The FTAA Summit of "Tears & Gas", The Wall Of "Shame & Fame" and An Immediate "Plan Of Action"
By Tommy-No: Usury

Monday, April 23, 2001

Greetings Readers:

Prerequisite reading: A History of The New World Order ; The Pentagon's People Zapper and Global Mind Control Slated For Humanity By 2004

Since this message was prepared to be shared with many new readers I am inviting those who do not yet know of Tommy-No:Usury to read a brief biography. In this communication, I will outline the details of my weekend (April 20th and April 21st) experience at  "The FTAA Summit of "Tears & Gas" and The Wall of "Shame & Fame."

After reading about what I experienced in Quebec City and reviewing what I learned from others who were there I will briefly outline a Plan of Immediate Action which is already in operation. If any reader wants to be an initial leader with the Immediate Plan of Action as outlined below please email [email protected] and I will inform you of the time and place of a strategic meeting I am planning in Ottawa, Ontario for Saturday, April 28th, 2001 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.


---- Patrick Henry

Friday, April 20th, 2001:

On Friday April 20th myself and John C. "The Engineer" Turmel departed from Ottawa at 5:00 AM to travel to Quebec City
to picket and participate as "protestor-instructors" rather than "protestor-obstructers" in demonstrations re: The Summit of the Americas and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). As "protestor-instructors" we were definitely a minority faction within the 60,000 (that's my estimate) who marched through the streets of Quebec City on Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2001.

It is important to differentiate "protestor-instructors" from "protestor-obstructers" because 99% of the people who attended the FTAA demonstrations would be correctly defined as "protestor-obstructers." According to The Webster's Dictionary 'obstruct' is defined as: "to hinder from passing, to impede, to stand in the way of, to retard, interrupt, render slow" while 'instruct' is defined as: "to teach, to educate, to impart knowledge or information to, to enlighten." As is common in everyday living situations, less than 1% of the 60,000+ people who were mobilized to attend the FTAA demonstrations in Quebec City were there with knowledge of  the "truth" - that the design flaw of "usury" is the key element that threatens the global economy as well as the local economy. Those of us who have an understanding that all of these problems and fears around the FTAA and otherwise are related to the design flaw of "usury" are true one percenters. When our group reaches 3% there will be a rapid shift in awareness and we will find that peaceful solutions are possible when we evolve to "usury-free" living.

In fact, the only sign that I saw among the multiple thousands of signs that identified "interest-free" loans as the ultimate solution was John C. "The Engineer" Turmel's sign. (BTW John also had the only sign that advocated the 'abolition of vegetation prohibition.') I was there with John to 'protest-instruct' on how to take immediate action to implement the "usury-free" solution both locally and globally - by using the LETS software. Most others were there to 'protest-obstruct' because they do not have a solution that can be used for mutual benefit by all parties concerned. Some protestors are extreme in their "obstruction" tactics and I often wonder what they would have done if they had successfully obstructed the FTAA Summit. What would they offer as the ultimate solution?

ADAM WEISHOPHF upon establishing his "Order of the Illuminati", on May 1, 1776:

"The most wonderful thing of all is that the distinguished Lutheran and Calvinist theologians who belong to our order really believe that they see in it (Illuminati) the true and genuine sense of Christian Religion.

Oh mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe?"

-- Adam Weishopf
Professor at Germany's Ingolstadt University, founded The Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. He designed the very plan of world domination that is still in use today toenslave the world's masses.

Thanks to Michel Trottier - one of the few persons who responded to TCN's earlier emails  1. and   2. about our proposed venture to the FTAA in Quebec City. Michel passed along the URL for Operation Quebec Printemps: which proved to be a very valuable resource. And he posted the URL for The Cyberclass Network on the wall upstairs at Operation Quebec Printemps. There have been 200 new visitors to The Cyberclass Network since Friday, April 20th. Merci Michel !

Frankly, I was surprised that no one from all of our email contacts accepted our offer to do a FREE seminar in Quebec City on any evening from Thursday until Sunday. I anticipated some our our "Freedom" associates in Quebec City would have gathered a group of people together to learn about how they can utilize the "usury-free" LETS software in their respective local communities. The offer still stands - whenever someone is ready!

I arrived at the crowd estimate from the following observation. John and myself were leading the march on Saturday afternoon. We stopped near the end of the march and held up our "two message" sign "Abolish Vegetation Prohibition" and "Abolish Usury" while the parade of people walked past in two segments. Needless to say, it was a little weird at first with John dressed in a pinstripe suit and using his loud voice to repeatedly shout "Interest-Free Loans and Free Bud." The protestors loved the show and John and I got an abundance of reactions and laughs. Our presence certainly attracted plenty of attention from fellow-marchers, the mainstream media and the independent media. Of course, how much of the message gets out is dependent on editors at the respective media outlets - and most of all - you the readers of this message....

The first steady walkby lasted 35 minutes. A little later another walkby lasted 25 minutes. There were other groups that never did walk past us as they walked up to The Wall of Shame instead. I am basing my estimation on the fact that since 18,000+ people can walk out of the Corel Centre in approximately 20 minutes it is quite likely that three times that number of people can walk past on a wide city street in 60 minutes. This does not count the thousands of local residents who lined the sidewalks to view the "March of the Protestors."

Permit me to catch up on events on Friday and early Saturday. Upon our arrival on Friday in Quebec City at 11:00 AM we visited the Independent Media Centre. Outside we were interviewed by a number of independent media from all over Canada and the USA. Each of us also had individual access to independent media. interviewed both myself and John. Likewise, Jessica Legendre an animator from Concordia University interviewed each of us about "usury-free" economic ideas.

We left the Independent Media headquarters early in the afternoon and headed down to the the "Big White Tent" - the home of The Other People's Summit. Lots more independent media attention there and plenty of people (youth especially) keenly interested in learning about how a "usury-free" society would function. We milled around and talked with people until late in the afternoon. Derek James, a member of the Ottawa LETS was there with a long, long banner on which we could write messages supporting better care of the environment in Brazil and elsewhere.

Then we went to the OPQ (Operation Quebec Printemps) Welcome Centre at 801 4th Street. We were able to find suitable accommodation for our low-budget. For $5.00 each were were given admittance tickets for floor space in a gymnasium in École Cardinal Roy at 7 rue Robert-Rumilly. Then we shopped at a local supermarket for some food to eat. After eating I walked up the hill to view the infamous Wall Of Shame at 6:30 PM. John had worked all night on Thursday without sleeping so he chose to sleep in the van and I ventured up the hill to The Wall of Shame alone.

As we walked up I got my first real life view of NWO (New World Order) Police. I have been reading about the New World Order since George W. Bush Senior uttered the words in 1980. His son, George W. Bush Junior prefers to use the softer word "globalization" but the agenda hasn't changed. While walking around I picked up a creative button "No More Bushit" from an "Oral Majority" supporter. The Oral Majority claim the Number 1 website about George Bush's Theft of the Election of 2000. Without a doubt the New World Order is already here and according to George Bush says, it may be absolutley significant to read what Nostradamus had to say....

"Come the millennium, month twelve,
In the home of greatest power,
The village idiot will come forth
To be acclaimed the leader."

Nostradamus 1555

While climbing the hill, police helicopters (some black and some white) circled overhead snapping photos of the crowd of protestors below. I walked past 15 rented vans parked along the roadway and into a "Wall of NWO Police." Obviously, the rented vans had been used to transport the NWO Police to the targeted site. At this location, there were three troops of approximately 100 police in each troop. Most were men though there were a few women. They were lined up three deep and blocking three different intersections. It seemed that a crowd of protestors were trapped from three directions by the NWO Police. Many of the protestors were singing songs and/or beating drums.

All of the NWO Police were sweating profusely, masked with gas masks, dressed with intimidating riot gear, carrying billy sticks with either packs of tear gas on the side and/or a tear gas gun while holding a huge plastic shield with the word POLICE in bold yellow print. I was close enough to view their seemingly impersonal faces. A French-speaking, youth - 20 years old from Montreal - asked me if I would walk up to an NWO policeman with him as he wanted to ask what kind of ammunition was in the black gun he was holding. As we approached he motioned us back. Then the NWO policeman standing beside him said from behind his mask: 'tear gas bombs.' We said 'merci' and walked away. These were the only words I ever heard from an NWO policeman. It seems that they were instructed NOT to talk with the protestors.

Many of the NWO police were in their 20's and 30's but quite a few would have been in the 40's to 50's age range. In conversations with fellow-Canadians I asked if these men behind the intimidating uniforms had likely volunteered or if this was compulsory duty. One man listening told me that a policeman - a bilingual friend of his - from Victoria had responded to a request seeking volunteers for the FTAA. After continuing conversations I determined that many of these NWO Police were there by choice. I am sure that the pay cheque (from our tax dollars) was also a motivating factor. I wondered if any of them had ever heard of Retired Police Officer, Jack McLamb from Kamiah, Idaho! Not likely...

"Remember when the neighborhood police were known as public servants?
When "protect and serve" had a noble ring to it?
Now "protect and serve" directs police to defend the system...
Not the public." Retired Police Officer, Jack McLamb

Jack McLamb is one of America's great patriots. While serving as the most highly-decorated police officer in Phoenix Arizona history, he came to realize that the IRS routinely "uses" the police to enforce pseudo-"warrants" of seizure which are illegal, unconstitutional, and unaccompanied by any court order or "due process of law" -- of any sort whatsoever. He has laboured ceaselessly to educate his fellow police and military officers that they DO NOT have to cooperate with illegal seizures just because "the IRS 'ordered' them to do it". Because of his beliefs and activities, Jack was fired from his job, but he went to court and made them give it back. Then he retired! He now works full-time to protect your freedom. He has a book called "Operation Vampire Killer 2000", and he publishes a regular newsletter, "Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter". ADDRESS: HC-11, Box 357, Kamiah, Idaho 83536. PHONE: (208) 935-7852. FAX: (208)-935-7854. It is unlikely that the NWO Police who were defending the system in Quebec City have ever been exposed to any of Jack McLamb's information nor any of the "re-educational" material that is posted at The NWO Cyberclassroom. Nor are they likely to be aware of the United Nations Treachery. How about a little history about How The NWO Plan To Conquer The World?
I am inviting the NWO Police to read from Des Griffin's, "The Master Plan", from his book, the "Fourth Reich of the Rich".

I stood there for at least 30 minutes before any activity occurred. My eyes were riveted on these NWO Police. I could not imagine any son, daughter, cousin, friend, neighbour etc. being programmed to act so New World Orderish against his/her fellow-citizens who were law abiding and who had every right to protest. My thoughts about how to take action to "re-educate" these misguided NWO Police were abruptly interrupted...

"Civil government, insofar as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defence of those who have property against those who have none"
Adam Smith

Suddenly, there was a noise, a bang, a puff of smoke and a rush of people. One of the NWO Police had thrown a tear gas can into the crowd that was seemingly trapped higher up on the hill. Then one of the protestors with gloves on ran to the canister, picked it up and hurled it back into the troop of NWO Police. Now there was another cloud of smoke and a jostling of bodies midst the NWO Police. Within seconds the wind carried the putrid smell of tear gas to a by-standing and peaceful crowd of protestors numbering at least 1000. That was my first memorable whiff of tear gas. It was NOT pleasant. It stings the eyes and nostrils and makes one salivate and gag. I had not read the instructions for protestors such as were posted at During the next few minutes more tear gas was thrown back and forth by the NWO Police and the protestor-obstructers.

I was able to move beyond the smell of tear gas and observe the altercations slowly escalate. A little further up the hill at another junction of streets a larger crowd of 4000 to 5000 were gathered and the conflict was intensifying. A man with a portable loud speaker system was repeating Article 19 "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression...." and Article 20 "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression..." from the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Darkness was approaching and the night battle was about to begin. While most protestors, onlookers and bystanders were standing around talking, some were sitting on the pavement singing songs, others were drumming and/or dancing while a very small minority were taunting the NWO Police by walking up close and saying things to them. Every so often an NWO Police would lose his/her composure and fire a tear gas bomb or a tear gas can at the taunter. Often it would miss and end up in a crowd of peaceful protestors. The crowd would chant: "Shame, Shame, Shame."

While watching this scenario unfold, I got to talk with many people. I passed out many business cards for The Cyberclass Network and invited them to visit the NWO cyberclassroom at: After darkness had fallen my attention was attracted by a loud voice from far below. There had been music playing and now I clearly heard a voice 'instructing' people on what direct action they could take to withdraw from their system. My ears opened wide, wide.

"The proverb warns that 'You should not bite the hand that feeds you.' But maybe you should if it prevents you from feeding yourself." -- Thomas Szasz

Jello Biafra, (real name - Eric Boucher) former lead singer of The Dead Kennedy's was speaking to a large crowd of mostly youth in an outdoor area under the highways leading down from the hill in Quebec City. Loud speakers were carrying his message far up the hill and down the valley in the clear night air. Certainly a few thousand people could clearly hear him. I walked down the stairs to listen more closely.

Jello Biafra talked to the youth about the events of the day and he encouraged them to take action to withdraw their financial support from the corrupted corporate and political system by making a conscious decision to NOT shop in big chain stores and in the big box stores.

Instead, he counseled them to make their purchases from small local entrepreneurs and to build community support networks. Though Jello Biafra may not have known it at the time, he was in fact counseling the youth to barter and trade among themselves. Now, we must give the youth the information about how to set up local and global barter and trading networks. Readers are invited to become fully aware of the "usury-free" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software. (Read also what Naomi Jedeikin types about this topic: Thrift Store Chic.)

Jello Biafra also told the youth to "become the media" instead of "bashing the media." In this regard, is leading the way with its up-to-date voice for that diverse group of people who are mobilizing across the hemisphere against the FTAA and Summit of the Americas. Read a summary of comments from their "Late Breaking News" webpage for Saturday, April 21st and Sunday April 22nd. Note: Any "indymedia" reporters - and/or otherwise - who read this message are invited to network it far and wide - especially to those youth who are ready and willing to take action NOW.

Finally, Jello Biafra encouraged the youth to bring to a conclusion the revolution which their parents started in the 1960's. He explained that their parents generation abandoned the revolution in the late 1970's, the 1980's and early 1990's by choosing to chase money and materialism in corporate Canada and the USA. Though Jello Biafra did not elaborate I can verify that I was a youth in the 1960's. I took a job for 34 years (September 1967 until June 2000) and retired 'broke' because I had chosen to move into the "system." thereby allowing myself to be trapped into slaving to paying "immoral usury" and "illegal taxes." It was in 1980 that I started my evolution of shifting to finding the "truth." Now I fully support Jello Biafra's message to the youth and I will make myself available to help mobilize and show them the way to true financial freedom outside of the NWO system of "usury" finance.

Next, John C. Turmel spoke from the same podium as Jello Biafra. John recited some of his poetry about the "usury-free" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software as well as the poem The Man Who Invented Interest. John invited the youth to visit his website at and/or search for "John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel" at any search engine. After John has finished at the podium he and I talked briefly with Jello Biafra. I asked Jello Biafra if he would be willing to read more of John C. Turmel's poetry and consider the possibility of putting some of it to music. He told me to send him the URL's by email so that he could read more of it and better understand the message. We exchanged emails and bid each other "Be safe" and "Empower others."

Let's give preference to those creative musicians who can put music to creative, "re-educational" information as expressed by themselves or by others. Let's teach and expand the truth through "music." If any readers (or friends of readers) of this email are aware of musicians who are willing to become familiar with the mission of "usury-free" economics and put some of the best information to music, invite them to read some of John C. Turmel's poetry and email: [email protected] if they are motivated to take action. Listening youth suggested that we communicate with Les Cowboys Fringants and/or The Rubberman - both local bands from Montreal - I think. If any reader has contacts with either of these bands or others, please share this message with them

At 11:00 PM John and I retired at the end of an exciting day. At the gymnasium where we had our accommodations I met and talked with other people. I was talking to a woman about what Jello Biafra had spoken about. She relayed an interesting story to me about how some youth already seem to understand that Jello Biafra was talking about. She explained how she has overheard youth talk about "shoplifting" and advising their fellow-shoplifters to only do it from the big box stores and/or retail stores and to never shoplift from the little local stores. I found it intriguing that somehow these disgruntled youth have a gnosis that the evil of "usury" is rooted with the NWO financial elite. They will no longer even have to consider stealing when they learn how to create their own "usury-free" community currency and trade it for what they need to live. It should not be a difficult mission to teach the youth about "usury-free" banking with the LETS software where they can actually create their own "usury-free" money and spend it locally.

I also learned from a fellow-protestor that Bob Ortega wrote a book "In Sam We Trust." Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer and the biggest private-sector employer in North America (1.2 million employees worldwide) pays minimum wages to these dutiful employees who serve more than 100 million customers each week. It seems that it might be appropriate to boycott Wal-Mart as one of the giant retail outlets whose leading shareholders are likely to have connections to the NWO. In a book review, Randy Garbin writes: "Ortega also takes the company to task for its repeated hypocrisies -- as evidenced by the Kathy Lee/child labor fiasco, the hollow "Buy American" pledge, and the chain's claims that its stores help communities prosper. And when actually handed an opportunity to do good and score some publicity points, Wal-Mart handles it like a warm turd." Ruth McCreedy also writes another stinging book review of "In Sam We Trust."

I visualize the day when cohesive networks of one million+ well-informed persons will be so empowered that they can direct the suppliers of products and/or services for their respective e-commerce malls to purchase only from reputable companies which avoid sweatshop labour in general and child labour in particular. We will no longer be relying on employees who are paid minimum wages, instead the robots will be performing work formerly done by "wage-slaves" and everyone will be earning "usury-free" dividends from the state and extra incomes from their SDI (Self Directed Income) Portfolio. More on this later.

When I went to sleep about 11:30 PM the gymnasium had only about 20 people bedded down. When I was awakened at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning by an alarm going off the gymnasium floor was wall-to-wall people. Most had sleeping bags, though some were just sleeping on the floor. The extreme "protestor-obstructers" had battled with the NWO Police until the early morning hours of Saturday.

Saturday, April 21, 2001:

Since I could not find any English newspapers in the local Depanneurs I bought the French newspapers, Le Journal de Quebec and Le Soleil. Each newspaper had 15 pages of coverage about the summit. The front page stories of both papers were dedicated to the extreme "protestor-obstructers" who managed to steal the headlines in the mainstream media from the 34 FTAA leaders who were "fenced" inside the Wall of shame. This is an interesting observation because the extreme "protestor-obstructers" had no liking for the mainstream media as they correctly consider the mainstream media to be controlled by the same NWO financial elite who give the orders to the duped politicians who parade the charade of democracy. (Let me assure readers that I know there are some "white knights" within the mainstream media and they will identify themselves when they decide to come forth and offer to write about the solution - "usury-free" community currencies.)

With the arrival of the train from Hamilton and Toronto at 7:00 AM people started to congregate for the afternoon demonstration. Buses started arriving by 9:00 AM and as people began to organize for the march which began at 12:50 PM. I always observe how little things change from day to day. On Friday we could walk into the upstairs public washroom at the Train Station. When I went into the train station on Saturday morning, there was a security person blocking off the upstairs washroom. Consequently, there were long line ups at the lower washrooms. I wonder why they blocked off the upper washrooms?

At 8:00 AM I decided to enjoy a sunny walk around what most people referred to as the Wall of Shame BUT as I found some wonderful lessons posted on the wall I re-named it the Wall of Fame. As I climbed the hill the piercing sting of tear gas still hung heavy in the air causing a burning sensation in my throat and nose. I spoke briefly with some local residents who live at the fringe of of the Wall of Shame. They were complaining bitterly about the lingering smell of tear gas from Friday afternoon and night. As I walked around the Wall of Shame I met and talked with many others who were doing likewise. A high school teacher from New York was walking with one of his students. They told me of having tear gas lobbed at them on Friday as they stood  outside the wall - where they were supposed to be - watching an altercation between a small group of 20 protestors and the NWO Police further up the hill. They were momentarily overcome and another person had to help them get to their feet and scramble beyond any further tear gas attacks. We shared stories and I passed along my the website for The Cyberclass Network and invited him to share the information with his students since he agreed that we must reach out and teach the "truth" to the youth.

Another person told me that he had been near a police car on Friday afternoon when a youth broke the window. In the scuffle that followed some papers blew out of the police car and scattered. The man told me that he had picked up one of the papers and read it. It was an instruction paper for the NWO Police. It was advising them that the youth who were the protestors were wayward youth from broken homes and that their actions of protest were misguided. Isn't is interesting that the NWO Police are given "misinformation" and/or "disinformation" so that they will be motivated to brutalize them?

As I walked along the Wall of Shame I placed business cards between the chain links and I wrote down some very famous quotations which were written on the Wall. Where ever I found a worthy quotation I referred to that part of the wall as The Wall of Fame. Other quotations I found on the plywood which was used to board up the glass on the windows and boards of almost every local business just outside the Wall of Shame. I added some of my own quotations as I walked along. Read some of these Thought-Provoking Quotations From The Wall of Fame.

John C. Turmel and I milled around the gathering crowd on Charest St. from 11:00 AM until 12:50 PM when the demonstration started to move along Chariest St. It was so easy to draw a crowd by simply starting to talk about how we can create our own "usury-free" community currency to use instead of relying on the "usury-bearing" federal currency. We kept repeating short lessons with new groups as we moved through the crowd. It has always intrigued me that so-called strangers are willing to listen to these lessons on "usury-free" community currency while people who know me personally seem so disinterested and even tell me: "Don't talk to me about your LETS stuff." I invite such people to review the information and links posted at this URL:

As the march started, we were near the front. John always likes to maintain a key position so that his signs can be clearly picked up by cameras. One of the security in charge of the march asked the first group if John was part of their group. Someone answered "No." Then a couple of security grabbed John by the arm and jostled him off to the side, knocked him down and threw his helmet and picket sign off to the side. I was pacing slightly behind. Everything happened very quickly. John was lying on the ground and I rushed over to pick up his helmet and sign. A half dozen cameras moved in quickly and took pictures. A person with a first aid kit stopped by and gave John a bottle of water. After a few minutes rest John decided his best strategy was to walk along the sidewalk and regain a position near the front of the march. I accompanied him - wow, he's a fast walker!!

We regained a position in front of the line just in front of the security. John was able to identify the person who has jostled him and he let him know that he could be charged with assault for such action. The other security people never made any more attempt to jostle John from his selected prime position. We walked and talked with various media until we came near the end of the parade where we stopped and held the signs high for everyone to see. After the crowd has walked by we mingled with the crowd and talked with some very interesting people who were fully aware that correcting the design flaw of 'usury' is essential to our survival - whether it be local and/or global.

We walked back to the downtown area about 5:00 PM. I wanted to have one more look at the happenings around the Wall of Shame. Since the tear gas was already descending into the valley from the hill John decided that he would not walk up the hill. I started up the hill. Every step I walked into heavier clouds of tear gas. The NWO Police were peppering the tear gas cans and bombs at a very rapid rate. The air was so putrid that I was choking to breathe, my eyes were stinging and I almost gagged. others actually were throwing up. I had to stop and retreat, I could not walk through the heavy-hanging tear gas. I do not know how those who were right in the middle of the fog of tear gas were able to keep moving. I stopped part way down the hill to talk with some people and then I met John at the van and we left Quebec City at 5:45 PM and headed back to Ottawa.

Michael Harris of CFRA radio in Ottawa, Ontario reported on Sunday, April 22nd that estimates of damages from the two-days of combat could rise up to and beyond $100 million. It is indeed unfortunate that the local residents of Quebec City had to be subjected to such environmental abuse when the 34 leaders could have easily hosted the FTAA on the internet given the ease of modern technology. They can interact and vote and all citizens of the world could watch them from our homes. There is really no need for the politicians who are puppets for the NWO financial elite to destabilize a city and create chaos by fencing themselves into a space high on a hill - far from the proletariat - BUT relying on tax dollars from the proletariat to finance their security while they deal with "usury" in secrecy.

On our ride back to Ottawa John and I talked about the events and the people with whom we had shared the information. There is definitely something happening in the area of consciousness raising. More and more people are aware that the real problems are rooted in the evil of "usury." It is important to applaud those 60,000+ protestor-obstructers who took the time to be present at the FTAA demonstrations. It is our hope that their efforts in mobilizing will not be in vain. They need to be "re-educated" with information which they have not learned in their years of formal education. When armed with the "truth" about the design flaw of "usury" and the solution of "usury-free" community currency they can be challenged to become "protestor-instructors" not only for any future demonstrations but also for all of the time between now and then. In fact, I am suggesting that when protestors have a solution they will no longer choose to "protest-obstruct," instead they will be keen to "protest-instruct."

Plan of Immediate Action:

Let's do what Jello Biafra suggested. We can actually make a conscious choice to alter our shopping habits. We no longer have to give our dollars to the NWO financial elite. When can bring them to their knees by refusing to play with their "usury-bearing" chips in their money game. We can now play with "usury-free" chips in our own money game.

I am starting this week to mobilize the youth who are active within the Excel SDI Network. This is a unique opportunity within the SDI (Self Directed Incomes) industry which we can adapt to our advantage during this transition period. Details are explained at this URL: Those with whom I am working in the Excel SDI business opportunity will be teaching their recruits -  youth and/or otherwise - to set up local barter accounts in their respective cities. In addition, John C. "The Engineer" Turmel will help with guiding all who participate to set up their "usury-free," email trading accounts so that they can learn how to trade their talents, skills and/or services beyond their local community. It is my intention to build a solid SDI community wherein all Excel participants - and/or otherwise - will become loyal to our SDI networks and thereby consciously change our buying habits - away from the giant retail and box stores.

The Nousury Network
is currently mobilizing the youth and/or otherwise by setting up networks with some methods similar to those explained by The Liberty Marketing Network. Instead of using as our key element of mobilizing we have chosen to use We have chosen because it is the leading telecommunications company in Canada at this time. The head office is in Montreal.

By mobilizing within the infrastructure created by our Excel network we can teach the youth how to succeed with the mission that Jello Biafra suggested. In addition to withdrawing our financial support from the giant retailers it is time to mobilize millions to likewise withdraw from paying taxes - GST, PST and income taxes. Daniel Lavigne through the auspices of International Humanity House created a Tax Exempt Status Card in 1980. Other "Tax Exempt Status Cards" have surfaced in recent years. There are plenty of examples of honourable Canadians who have already publicly stated their intention to withdraw from paying income taxes. Finally, it is likewise time to consider the benefits of withdrawing from the traditional role of accepting to be a "wage-slave" and preparing to start the process of learning how to earn income as an SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneur.

I learned of Daniel Lavigne's Tax Exempt Status Card in April of 2000. I purchased my card and even amid the ongoing controversy I have continued to use it at many retail stores. I recommend that every Canadian citizen "re-educate" themselves from the Untax Cyberclassroom and then purchase a Tax Exempt Status Card and be counted as an informed resistor of taxes. The Tax Exempt Status Card is available from The Nousury Network.

Furthermore, I have publicly stated that I do NOT and will NOT collect any PST and/or GST on any product or service which I market from any independent enterprise that I might own. I have asked the Teachers' Pension Plan Board to stop withholding income taxes from my monthly pension. As of this date they have refused to comply. Details of the Tax Exempt Status Card at this URL:

On a final note. Wally Dove an active participant within the "Untax/Detax/Refusetax" Movement was in the Lindsay Courthouse on Friday, April 20, 2001 while John and I were in Quebec City. Wally presented a two and one half hour, uninterrupted argument to the Judge. Wally explains that the Judge (a woman) was impacted by his presentation. He returns to court on Thursday, May 18th, 2001. My appreciation to Wally Dove for standing firm on his CCRA challenge for a very long time. Details at this URL: Anyone who can be present on May 18th is invited to make an effort to be there.

Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020
Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-No: Usury"

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PS: I have just learned that Argentina will host the next FTAA. The President of Argentina has already stated that there will not be a "Wall of Shame" in Argentina. He is quoted as saying: "The next summit will not require walls." Let's hope that the leader of Argentina will teach the other 33 leaders of The Americas about the most successful barter and trading system in the world. Argentina boasts of the largest barter and trading system of the world. There are now 500,000+ members of Argentina's RGT - the world's biggest non-money, barter network. The participants are creating and using their own "usury-free" currency. I wonder if Jello Biafra has addressed them and motivated them to action on a previous occasion?

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