer, hunter, gun owner should be made fully aware of what has happened and what is happening with Rodney King in the Ontario Courts of inJustice!! Keep in mind that a false arrest and wrongful imprisonment of Rodney King followed an illegal break and enter into his property by Police!!

Rodney King Takes A Stand For "Universal Truth and Justice"
By Tommy-Usury: Free

Those who live within driving distance of Brockville, Ontario are invited to be present in the Brockville Family Court House at 550 King St. for Day 2 of Rodney King's trial on Thursday, March 28th at 10:00 A.M.

Here's a brief summary of what happened on the first day of trial, Monday, March 25th, 2002.

Michael Branchaud and myself departed Ottawa at 8:30 AM to travel to Brockville. We arrived at the Brockville, Courthouse on Water St. at 10:00 AM. A lone Game Warden from Kemptville was carrying a picket sign for OPSEU as we entered the parking lot. He walked over to our car and asked if we had business in the courthouse today. We answered, 'Yes.' He then explained that it was his mission to delay us for five minutes as part of his protesting duty. We obliged. We talked about strikes and government and I managed to bring the conversation around to the issue of money creation. I passed along the handout 'Time 4 Time' which I had give to the Concordia students at the seminar on Saturday. It is also posted at this URL:

We finally arrived inside the Courthouse at 10:15 AM. Rodney King's name was posted on the docket but we did not see him yet so we waited in the waiting area. At 11:00 AM we went to the desk to ask about Rodney King's court time. The clerk advised us that his case had been transferred to the Family Courthouse at 550 King St.

We then travelled on to 550 King St and found the Rodney King Saga underway in Courtroom 1. We were asked at the door by a police officer if we were witnesses. We answered, 'No.' We entered and sat down. The courtroom was so cold that we needed jackets to keep comfortable. The sound system was either not on or not working for we had a very difficult time hearing the conversations exchanges from those involved in this court case.

In a courtroom with 80+ seats we were the only two supporters on the benches. Brian Logozar who is acting as Rodney King's Agent was at the front with Rodney, there were a half dozen Police officers sitting in the court room and one reporter for the Brockville Times Recorder.

Rodney King was questioning his wife Nancy. (Rodney and Nancy have been separated since before this whole saga started on the evening of September 1, 2000.) Justice Peter Griffiths was on the bench and Assistant Crown Attorney John O'Halloran was seated on the right side of the court. The court room was very cold and it was most difficult trying to hear what Rodney King's questions and Nancy King's answers. This questioning continued until 12:55 PM when Justice Griffiths ordered a lunch break.

Just before the lunch break there was some discussion about Disclosure issues. Just before he departed for lunch, Justice Griffiths instructed the Assistant Crown Attorney to invite Detective James Hambleton to enter the courtroom and arrange a meeting time about Disclosure issues with all involved parties before Court resumed at 2:30 PM. (Detective Hambleton had been waiting outside the courtroom with all other witnesses.) When he entered the courtroom , he walked abruptly and aggressively up to Michael Branchaud and myself and said: 'Who are you guys?' He seemed very agitated that we were in the courtroom. I guess they are used to dealing with only the accused (without supporters) and lawyers.

We left for lunch. We went to the Swiss Chalet. Two of the police who were in the courtroom also ended up coming to the Swiss Chalet for lunch. Just a coincidence, nothin' to worry about. When we returned from lunch at 2:10 PM, Detective James Hambleton was waiting for Rodney and Brian to conference with them about Disclosure details. Justice Griffiths returned to resume court at 2:35 PM.

James Hambleton took the witness stand and both the Assistant Crown Attorney and Rodney King questioned him until Justice Griffiths ordered a break at 4:00 PM. During this time Rodney King was asking for an opportunity to compare his Disclosure file with both that of Detective Hambleton and the Assistant Crown Attorney to clarify edited pages, poor quality photocopying and lines cut off at the bottom of pages. Rodney King and Assistant Crown Attorney John O'Halloran both questioned James Hambleton about taped conversations by the officers on the night of the break and enter of his property by the police. (Rodney King referred to their entry as 'break and enter' BUT Justice Griffiths always reminded him that it was only a 'warrantless entry.')

James Hambleton said: 'I believe they are recycled every 30 days. About one hour ago Mr King asked me about those tapes of radio transmissions.' Then James Hambleton went on to say that it is not normal for anyone to seek out information on those tapes unless it is from 911 calls. James Hambleton explained again that it is routine to re-use these tapes after 30 days if there is no request to keep them. Rodney explained that he was illegally kept in jail for 55 days and therefore, before he could request this evidence it was already destroyed. James Hambleton said: 'You did not call 911. I did not keep the tapes.' Neither James Hambleton, the Crown Assistant nor Justice Griffiths seemed concerned that this portion of evidence was destroyed.

Rodney King kept pressing for more information about the Disclosure process indicating that 'censoring' was involved. Justice Griffiths corrected Rodney King and insisted that it is commonplace for the Police 'edit' their notes. Justice Griffiths said: 'You have received edited copies of some disclosure documents and its your view that you should receive unedited copies.' He then explained to Rodney King that disclosure refers to specific material to which you are entitled. He assured Rodney King that indeed the Assistant Crown Attorney can edit and/or remove what he views as irrelevant information. Then he added: 'You are not necessarily entitled to what you believe.'

Then Justice Griffiths asked: 'What other material are you missing?' Rodney King then asked for documents that bring him into their court jurisdiction. (Rodney King had formerly been to court on August 31st, 2001, explaining that the court did not have jurisdiction over him.) Rodney King also pressed for clear evidence that a Justice of the Peace had signed a default which does not appear in the disclosure documents either. Then Justice Griffiths dismissed this sidebar saying: 'We're just dealing with the firearms issue in this court case.'

Rodney continued to complain about the officers' notes which were illegible and/or omitted because of poor photocopying. Justice Griffiths asked Rodney to particularize exactly which notes were illegible and/or unreadable by saying: 'I want specifics, which officers' notes give you trouble reading and which notes have lines cut off at the bottom.?' Rodney King then read off some names: Haggerty, Fitzpatrick, Hardy, Sandra Barrs etc...

 James Hambleton explained that he keeps original copies of all notes and when he photocopies notes he will blacken information that is not relevant. He implied that it is regular procedure to blacken out notes before they are given to the accused in a disclosure request.

Rodney King asked James Hambleton: 'Can you conclusively swear that I have everything you have given the Crown?' James Hambleton answered: 'I can't swear .... (not audible)... I can tell you that I have provided everything I have to the Crown.'

A bizzare exposure occurred in the exchange between Assistant Crown Attorney John O'Halloran and Detective James Hambleton when the topic of photographs came up. John O'Halloran asked: 'What happened to them (the photographs)?' Then James Hambleton picked up his file folder and rummaged through it until he found an envelope. He opened the envelope and took out strips of blank negatives to show the court. He explained that the 35 mm film had not 'turned out.' What a convenient coincidence! Otherwise we must ask why are we paying tax dollars to hire incompetent police photographers?

Rodney King asked James Hambleton: 'Are you aware of the letter I sent to you? James Hambleton answered 'Yes.' (I will post this letter at a later date.) Then Rodney King asked: 'How long have you been involved in my case?' James Hambleton answered: 'Since Day 2, September 2nd at 11:00 AM.' Rodney King then reminded James Hambleton that this whole court case was innocently triggered by a simple gun accident wherein no one but himself was hurt in a minor way. Rodney King talked about being under 'duress and intimidation' by the Police over many issues including rigorous questioning, belittling behaviour by the Police and retrieving his vehicle which had been illegally stolen from him.

Justice Griffiths aimed to keep the communication exchange focused on the issues relating to disclosure so he intervened and then Assistant Crown Attorney John O'Halloran made an offer to facilitate the process of verifying the disclosure documents whereby he, Detective James Hambleton and Rodney King and his Agent Brian Logozar could go through their files and compare papers. If there were papers missing from Rodney King's disclosure file, he could ask Justice Griffiths if the document could be added to his (Rodney King's file) and the court would make a ruling. Justice Griffiths ordered a brief recess at 4:00 PM.

Court resumed at 4:10 PM and Justice Griffiths simply instructed the parties involved to compare and verify  their disclosure files in the court before they left for the day. Justice Griffiths then adjourned this court case until 10:00 AM on Thursday, March 28th. Rodney King, Brian Logozar, Detective James Hambleton and Assistant Crown Attorney John O'Halloran spent the next one hour and twenty minutes comparing notes and finishing at 5:30 PM.

Megan Gillis, a court reporter for the Brockville Recorder has been present in the courtroom for most of the day also. She was sitting just ahead of me. She turned to ask me who I was and what interested me in this court case. I answered that I am a reporter for The Cyberclass Network from Ottawa, Ontario. The she, Michael Branchaud and myself went out into the hallway to talk briefly. She asked us some questions about why we had travelled from Ottawa to be there and why this court case interested us? We answered her questions as she took notes.

Michael and I then went back inside the courtroom and waited until they finished their comparing of disclosure notes at 5:30 when I overheard the Assistant Crown Attorney say in a disgusted voice: 'I'm done for the day sir, and I have to go.' While sitting at the back of the courtroom I counted approximately 80 seats with standing room for about 20 more. It occurred to me that it would certainly make a positive impact on the exposure of 'universal truth' if this courtroom was filled on Thursday morning, March 28th at 10:00 AM.

Every gun owner who can should be there. Every freedom advocate who can should be there. Every tax resistor who can should be there. Every debt buster who can should be there. Every farmer who owns a cattle prod should be there.

Please forward this email to others and network it far and wide today so that the court room may be filled on Thursday, March 28th, 2002.

What Has Happened In The Rodney King Saga Before March 25th, 2002

It is important to understand that Rodney King is a 48 year old farmer/hunter who has had much experience with guns and has been involved with Gun Clubs for some time. In the late evening of September 1st, 2000 an accidental discharge from a gun caused a wound in Rodney King's lower left leg. He was handling his gun in the upstairs of his own home in Jasper, a rural area in Eastern Ontario when a gun fell off a table and accidentally discharged. Being concerned about the bleeding in his lower leg he drove himself to the Smiths Falls Hospital. Since he needed minor surgery to remove a bullet he was transferred to the Kingston General Hospital.

Apparently, the physicians have a contract with the Police that they must report all gun wounds. Before Rodney left the Smiths Falls Hospital, Sargeant Mark McGillvary of the Smiths Falls police entered with a second officer (un-named) to question Rodney King. Rodney calmly explained that it was just an accident. Apparently Sargeant Mark McGillvary did not believe Rodney King did not believe Rodney King because a Ganannoque OPP, Matt Hensmen quickly showed up at the Kingston General Hospital for further questioning.

Rodney King was under no medication because he refuses to permit chemicals to enter his body. Matt Hensmen pressed Rodney King for more relevant information. Rodney assured him that there was no malicious intent and that there was no need for further concern. Rodney remembers that it has been easy to resolve the situation with the hospital staff, so one wonders why the Police were so insistent on assessing guilt in this case. It seems that no explanation appeased the police. They wanted to extract a 'confession of guilt' from Rodney King BUT he always maintained that the universal truth was that indeed it was an unfortunate accident. Could it be that he was targeted for being an outspoken opponent to Gun Control? He was indeed publicly opposing Gun Control and the New World Order Police knew it for they know absolutely everything about us - Don't they?

Almost immediately the New World Order Police from Eastern Ontario went into full alert. They somehow contacted Rodney King's wife who was not living in the matrimonial home as they had been separated since earlier in the summer of 2000. These New World Order Police enticed her to be an accomplice in the act of 'breaking and entering' into Rodney King's residence - without a warrant -  while Rodney King was still recovering in the hospital. They stole his guns and trumped up a bunch of bogus gun charges to offset their illegal entry and to cover their clandestine action of enticing his (separated) wife to be their accomplice in breaking the law. Then these New World Order Police falsely arrested and wrongfully imprisoned him. They also stole his vehicle. The agenda of these New World Order police is to incite and inflame and they get promotions for seemingly doing a good job.

Detective James Hambleton, formerly a Ganannoque OPP is now at the Smiths Falls Headquarters in Eastern Ontario. And Matt Hensmen the other Ganannoque OPP who questioned Rodney King at the Kingston General Hospital in September 2000 has since been promoted. One wonders what are the criteria for promotion in this New World Order Police Force.

As for the bogus weapons charges against Rodney King lets address the charges.

(1) Rodney King has some hollow point ammunition for his older guns. Is it no longer legal to have hollow point ammunition for your older guns?

(2) Rodney King's guns were stored in a locked basement and it took the New World Order Police a very long time to break in to confiscate the guns. Yet they charged Rodney King with careless storage.

(3) Rodney King was charged with having a taser - the same kind of gun that the New World Order Police used on Rodney King in Los Angeles way back in the early 1990's. The instrument that the New World Order Police stole is not a taser but a farmer's tool. It is a hand held animal prod for controlling animals on the farm. It operates similar to an electric fence. By the nature of the weapons charges against Rodney King any farmer with a cattle prod is a criminal!!

(4) The over-sized magazine charge is likewise bogus as it belongs to an older gun and it should be grandfathered so that older guns can still be used.

Read Megan Gillis's report of Rodney King's Trial which is entitled: 'Kingdom Of God Envoy On Trial For Weapons Charges' as published in the Brockville Times and Recorder, Section A, Page1 on Tuesday, March 26th. It is posted in the 'Local News' Section at this URL: Simply click on 'Local News' in the left frame.

More background information about the Rodney King Saga will be posted in the days ahead at The Gun Control Cyberclassroom:

'Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. it is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.'
- Daniel Webster