Message to 14000 Christian, Judaic, Islamic Servants, Scholars, Believers
+ 17,000 Previous Readers of UNILETS Messages....August 14, 2000

By John C. Turmel


     "Can Councils help tackle poverty? Stockport thinks it can and has launched an anti-poverty strategy - including a L.E.T.S. local currency." (U.K. Liberal Democrat News Nov 29, 1996)
     The L.E.T.S. (Local Employment-Trading System) is an interest-free time-based currency which has been cited in almost every book on sustainable economics in the last ten years. Any "anti-poverty" system should be of mandatory interest to any who have proclaimed a civic duty in the political and religious arenas of public service.

     I would mention that if his Holiness John Paul II looked at the pictures on my home page he would surely remember the nine times during his Ottawa visit that I popped up in my seeing me nine times during his 1980s tour of Ottawa Canada wearing my white "The Engineer" hardhat carrying a 2 meter by 1 meter placard with the Polish translation of Bible prescription for Debt Jubilee "Let your exacting of interest stop. Nehemiah (5:10)" One time, he passed 5 meters in front of me, looked me right in the eye and gave me the sign of the cross.

     18,000 of the world's political public servants have been subscribed to the [email protected] campaign for UNILETS from political party in every country of the world. 17,000 have chosen not to unsubscribe and are still online to receive information on the UNILETS anti-poverty system mentioned in Millennium Declaration C6. I think those thousand professed public servants who read "ANTI-POVERTY SYSTEM" and clicked "unsubscribe" should be ashamed of themselves for
being derelict in their implied civic duty and it is a testament to civic duty of the remaining 17,000 who are still listening.

     The Millennium of Summit of Religious leaders on Aug. 28-30 2000 just one week before the Millennium Assembly and Summit on Sept. 6-8 2000 is a providential preliminary event. To those 17,000 world-wide list of Parliamentarians, I'm now adding 14,000 religious public servants, scholars, and believers from the Christian (10,500), Judaic (2000), Islamic (1500) faiths to the UNC6 group for UNILETS information necessary to intelligently satisfy any public servant's civic duty.

     This question of "usury, interest on money" has been the most controversial issue in the history of all religions. More has been argued about usury than any other sin. The prophets in the Torah are crystal clear in their prohibitions of usury before the remission of debts. And prophet of the Koran is crystal clear in his prohibition of usury. But the prohibition of usury has never been crystal clear in the words of Christ until now.

     The Torah prescription for Debt Jubilee in Nehemiah 5:10 also contains step 2: "Give them back what was taken." Most support step two with Jubilee 2000's debt forgiveness plans but few have considered obeying the first command by switching off the interest rate on debt growth: "Let the exacting of interest stop."

     The recent discovery of the Nag Hammadi Gospel of St. Thomas fresh from the caves in the Nag Hammadi desert will be judged the greatest scriptural find in history. Straight from the mouth of Christianity's great prophet: "Jesus said: If you have money, do not lend it out at interest. Better to give it someone who won't give it back." Thomas 95.

     Jesus mentions interest on money, usury, four times in the New Testament (Matthew 13:12 and 25:29, Luke 19:26 and 8:18): "Interest: To those who have abundance will more be given and from those who have no abundance, even what they have will be taken away."

     When asked why he spoke in parables so his mission would not be understood, he responded in Matthew 13:12:
"I speak in parables because: To those who have abundance will more be given and from those who have no abundance, even what they have will be taken away. That is why I speak in parables. It has been given unto you to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven but they will be forever hearing without hearing and seeing without seeing or understanding"
     When it comes to interest on money, usury, they'll never understand. The reason Christ spoke in parables was clearly that interest was taking from the needy who have no abundance to give to the non-needy who do have abundance. I call that Reverse Robin Hood.

     His teachings on how abundance should be dealt with is prescribed in Paul Corrinthians II 8:14 ."Your abundance should at the present time be a supply for their want so that later, their abundance may be a supply for your want and in that way, he who gathers much doesn't have too much and he who gathers little doesn't have too little that there may be equality."
     With the equalizing tendency of an interest-free system, all the newspaper reports and government studies point out the beneficial effects of LETS interest-free credit on community health. The needy go into the negative for things they need now and and pay back the time owed with their own time at work later.
     And the totally-unimpeachable recently-discovered Gospel of Thomas 95 makes the Christian duty to prefer an interest-free currency system over an interest-bearing one identical to the duty laid out in the Torah and the Koran: "Do not lend money at usury."

     And we can now agree that the UNILETS would not only be Torah-compliant and Koran-compliant but now certainly Bible-compliant while old usury-based debt slavery system's compliance may remain a subject of great debate. We're discussing engineering a morally-compliant model in comparison with model whose engineering performance leaves
their morals in question.
     But for a rare time in history is absolute concordance between Christian, Jewish and Muslim Saints that an interest-free banking system is preferable to an interest-bearing one. If you know how to engineer it. And now we do. See my advanced banking systems engineering analysis at

     And it looks like the hand of providence has provided the opportunity for the World's Religious Leaders to focus the attention of the World's Political Leaders on resolving the most controversial issue in all religious history by the setting up of the alternate interest-free model as prescribed in Millennium Declaration C6. is the Millennium Declaration that the Millennium Summit Religious Leaders will be discussing, won't it? One would hope that those who attend the Summit will have read this primary documentation and are now having to consider the recommendation in C6 for a UNILETS "alternate time-based
     Will the Religious participants who comment on the Millennium Declaration miss the importance of C6? Will they take the time to find Themes 5h,i,j, and background information? I hope so but many  may miss the import of C6 when they read it. It is something we hope they'll have studied and investigated. What informed opinion will they offer on UNILETS banking systems engineering design?

     All of you now can them deal with UNC6. You are 30,000 of the world's professed community servants and have two opportunities to promote the testing of the model as prescribed in the banking systems engineering blueprints of the world's greatest religious and spiritual prophets.
     Everyone associated with religion and politics needs to be aware of what setting up an alternate world-wide interest-free money system would mean to their communities and the world community as a whole. All the prophets have predicted a Jubilee from debt when the positive feedback of interest on debt is switched off. Here's our greatest chance to prove it. It's time to put all our religious prohibitions against interest to the test by installing the alternative interest-free lifeboat for people to use or not. The beauty of offering a United Nations UNILETS trading currency is that people who have money can have one foot in the LETS timecurrency economy and keep the other foot in the regular economy. And people who have no footing in the regular economy can jump into the UNILETS "lifeboat" with both feet. It can run side-by-side with the regular banking system which would be wise to offer to handle LETS accounts with their regular accounts.


     But United Nations Declaration C6 for a UNILETS is a real shot on goal for the "anti-poverty" movement. It's for real. The world should try out the UNILETS interest-free banking system. All the prophets say we'll find UNILETS heavenly. I hope you agree that setting up a United Nations Agency called UNILETS to act as a financial lifeboat for all now drowning in a sea of debts is a wonderful opportunity. And I also hope you agree that the civic duty of anyone trying to care for the their bit of the global community is to give any discussion of extending a winning "anti-poverty" formula to the whole world their undivided attention.
     We're a consensus or two away from a UNILETS "alternate time-based currency." It's a chance to do more than preach the better world. It's a chance to engineer what you preach and give an interest-free world a try. And it will be a life-saver to many. All religions seem to contain the same prohibitions against the taking of interest on money, usury, which can now be tested with the setting up of an alternate stand-by interest-free system.

     If you note the political endorsements at my home page, LETS has been financed by Australian, New Zealand, UK and European Parliaments as well as Timedollars being qualified as untaxable by the American IRS. LETS is called an "anti-poverty" system for good reason in the U.K. where their systems are supported via their Local Agenda 21
programs. Tony Blair's promise that those Local Agenda 21 programs containing LETS local time-based currency systems should be made available by all British municipalities by 2000 is good indication that the benefits of this benign time-based currency will eventually reach not only everyone in the U.K. but everyone in the whole world. And of course, LETS has also been endorsed by almost the whole spectrum of political philosophies from Liberals to Tories to Labourites to Greens to Marxist-Leninists and Nazis. A way of stimulating peaceful trade to resolve all wars.

     With a nudge from the Millennium Religious Summit, these politicians should endorse UNC6 UNILETS. As professed good Christians, Muslims and Jews, setting up this secondary lifeboat banking system should be the answer to our prayers. Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors with a new financial accounting software taking over.
     Local versions of LETS time-trading barter systems have been not only supported but also started by Catholic clergy. The very first LETS in Germany was founded by a Catholic priest in Halle. Sister Dorothy helped found her LETS in Birmingham, UK. Participation in LETS includes Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists alike.

     Now I'm asking the world's religious and spiritual leaders to endorse the ratification of Millennium Declaration C6 to the
Millennium Assembly of the first and only successful anti-poverty strategy in the world today such that a UNILETS truly has the potential to deliver peace and prosperity on Earth.
     I hope adding these 14,000 religious leaders and scholars to the still-listening political leaders may provide a focus for their fellow congregationists on the UNILETS alternate anti-poverty time-based banking system recommended in Millennium Declaration C6.
1) UN-C6 recommended by Millennium Forum.
2) UN-C6 endorsed by Millennium Religious Leaders
3) UN-C6 ratified by Millennium Assembly Summit of Political Leaders.
4) UNILETS anti-poverty software installed and immediately switched on.
     I pray that all the community servants receiving this news of a secondary banking system to fall back on that are in harmony with all religious and moral statutes about the engineering of money. Just in time to mobilize humanpower to engage in biosphere repair.
     You people are connected. Each and every one of you has a power representing the voices of not only your flocks but also your voice amplified by the Internet to flocks everywhere. Most of the world have no access and can contribute no voice in the question of whether we try a new currency model that they can start using right away even if the rich people keep using the old one for a while. I'd bet that peons in Ecuador who are now denied any access to credit services other than local loansharks would make immediate use of their new interest-free credit accounts.

     The Poor of the whole world are dying for some credit to avail themselves of the planet's resources to try to make a successful contribution to society. - Isaiah 55: "You who are hungry and have no money, come buy and eat."
     Isaiah said "buy," not "get free." "Buy" and "owe." Charity is best but buy and owe is good too as long as there is no interest that makes debts grow. If you can't see how giving every sick and starving child an interest-free credit card and a shopping guide to foods and medicines rotting on our fields and shelves would save their lives, I truly pray you seek guidance. With both the LETS market and the regular market, the whole crop would be sold profitably every year.
     Please stay tuned for information on this campaign for "banking systems engineering reform." Financial peace will lead to real peace in the twinkling of an eye. It'll be like going from a war to a game with the odds in favor of the players! Easy to be a winner.
     At is a list of over 700 of the thousands of LETS with Internet connections in 45 nations around the world. Check out if perhaps there is not a local currency system already in your neighborhood. There are thousands who could explain how they benefit the community on the local level and there's me, the "Banking Systems Engineer" at explaining a UNILETS would benefit the whole community on the global level.


     I pray God guide you in your consideration of the benefits of a "divinely-inspired" blueprint for a new kind of timemoney system whose participation is lifesaving for the poor who currently do not enjoy bank credit privileges and profitable for the rich even though they do. I believe Jubilee 2000 is still attainable. Jubilee from debt growth is just as good as Jubilee from debt. Better. Other supporters have given up hope of Jubilee in 2000 and are planning the Jubilee 2001 movement. I'm still working on Jubilee in 2000. My hope page picture onstage at the Jubilee 2000 Chain of Debt in Cologne 1999 certainly shows "Cancel interest on debt" under the Jubilee 2000 banner. I think UNC6 UNILETS can give the world a kind of Jubilee from
debt service that heals far more quickly than any Jubilee from debt ever could.

In Matthew chapter 6 verse 9, Christ taught us how to pray: "When you are praying to the Father, here is what you say:
Our Father, who in Heaven art, hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done on Earth as Heaven, the same.
Give us now our daily bread, forgive us all our debts,
As we forgive our debtors all their debts with no regrets.
And to temptation, lead us not, don't put us to the test,
Deliver us from evil one and wicked interest."

Read your Millennium Declarations.
Amen from the Banking Systems Engineer.

LETS Cancel Debt Growth First! Then work on debt.
John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel
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John C. Turmel will be carrying a picket sign and passing out information at the Dag Hammarskoldt Plaza at the corner of 47th and 1st Streets - directly across from the UN Building on First St. in New York City on two occasions.

1. During the Millennium Summit of Religious & Spiritual Leaders of the World on August 28th, 29th and 30th, 2000.

2. During the Millennium Summit of World Leaders at the Millennium Assembly - the Greatest Assembly Ever of World Leaders - on September 6th, 7th and 8th, 2000.

LET'S make this the most significant rally of Monetary Reformers in the History of the World by making an effort to be there with John C. Turmel on either or both of these upcoming events.

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