Friendly Favors!

When you join the Friendly Favours Network you will receive an email similar to this one. There is no place on the applicationto indicate myself as your sponsor. So I sent a separate email advising them who my sponsor is and I advise others to do likewise indicating Tommy-No: Usury as your sponsor

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Thursday, February 01, 2001 9:33 AM
Subject: Your Application for Friendly Favors Membership

Your Friendly Favours Account is: Tommy-No: Usury
Your Sponsor's Name: John Turmel
Your member number is: 11882
Your Temporary Password is: xxxxxx
Your Access Site(s): /

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 23:52:54 -0500
From: [email protected]
Subject: Happy Birthday Friendly Favors!
To: John Turmel

Happy Birthday Friendly Favors!

The Friendly Favors network was first inspired by conversations started at the State of the World Forum back in 1995. It was
reinforced by the articles and the writers of the YES! Magazine issue: "Print your own Money," published by the Positive Futures Network and by the book "Web Without a Weaver" by Victor Grey.

In December 1998 Friendly Favors version 1 was officially launched at a local Intranet in its Martinez, California offices. It allowed us to start recording the generous acts people in our community did for others. Among the first favors given and acknowledged were discounts to events, fees, services and products. The unit adopted to measure goodwill became "Thankyou's" (Ts for short), with One Thankyou being equivalent to One US Dollar saved because of the favor received. Ts
are not redeemable and are non-taxable - they do not measure income but generosity.

A year later, in December 1999, Friendly Favors version 2 (FF2) was launched on the Internet to gradually become the "Common Rolodex" for Cultural Creatives (see Friendly Favors' unique software began empowering the Online Directories of groups envisioning a world that works for all (,,, allowing participants to update their own records online and to find each other, not only by their name but also by their location and interests. 

We are happy to report that our 2 year old network is growing well. As of December 1, 2000 we have over 6,500 participants, each of them invited by another member of the network, thus maintaining a web of trust. While 1/3 of the membership is still in the San Francisco Bay Area, many members have been sponsoring into our network their overseas friends so we can now find fellow participants in over 130 countries. About 25% of our membership has already chosen to give Ts online and our community has given so far in its first 2 years nearly 280,000Ts. As a comparison, the complementary currency model for North America "Ithaca Hours" issued the equivalent of 65,000Ts during their first 10 years.  

We are now working on FF3 - if you have any suggestions on how to expand or improve our services, now is a good time to email them to
[email protected] 
Time to Celebrate!
Suggestions to make our network even merrier for the Holidays:
- Update your profile by logging in, going to My Info and using the different Edit buttons.
- Enter your business card info in the blue fields and your personal info into the green fields (available only to those you have
designated as "friends").
- Enter your Bio and/or an update of your current interests to keep your business associates informed.
- Make a website with your family pictures and enter the link in yourprofile, just for your friends.
- Search for your loved ones, open their profile (by clicking on their name), click on Friend (to give them access to your updated personal info), and send them an email through the network (in lieu of paper cards).
- Tell us the URL where we can copy your friendly Picture or email it in JPEG format to [email protected]

Time to Give Back
- Invite your friends to apply to our network at
- If you are a Sponsor, you can make them your guest by clicking on Enter Guest on the Main Menu.
- Introduce our service to the organizations you wish to empower byinterconnecting their members through an Online Directory powered by Friendly Favors. Ask them to contact us at [email protected]
- List your many Skills, Interests and Offerings (from Main Menu go to My Info and Edit Skills and Offerings)
- Acknowledge the acts of generosity you received by sending
Thankyou's to all the good people you know (from Main Menu go to Give Thankyou's). 

A Gift of Inspiration

As a Holiday present of inspiration, here is a dialog between two Friendly Favors advisors: Sarah van Gelder and Bernard Lietaer:  Beyond Greed & Scarcity Here is a preview from Bernard:

"The biggest issues that I believe humanity faces today are sustainability and the inequalities and breakdown in community, which create tensions that result in violence and wars. We can address both these issues with the same tool, by consciously creating currency systems that will enhance community and sustainability.
     JCT: Actually, "that will not destroy community & sustainability"

Significantly, we have witnessed in the past decades a clear re-awakening of the feminine archetype. It is reflected not only in
the women's movement, in the dramatic increase in ecological concerns, or in new epistemologies reintegrating spirit and matter, but also in the technologies that enable us to replace hierarchies with networks (such as the Internet). 
dd to these trends the fact that for the first time in human history we have available the production technologies to create unprecedented abundance. All this converges into an extraordinary opportunity to combine the hardware of our technologies of abundance and the software of archetypal shifts.
Such a combination has never been available at this scale or at this speed: it enables us to consciously design money to work for us, instead of us for it.
     JCT: Masters instead of slaves.

I propose that we choose to develop money systems that will enable us to attain sustainability and community healing on a local and global scale. These objectives are in our grasp within less than one generation's time. Whether we materialize them or not will depend on our capacity to cooperate with each other to consciously reinvent our money". 
     JCT: Within one generation's time? It can be WW right now.

Happy Birthday Friendly Favors and thank you John Turmel for being a charter member. Best Wishes, The Friendly Favors Administrators: 

Stella Pronko, Victor Grey & Sergio Lub.
     JCT: I always thought that linking up a LETS to his business was wise thing to do. I just never liked some of the restrictions on membership and other bureaucratic conditions but I'm sure that when everyone is connected, those security considerations will disappear.