The GFS (Grateful For Service) Gifting Program

The GFS Gifting Program is a worthy and honourable mission promoting the concept of exchanging goods and/or services using cash and/or complementary "community currencies" - which happen to be "usury-free". The "Usury-free" LETS software seeks the widest exposure in the quickest time. Fellow-Canadians who are teaching others to pay less usury and taxes deserve to be rewarded for service to others. The GFS Gifting Program satisfies each of these needs thereby promoting the concept of abundance for all who choose to gift using cash or "community currencies". (Understand that indeed it is possible to "gift" with cash and/or community currency)

How Does It Work ??

(1) Assume a "referrer" (someone you know) gives you a "referral" (potential client) for your business.

(2) Assume that you close a sale with this "referral" and your business is the recipient of an immediate benefit.

(3) Assume this new "referral" becomes a loyal client and ...

(a) qualifies your business for increased one time or repeat earnings and/or residual commissions

(b) refers new clients to your business thereby increasing your profits while reducing your advertising and promotion costs    

(c) wishes to express gratitude to the "referrer" for benefits received

(4) Assume your business wishes to show gratitude to:

(a) the "referrer" - the person who made the initial "referral"

(b) the "referral" - the person who is now your regular client

(c) the your growing "network" of new and loyal clients who are directly or indirectly related to the initial "referral"

Assume any person wishes to express gratitude to any other person for any reason..... such as learning "what they didn't know they didn't know" from attending a seminar.

Why The GFS Gift is Gifted ??

It has been observed that business is commonly conducted by people whose actions leave a perception that they are motivated by one of two motives: (a) that of a self-serving taker or (b) that of a generous server. The GFS Gifting Program permits the grateful recipient of service to recognize and honour the "generous server." The GFS Gifting Program edifies and rewards "service to others" through the action of gifting. "Service to others" is spiritually sound, unselfish, mutually beneficial and much more powerful than "self-service".

To show gratitude for service you are invited to donate a GFS gift to (a) the initial "referrer", (b) the "referral" and (c) to any other person for any other reason.... (Suggested donation - a small percentage of any increased earnings, somewhere between 1% and 13% - depending on the your generosity and the actual benefits received from the exchange or sale.) This gift is exchanged in either cash or "community currency" whatever is acceptable to both parties involved in the exchange. A good policy to live by is to: "Gift according to what you learn and what you earn."

How Is The Gift Exchanged ??

The preferred method of exchanging the GFS gift will be with cash or the LETS "community currency" which is commonly traded in local communities and/or online. To exchange "community currency" your business needs to join the local LETS (if one is not in operation simply create one) and your "community currency" account will be opened for transactions. When you have a "community currency" account you simply transfer the gift from your LETS account to the recipient’s LETS account. Otherwise, gift cash to the person(s) from whom you are receiving benefit.

Let’s Network the GFS Gifting Program:

As participants with the GFS Gifting Program, both the "referrers" and the "referrals" are invited to reciprocate and offer GFS gifts to each other and then teach the process thereby multiplying and duplicating their efforts.

The GFS Gifting Program is a simple and creative way for businesses (and individuals) to exchange cash and/or create "community currency" - which just happens to be ‘usury-free." Consider how easy it is to create you own "community currency" simply expressing gratitude to another person. This action when networked, will increase sales and profits for all participating individuals and/or businesses. It will eventualy reduce usury and taxes since there will be no traceable PST or GST on cash gifts and additionally, "community currency" happens to be an "usury-free" currency. The GFS Gifting Program is designed to expedite the process of creating abundance for everyone in local communities - everywhere. If you like this idea "gift" someone today !!

Since "community currency" is equivalent in dollar value to cash with participating businesses, people can support the LETS mission while increasing their purchasing power in their respective local communities. By participating with LETS and using "community currencies" they are progressing towards an "usury-free" economy which will be mutually beneficial to everyone, both locally and globally.

Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020                                                                                                                 
I AM                                                                                                                                                                                   Tom- Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-No: Usury"

"Spending money is how you really vote in the world. You do it everyday and it determines how the world works. It is far more significant than how you cast your ballot." Quote by Michael Linton (co-creator of LETS & "community way")

"Serving others is how you really make a difference in the world. You are invited to do it everyday and it determines your prosperity. It is far more spiritual than selfishness" Quote by Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-No: Usury"

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