A 'UsuryFree' Global ATM Card

Want a 'UsuryFree' Global ATM Card, but don't want to pay ridiculous prices for this *NEW* commodity?

Empowerism made a phenomenal announcement on April 8th, 2002. They are offering a 'UsuryFree' Global ATM Card to paid subscribers at a fraction of the cost that others charge!

See the details at

Other companies are charging up to $199 for the SAME card. Some charge $35-$99, but the fees are much higher than ours. As an Empowerism paid subscriber, you pay just $13 for the card and keep the balance of what you would have spent elsewhere to spend on yourself!

Plus, you get ALL of the benefits of an Empowerism Subscriber, which means you REALLY
come out ahead!

If you are not in Empowerism yet ????, join now! It's one of the best SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunities available today - anywhere!!


Enjoy this day!
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