John C. "The Engineer" Turmel

John C. "The Engineer" Turmel commands a unique sort of media attention. John is a one-man band so lovers of all instruments can be pleased. I am his theatrical booking agent. I am booking dates for presentations by John C. "The Engineer" Turmel. Anyone wishing to have John C. "The Engineeer" Turmel make a presentation about the problem - the design flaw of "usury" and the solution - the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software are invited to contact: Tommy-No:Usury, P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3V1  Tel: 1.613.746.9702  Fax: 1.613.746.5387 
Email: [email protected]

The Cyberclass Network has decided to post his website as a priority item. People have been telling me that they could not easily find him. Now they can find John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, Guinness record-breaking Great Canadian Character Millennium Declaration Author, poet laureate, concert accordionist, teacher of winning ways and probable future Nobel Prize Winner.

I often receive emails like the one below: (John's response is in italics.)

Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 06:26:21 -0400
From: [email protected]
Subject: The ENGINEER
To: [email protected], [email protected]

Hello Tom and John,

I hope you're both doing well after the Quebec City trip. This is Andrew - I bumped into the two of you on Saturday at Parc De L'Exposition after the demonstration and you talked to myself and my friend Sam for about an hour about the UNILETS system. (I'm the tall, Liverpudlian fella). 

JCT: Yes, I remember well. You have to note that when we find a receptive listener, the spiel speeds along at a much faster and entertaining clip for both the listener and the deliverer. It's a lot more fun pitching to quick people than slow people, more interesting analogies and logical tours de force can be used, and so I remember the full hour we spent because I pitch for a full hour so rarely.

Anyway, I checked out the site and I think it's Killer. The John Swinton quote is powerful (I'd never read that before). I also
listened to JOHN's poem in Real Audio. I have a confession to make: I surreptitously taped the pair of you  with my tape recorder and I'd like to play one of the Poems that John recited for us on CKLN on May 13th when I'll be a guest on an
overnight show called "RADIO THERAPY." (with your PERMISH of course).
JCT: No, you didn't hide it. It was public oratory. Feel free to use it. Please just mention a web site. Either or or or use any search engine for John Turmel.

Also, I was wondering; have there have ever been any documentaries made about John?
JCT: I have archives with hundreds of 1 minute video news clips, dozens of 2-4 minutes clips, a few 5-10 minute shows, one 1 hour show as Leader of the Abolitionist Party on MuchMusic with Avi Lewis, now on counterspin. I beat him and his shills in the bearpit up so bad he had to call the show off 10 minutes early because, as he said, "I feel like I was body-slammed."  

The reason I'm asking is that I'm a filmmaker and I  think it would be fantastic to do a portrait of the ENGINEER - also,
I'm quite positive that I could convince some of my producer contacts to pitch in with the means of production...etc.  Let me know what you think. In the meantime, I will be checking out the site in more detail and getting better acquainted with more of John's ideas.       
:- Andrew

JCT: I can only point out that the United Nations Millennium Student Conference having their Declaration fraudulently switched at the last minute is probably one of the biggest stories of this year and no one's twigged onto how big a story it is that 400 students who travelled all the way to speak and draft a declaration in the United Nations could have a substituted fraud go down in history instead of their very own words.

It's frankly astounding and only a few journalists have joined the to sniff around. Right now, there's no bigger story, not even the legalization of marijuana. Check it out. I'd bet "Students defrauded at UN Conference" makes top ten this year in the world.

John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel
Author of Recommendation to Governments C6 in the    
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