FROM: National Security Council
Codename: Falcon

There are many hazards involved with exposing information regarding UFOs. It has not been until quite recently that any degree of safety at all has been available for people releasing such information. Were it not for the fact that Cooper released his information so far and wide and it filtered to so many people at once -- newspapers, legislators, heads of state, people in important positions all over the world -- he would have suffered severely. But because it was scattered so quickly, it would have been fruitless to silence him after the information had been released. It would only have added to the credibility of the information.

At the beginning of 1990, there was still an active debate in certain circles about what to do about Cooper -- whether to deal with him in a threatening manner or to simply discredit him. A campaign planned to use approximately one million dollars worth of effort to discredit him. The money was to be used to imply that Cooper made up or gathered information from various sources and threw it together for a personal financial motive. It was not to come through normal media channels, but through UFO magazines and newsletters in the form of articles and exposes and through UFO groups, most of which are controlled.

Alternate UFO scenarios were also to be released so that by the time 1990 ended, many different scenarios would be floating around. People would be unable to decipher which one was true and which one wasn't.

As long as interest was shown in the Cooper material by only a small group of people who happened to be curious about UFOs, there was to be no action taken. But if Cooper's material was taken seriously by credible people, these would be the target for the efforts to discredit him.

Enormous amounts of previously highly classified information have been brought out into the open. We now have a situation where, individuals, instead of being forced to remain silent for fear of assassination are not afraid to tell what they know. Too many have seen. Too many have witnessed. They cannot all be silenced. This is the beginning of the end of the security surrounding this situation. Therefore, the following information shall be released.